With mayor’s blessing, women-only social club heading to Chicago

Article here. Excerpt:

'Mayor Rahm Emanuel rarely wastes an opportunity to take a dig at his East Coast rival cities.

Earlier this month, he sent a letter to a Manhattan-based all-women’s club — which faces an investigation in New York for its membership policy — urging the organization to set up shop here.

“Though you may face obstacles in other cities, we welcome spaces dedicated to empowering women and understand and respect your mission,” the mayor wrote in the April 9 letter to the founders of The Wing, Lauren Kassan and Audrey Gelman, who, among other things, worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Gelman told the Chicago Sun-Times Monday she was “thrilled” to receive Emanuel’s letter, and that it’s the first time a mayor has personally written to The Wing, encouraging the club to come to his or her city.

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UK: Girlfriend stabbed boyfriend, starved him and poured boiling water on to him

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jordan Worth, 22, was handed a seven-and-a-half-year sentence at Luton Crown Court on Friday after she admitted carrying out several cruel acts against her ex-boyfriend.

The assaults included her scalding him with boiling water and stabbing him at their home in the village of Stewartby, in Bedfordshire. The college sweethearts had started dating in in 2012 when they were both 16 but there were worrying signs from the beginning, the court heard.

The victim suffered from hydrocephalus that caused by a build-up of fluid inside the skull and made him vulnerable.'

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Do men need to fail in order for women to succeed?

Article here. Excerpt:

'She insisted that men have to actively give up power in order for equality to be achieved: “Power is not a possession. Power is a relationship. We have more or less power in relationship to each other.”
James Millar, political journalist and co-author of The Gender Agenda, disagreed. “There is one place where there is finite number of jobs – and that’s the House of Commons. There are only 650 seats, a vast majority occupied by men.” He insisted that more men must “fail” to become MPs in order for true equality to be achieved.
Traditional ideals of masculine success don’t make men happy, she argued. “This requirement of the alpha male is something that does not suit very many men, it creates a huge amount of pressure on men . . . suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45.” A more equal contribution to domestic labour and less pressure on men as breadwinners would help enrich men’s lives, she said.'

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After working in a world of 'tech bros,' this woman founded a female-only island

Article here. Excerpt:

'We've all had those moments, whether you're drowning in work in a cramped cubicle or just tired of the daily grind. In those moments, a thought might cross your mind, like "I wish I could escape to a private island."

Well, entrepreneur Kristina Roth actually made that happen. She's not just escaping to an island, she owns it. And she's opening it up to women worldwide. But men? They're not allowed.
SuperShe Island, however, is not free from criticism. Roth says a week-long all-inclusive stay will likely cost between $5,000 to $6,000, which is expensive for many people. Plus there's the unique vetting process. So some say the retreat is elitist and disproportionately counts out people of color, those with disabilities, trans people or those who are gender non-conforming.

Roth disagrees and calls it a "totally equal opportunity group," and while the island might have capacity limitations, she adds that "In the broader SuperShe community, we welcome everyone."'

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It's OK to criticize the #MeToo movement

Article here. Excerpt:

'Self-help celebrity Tony Robbins got himself into hot water last week when he suggested that many women speaking out as part of the #MeToo movement are taking advantage of the instant attention and, in doing so, turning victimhood into personal gain.

"If you use the #MeToo movement to try to get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else, you haven't grown an ounce," Robbins told a crowd gathered at a self-help seminar in San Jose. "All you've done is basically use a drug called significance to make yourself feel good."

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Boston Marathon winner mis-reported again this year

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two-time Olympian Desiree Linden became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years on Monday when she broke the tape at the finish line with a time of 2 hours, 39 minutes, 54 seconds.

Linden, 34, won with a time more than 14 minutes slower than her previous two races, but course conditions were not conducive to personal- or course-record performances.
In the men’s 26.2-mile race, Japanese amateur Yuki Kawauchi won in 2:15:58, his first major marathon victory. Kawauchi is known in the running community but works full time for the government in Japan and is without sponsorship. He is not regularly viewed as an “elite” marathon runner.'

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Feminists don’t care about the gender gap in ballet. Why should we care about the one in tech?

Article here. Excerpt:

'What, if anything, do ballet and tech have in common? The obvious answer is that both fields show highly disproportionate gender distributions.

Less acknowledged but no less relevant is this uncomfortable commonality: Both are industries where it pays to be in the sexual minority. I know, because I was a ballet dancer for 16 years.

In the ballet world, men’s unfair advantage in hiring and casting is as widely understood and as rarely acknowledged as is the rampant anorexia. A less skilled male dancer is more likely to land a role or get a job than a female dancer of comparable skill. Due to the scarcity of men, the hurdles to a professional career are distinctly lower than they are for most women.

