University Bookstore Controversy Reveals Other Women's Studies Problems

This story on Excite News is largely about the women's studies and English departments at the University of Arizona supporting an independent bookstore rather than the university bookstore. To combat this, the university instituted a policy in which all professors must submit book requirements for their classes to the university's bookstore. It also reveals how misleading the titles of women's studies courses can be. In some cases, such as the incident that sparked the institution of the policy, the required literature from Antigone has been about gender studies. Rep. Linda Gray, R-Ariz., who came out in support of the policy, said that was not the main issue for putting the mandate into place. "That really wasn't the important aspect," she said. "However, this student had signed up for a women's literature course and was not told it would be a celebration of the gay and lesbian community." Gray said instructors should be "up front" about the content of their courses, and they should practice "truth in advertising."

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