Meet the 'Mistress Killer' making her fortune catching scorned wives' love rivals and battering them in the street

Story here. Imagine if a group of men were doing this, either to unfaithful women or men. The police would end it immediately. Even in China, nymphotropism knows no limit. Excerpt:

'A scorned woman set up a business catching the mistresses of men who have strayed - and then beating them up in the street.

The 'Mistress Killer', aka Zhang Yufen, is well known in Henan Province, China, for her very unusual private eye agency.

She spies on the mistresses of her clients' husbands and collects information on their cheating behaviour.

Zhang then confronts the 'other women' in the act - earning her title after a string of vicious, and often humiliating, attacks.

She set up the agency after finding out that her husband had played away.'

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