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Like/Dislike Buttons Added

After several tries at various voting modules (I cannot believe the large number of COMPLETELY USELESS Drupal modules there are out there and the number that simply do not work or break your site... oy veh...), I finally found a simple, no-dependency thumbs-up/thumbs-down voting module. I ask that you vote a story as Like if you think it was a good story to include on the site, and Dislike if you think it was not. Vote more, please, on the matter of whether the story seemed valuable to you as an MRM-related matter, rather than on the content itself. For example, let's say I post a story that links to an article filled with misandrist BS. The content, you may find unlikable. However it may be that also in your opinion, it was good that I posted it. So in that case, click Like. As a counter-example, say I post a story about penguins. And, you like penguins. So you like the content. But is it relevant to the MRM? As nice/cute as penguins are, as a topic, they are not MRM-relevant. So in that case you'd vote Dislike.

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Some progress on the site

Have the logo restored. Got our story view settings right so you can see most stories up-front without having to click 'Read more'. I got ambitious though and went a bridge too far; I installed a voting module and that whacked the new theme. I will have to try re-installing the theme tomorrow. In the mean time I set the site theme to the default "Garland" and that seems to have made it readable.

Thanks for bearing with me during this joyous "upgrading" experience.

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Married Bible teacher accused of having sex with a student

Article here. Excerpt:

'A married Bible teacher was arrested and fired for allegedly having sex with a student, police said.

Suzanne Owen, 35, was charged Thursday with custodial sexual battery after allegations she had a sexual relationship with a student enrolled at Evangelical Christian School in Fort Myers, Florida, The News-Press reported.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said the educator, who taught Bible and Spanish classes, exchanged text messages with the minor for several weeks before they had intercourse.

She was arrested Wednesday just days after the pair reportedly met up off campus to have sex. It’s unclear how authorities became aware of the alleged misconduct.'

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Interesting re-discovery: Egyptian papyrus outlines sexual misconduct case

Article here. A lot to unpack about this story told by the scribe. I post it here as an article of interest. Excerpt:

'A 3,000-year-old Egyptian papyrus is being reassessed in the wake of a raft of claims accusing powerful men of rape and sexual assault.

It describes a litany of morally corrupt actions by the chief master craftsmen Paneb, who oversaw construction work on the pharaohs' tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

Among them are attacks on and the 'debauching' of a string of women in Thebes in 1200 BC, now within the modern Egyptian city of Luxor.

Experts are revisiting the text, contained on a script known as Papyrus Salt 124 held by the British Museum, to examine ancient cultural attitudes to sexual politics.'

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Why some modern women oppose women’s rights

Article here. Excerpt:

'In the past decade, feminism has been hit with some serious backlash — and it’s not just coming from men. Many women are against it, too.
"There are struggles women are facing, like how do we make time for career advancement and a family and a personal life. Their argument is that women were never supposed to be doing that anyway. For them this idea of returning and fighting against feminism is that they’re empowering women to do what they want,” McKeon said.

That notion manifests differently in the various women McKeon spoke to. Some, like Holly Connors, who runs the Modern Day 50s Housewife Blog, think women should revert to their perceived 1950s roles. The creed on her Web site states, “My humble service to my family is my greatest contribution for my life.” Connors claims that feminism forced families to become dual income and she feels “feminists look on women who want to be stay-at-home moms with disgust.”'

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Editorial: Massachusetts bills stand with victims of sexual assault, not the accused

Article here. Excerpt:

'At the Massachusetts State House Tuesday, hundreds of college students — some of whom have experienced sexual violence — demanded action be taken on bills that would give more rights to sexual assault survivors on their campuses.

These bills are promising to those who have been traumatized by these experiences and are seeking justice for their assailants. The current guidelines advising colleges on how to handle sexual assault cases, which were proposed by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, seem to favor the accused and reverse years of legislative progress made by the Obama administration. These new bills, which are only applicable on the state level, can at least stand with victims and assure them of their rights in court.

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Two Irish Rugby Players Who Were Accused Of Rape Have Been Sacked

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ulster and Ireland rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding have been sacked, a month after they were found not guilty of raping a student at a house party in Belfast in 2016.

The Irish Rugby Football Union and Ulster Rugby made the announcement in a statement on Saturday morning.

"Following a review, conducted in the aftermath of recent court proceedings, the Irish Rugby Football Union and Ulster Rugby have revoked the contracts of Patrick Jackson and Stuart Olding with immediate effect," it read.

The alleged victim, then 19, said she was raped by Jackson at his home and forced to perform a sex act on Olding.

The defence argued that the woman made false rape allegations because she regretted having group sex with the men and feared it may have been documented, and they were acquitted at Belfast crown court in March.

Two other men, friends of the Ulster stars, were also acquitted on separate charges, including exposure and perverting the course of justice.'

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Female-Only Ride-Hailing App Doesn't Violate Men's Rights, Owner Says

Article here. Excerpt:

'The women behind the slowly growing number of ride-hailing apps catering to female passengers and drivers say the hurdles they've had to overcome to get their services on the road demonstrate exactly why they're necessary in the first place.

Women from Halifax to Vancouver Island have tried to launch female-only alternatives to services such as Uber and Lyft, but most have run into barriers ranging from municipal regulations to societal attitudes.

The founders of the handful of such services currently operating say they're experiencing incredible demand from women seeking a greater sense of safety in their daily travels.

They say it's common for women to feel uncomfortable riding alone with strangers, but some recent high-profile cases involving sexual assault allegations against drivers have further highlighted the need to provide an alternative.'

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