Denying due process for campus sex assault cases

Article here. Excerpt:

'No longer content to deny due process to accused university students in the wake of often unsubstantiated and frequently false charges of sexual harassment and assault, there is now a movement toward destroying any hope for these students to transfer to other colleges and universities. On Dec. 8, Rep. Jackie Speier, California Democrat, introduced a bill requiring transcript notation for those students who try to transfer to other colleges or universities after being found “responsible” for violations of Title IX policies on sexual harassment and assault.

Creating a new “check the box” requirement specifically for the transcripts of the (mostly) male students who have become ensnared in Title IX’s ever-expanding net for campus “sex crimes,” Ms. Speier issued a press release to introduce the Safe Transfer Act, which would require a posting or a warning on the academic transcript of any student found by a college or university to have violated the school’s rules or policies with regard to Title IX’s policies on sexual harassment and assault.'

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