Lawsuit Alleges Bias in University Sexual Assault Investigation

Article here. Excerpt:

'Already in the midst of five open Title IX investigations, Cornell is now facing a lawsuit alleging that the University’s Title IX coordinator, Sarah Affel, neglected to investigate a complaint by a student who was involved in a sexual assault.

The lawsuit states that two students — referred to as John Doe and Jane Roe — accused each other of sexual assault and says the University opened investigations into both complaints.

However, according to the lawyer behind the suit, Alan Sash, Cornell’s investigators only considered Roe’s complaint and ignored Doe’s on the basis of his gender.

He said that Cornell violated its own policy 6.4 — the University’s guidelines for investigating discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault and violence — which was revised in August in order to be more fair to both parties involved in assault investigations.'

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hey, I was watching the news last night and they were saying how president Obama enacted most of his policies by "executive order" which are the easiest to "undo" and they were speculating on which executive orders Trump would undo when he gets into office, and they brought up Title 9 and all the sexual assault lawsuits collages have on their hands for getting rid of due process.

They said that Donald Trump could easily undo this with just his signature and get rid of the kangaroo courts that colleges are forced to conduct and restore due process and get rid of all the unfairness and restore justice to both parties involved in a sexual assault case.

Anyway, it sounded hopeful. We would never hear anything like that if Hillary was taking over.

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