Myanmar men may face jail for not marrying pregnant women

Article here. The anti-DV laws and making gang rape a capital offense... if they have actual presumed innocence in their courts, not so bad. The capital punishment might be controversal some but you can see why they'd do it. But enforced marriage? Yikes! Let's hope they come to their senses soon. Excerpt:

'Myanmar's government is drafting a law that could see men jailed for up to seven years for getting a woman pregnant but not marrying her, a senior official said on Wednesday.

The provision is part of tough new legislation designed to strengthen women's rights as the country opens up after half a century of military rule.

Director of the social welfare department Naw Tha Wah said the new law would criminalise domestic violence for the first time and make gang-rape a capital offence.

If passed in parliament, the law would also carry a penalty of up to five years in prison for any man who refuses to marry a woman after they have lived together, and up to seven if she is pregnant.

"We are now drafting a bill to protect women and prevent violence against them," Naw Tha Wah told AFP.'

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Duplicate Comment.

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How much you wanna bet that some women are going to fake pregnancies to blackmail men into marrying them?

What if the woman doesn't want to marry? The man still goes to prison?

I think it may be time for the people of Myanmar to flush their current government, if at all possible.

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