Fathers Not Included in Minnesota Grants Program for Mothers

Story here. Grants have been made available to single mothers, but not fathers in a Minnesota grant program for single mothers. No justification is given for excluding fathers. Excerpt:

'New grant money is being used by a dozen organizations in Minnesota to help pregnant and parenting women face and conquer their substance-abuse problems. Just over $4 million has been distributed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and the same amount has been approved for the next two years as well.

Clair Wilson with DHS says the Women’s Recovery Services grants allow groups to provide comprehensive, family-centered services that are specific to high-risk women. Since the program began in 2011, she says, “We’ve seen women being less likely to use substances, more likely to stay in recovery, more connected to community support, more likely not to experience homelessness, more likely to be employed.”'

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