Trump nominee criticized over FIRE donations

Article here. Excerpt:

'Republican megadonor Betsy DeVos has given thousands of dollars to an advocacy group that is seeking to overturn an Obama administration policy that made it easier to discipline college students accused of sexual harassment or assault.

The donations, totaling $10,000, by Donald Trump’s Education secretary pick have prompted criticism from Democrats and women's groups in the run-up to her confirmation hearing next week.

DeVos has not spoken publicly about the Education Department’s aggressive approach to campus sexual assault, but women’s groups and Democrats say her donations to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education send a troubling signal. FIRE has sued the administration to raise the standard of proof for victims of sexual assault in university administrative hearings contending it is unfair to the accused.

The donations are “a red flag,” said Lisa Maatz, the top policy adviser at the American Association of University Women, which advocates for strict enforcement of Title IX, the federal law that governs sex discrimination, harassment and sexual assault on college campuses. “In the absence of an actual record … I think these kinds of donations take on even greater importance, because we have to rely on her contributions to inform us on particular issues.”'

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I admit, I don't throw myself deep into political issues, but from what I do know, I am very happy with Trump's pic for Educational Secretary.

I did not know about these contributions or her stance on college sexual assault until this article was posted, I only knew that the homeschool community is very happy with her.

Homeschoolers typically do not care much for politics relating to public school since we are not part of the system, but some left-leaning politicians are trying hard to force us into inclusion. Hillary Clinton was one of those, who does not want homeschoolers to be exempt from government oversight. Clinton and others are trying hard to discredit the homeschooling movement, by denying us access to college and scholarships.

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