SJW & Feminist Cringe Compilation [Election Edition] 2016

Video here. From the description:

'My main goal of this channel is to expose the truth about modern feminism and what it is doing to our society of Westernized culture as a whole. In order to display this message a large amount of my content is based on articles, compilations, interviews etc from around the internet which provide content and proof of said issues. If you have genuine evidence that you have full rights to any of the content provided and are unhappy with it being displayed, please contact me via private message and I will be more than happy to co-operate with your wishes, by either deleting any said videos, or alternatively working out an agreement that will benefit both parties. Thanks for your support everyone and lets work together to get this message out there!'

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... was in poor taste. I wouldn't've used it to make a point. However it does fall into "free speech", and someone coming along and trying to wreck it is a no-no. Imagine if it had been a statue of a half-naked Trump being used by Hillary supporters and a bunch on Trump supporters came along and attacked it? The news would've been all over it.

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