Law Professor Thinks Women Should Kill Alleged Campus Rapists

Article here. Excerpt:

'Campus rape isn't the problem it's been portrayed as in the mainstream media; the average campus is a safer place for women than the real world. Though even one case, anywhere, is far too many.

Law professor Wendy Murphy thinks she has a solution to the fake campus rape problem:


As a personal defense enthusiast and writer, part of me wants to applaud this.

The problem, of course, is that campuses have mucked up the definitions. They include things as rape or sexual assault that do not match legal definitions. For example, consenting women who later regret the sex have made "rape" accusations on campus, and punishments have indeed been given in such situations.

Murphy wasn't done, though. After some mentioned the issues with her statement, she doubled down:


Does she envision self-defense shootings happening in. say, an awkward, drunken encounter such as the one a woman publicized after having with Aziz Ansari?

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Judge: UM student accused of sex assault to get hearing

Article here. Excerpt:

'A University of Michigan student accused of sexual assault will be granted a hearing, a federal judge ruled this week, overriding the university’s policy that denies such hearings.

“As soon as practicable, the University is hereby ordered to provide Plaintiff with the opportunity for a live hearing in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities,” U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow wrote in an opinion filed Friday.

The University of Michigan’s policy does not grant live hearings for defendants of sexual misconduct, while doing so for others accused of wrongdoing.'

Also see: UMich must prove Title IX staff not 'biased against males'

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Professor cleared in sexual harassment cases

Article here. Excerpt:

'A University of Maine professor who was accused of sexual harassment has been cleared.

The Bangor Daily News reports that English professor Robert “Tony” Brinkley was granted access to campus last month after officials concluded an investigation. Brinkley was placed on leave on Jan. 2.

University officials determined Brinkley didn’t violate the school’s policy standards in two cases. Officials have declined to provide details.

Brinkley, who has taught at UMaine since 1983, said university officials honored the complaints and conducted a thorough investigation, “as they should.”'

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Experts: University of Kentucky's sexual assault policy may be illegal

Article here. Excerpt:

'Changes in how the University of Kentucky handles sexual assault allegations are in line with new Trump administration guidelines, but experts warn they may break the law by giving the accused more rights than the accuser.

The changes, which UK made last month, allow a person who is found to have committed sexual misconduct by a disciplinary panel to appeal the findings, but they do not give the same opportunity to the person who made the allegations.

"Any time you say one person gets one thing and the other person doesn't, I think we have to all agree that that is inequitable," said Colby Bruno, senior legal counsel for the nonprofit Victim Rights Law Center. "I think they're going to get sued by a victim."'

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UK: Woman jailed over false rape claim designed to win another man’s heart

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman has been jailed after she falsely claimed she had been raped to try to win another man’s affection.

Saskia Hargrave, 22, claimed Gary Williams raped her in an alleyway and was “crying and sobbing hysterically” when she told police about the fake attack.

Innocent Mr Williams was held in custody for 16 hours during which he suffered a seizure brought on by the stress, the court heard.'

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Men Don't Deserve All This Hate

Article here. Excerpt:

'I’M done with apologising for men. I’m done with this endless listing of male sins, as if masculinity were a disease.

I’m done, after watching the latest video from the “comedy” channel of our national broadcaster, the ABC.

Strange, I thought, how the ABC finds — and pays — six women to sarcastically list various ways women should apparently thank men for protecting them, only to indict men collectively as violent bastards.

In the video, even holding the door open for a women is savaged as toxic male arrogance, when it is in fact the opposite — a ritual act of humility to acknowledge that men, being generally stronger physically, have a special responsibility to use that strength to protect and even defer to those weaker.'

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Henry Cavill apologizes after #MeToo backlash

Article here. Excerpt:

'Henry Cavill has apologized after backlash over statements he recently made during an interview with GQ Australia.

The "Man of Steel" star talked to the magazine about his thoughts on the current #MeToo movement.

While the actor said, "Stuff has to change, absolutely, in terms of men's behavior," he also added: "It's important to also retain the good things, which were a quality of the past, and get rid of the bad things."

"There's something wonderful about a man chasing a woman," he said. "There's a traditional approach to that, which is nice. I think a woman should be wooed and chased, but maybe I'm old-fashioned for thinking that."

"It's very difficult to do that if there are certain rules in place," Cavill said.

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UK: Thousands turn out for jailed activist Tommy Robinson

Article here. Excerpt:

'Tommy Robinson is sitting in jail for for filming outside of child gang rape trial in Great Britain.

US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom and former Kansas governor, Sam Brownback, complained to the British ambassador in Washington DC this past week about the treatment of imprisoned activist Tommy Robinson.'

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Tiny home village for women-only opening in Ballard

Article here. Excerpt:

'A unique tiny home village only for women is opening in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.

For months, organizers worked on the 15 tiny homes that make up the new Whittier Heights Village.

“We don’t have enough affordable housing in Seattle,” said Sherry Sternhagen, a housing case manager for The Low Income Housing Institute, which develops, owns and operates housing for low-income, homeless and formerly homeless people in Washington.

Sternhagen will oversee day-to-day operations of the new Whittier Heights Village.'

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Sydney parents turn their backs on state boys' schools

Story here. Excerpt:

'Parents are turning their backs on state boys' schools, forcing the government to consider opening their doors to girls in a bold attempt to address Sydney schools' overcrowding crisis.

Families living in catchments where single-sex schools are the only public high school option are demanding better access to mixed gender education for their children.

Parents of boys are particularly concerned; data reveals enrolments at girls' schools outnumber those at neighbouring boys' schools by up to 50 per cent. As the government spends billions on building more schools to meet population growth, that's a lot of empty desks.

Parents advocating for more mixed gender options say schools should reflect the reality of the adult world, and point to research that shows there is no difference in academic achievement between single-sex and co-ed schools.

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On Toxic Femininity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Young women have vast sexual power. Everyone who is being honest with themselves knows this: Women in their sexual prime who are anywhere near the beauty-norms for their culture have a kind of power that nobody else has. They are also all but certain to lack the wisdom to manage it. Toxic femininity is an abuse of that power, in which hotness is maximized, and victim status is then claimed when straight men don’t treat them as peers.

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FIFA orders World Cup broadcasters to stop zooming in on 'hot women' in the crowd during games

Article here. Excerpt:

'FIFA has ordered World Cup broadcasters to stop zooming their cameras in on 'hot women' in the crowd during matches, to help prevent sexism in football.

Among the glamorous fans attracting attention are former porn star Natalya Nemchinova, named as Russia’s hottest World Cup fan, along with wives and girlfriends of footballers playing for England, Croatia and France.

But, the federation's diversity boss, Federico Addiechi, said the organisation has told its broadcast service to stop zooming in on 'hot women' in the stands.'

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Mayor seeks to ban neckties in part due to gender stereotyping

Article here. Excerpt:

'In 2015, the New York City Commission on Human Rights released guidance on gender identity and gender expression protections, which clarified that employers who enforce policies that require men to wear ties or women to wear skirts could technically be violating the law.
Parris said he wants Lancaster employers to make wearing ties to work optional at the very least. He likened the tie requirement to demanding that women wear heels to work, characterizing it as an issue of compelled gender presentation.

"I don’t think it’s appropriate in America today to make anyone do something that is now known to be detrimental to your health,” Parris said. “Especially if it’s based on gender.”'

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Activists Mad Men Won’t Face Double Jeopardy In Campus Kangaroo Court

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University of Kentucky has updated the way it handles sexual assault claims, and activists aren’t happy with some of the changes.

The school will no longer allow accusers to appeal rulings, as they have in the past. The accused will still be able to appeal, but they will no longer face double jeopardy in campus tribunals.

UK is allowed to make changes to its campus sexual assault policies thanks to an announcement from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in September 2017 that rescinded Obama-era guidance that encouraged schools to conduct biased investigations against accused students. By rescinding the 2011 and 2014 guidance documents, DeVos allowed schools to make changes to their policies in line with previous guidance adopted during the George W. Bush administration. In the immediate aftermath of DeVos’ announcement, many schools across the country stated they would maintain Obama-era policies.

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Help SAVE End VAWA Abuse in Divorce Cases

From SAVE:

Recently White House staffers met with victims of marriage fraud. Each victim shared their sad tales how their spouse used VAWA as a tool to falsely allege abuse without any evidence or proof. ( This is the first time the White House has been appraised of this serious problem.

SAVE published a special report "Incentives to Make False Allegations of Domestic Violence" that outlines many of the reasons why people make false allegations of domestic violence, including immigration related marriage fraud in order to gain U.S citizenship:

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