An elderly man is dead after a young woman makes false accusation of sexual assault against him

Article here. Excerpt:

'An unnamed 16-year-old teenager called her 17-year-old brother and told him that an elderly man sexually assaulted her on a bus. The teen said that the man — later identified as Michael Fife — assaulted her while the two were riding a city bus.

Just minutes after hearing about the alleged incident — which took place in April — the teen's brother tracked Fife down when the bus made a stop and Fife got off.

According to a news release by the Logan City Police Department, the teen's brother rushed Fife, assaulting him, and knocking him to the ground.

Chief Gary Jensen with the Logan City Police Department told KSTU-TV that the teen's brother rushed Fife in "[k]ind of a linebacker-type charge."
Later that same night, the teenage girl phoned police to report a sexual assault. However, when authorities reviewed surveillance footage from the bus, it was apparent that no sexual assault occurred.

Just four days later, Fife died of his injuries.'

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Alabama bill would make false rape allegations a crime

Video here.

'In the midst of debating a radical anti-abortion law, state Republicans proposed a bill that could punish victims for coming forward.'

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Is Fresno run by ‘mediocre white guys’? Some think so. Here’s what numbers show

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women employees in the city of Fresno are outnumbered three to one by their male counterparts. Are city leaders concerned about that?

Data obtained by The Bee through a public records request shows out of 3,370 employees who work for the city, 75 percent are men.

Fresno’s largest departments are police and fire, traditionally male-dominated fields. Fresno Fire Department has just six women firefighters, including the chief. And the police department is 76 percent male. Other departments, such as public utilities and public works, are more than 80 percent male.
“The higher up the structure you go, you’ll find women and men of color who are stars, and then you’ll find a bunch of mediocre white guys,” Forbes said. “That’s a hard reality, but I swear it’s the truth.”

That’s because when it comes to promotions, men and women are judged differently, Forbes said. Women are judged by their accomplishments, while men are judged by potential.

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Men Become Monsters in ‘Not All Men’ Episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The May 9 episode starts with Annie (Taissa Farmiga) going on a date with co-worker Dylan (Luke Kirby) when a meteor shower falls over their town with several meteorites landing around it. After the shower ends, Dylan starts acting more erratic and vicious towards Annie, bruising her arm and yelling at her, and she leaves.
The message is painfully obvious that this is supposed to be the world under the threat of “male entitlement,” toxic masculinity, and the patriarchy. The site Vulture even states that the episode “has to go to such extremes to push the episode into the realm of science fiction” since this “threat” is so real. How perverted must a liberal’s life be if murderous men are part of the norm.

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Senior rank of aircraft carrier resigns over mildly off-color direction

Article here. You want to think it's from The Onion but no, it's real. Excerpt:

'A Navy command master chief who inadvertently made headlines with a raunchy direction to sailors ahead of a visit from the vice president has resigned, the service announced Tuesday.

Command Master Chief Jonas Carter, of the carrier Harry S. Truman out of Norfolk, Virginia, stepped down from his position as the ship's senior enlisted leader and will retire, the Truman's commanding officer, Capt. Nick Dienna, said in a public Facebook post.

Carter told sailors assembled aboard the carrier April 30 to hear a speech from Vice President Mike Pence to "clap like we're at a strip club" when Pence arrived.

The remark was reported by multiple news outlets present to cover the visit, and was quickly condemned by carrier leadership.

"This statement was inappropriate, and this issue is being addressed by Truman's leadership," spokeswoman Lt. Cmdr. Laura Stegherr said at the time.'

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Australia: Woman fined $250 for stabbing man with stiletto

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fry pleaded guilty to the assault last week and a magistrate imposed a $250 fine. No conviction was recorded.

9News spoke to Fry outside the Ray White Beenleigh office where she worked, until yesterday when she was fired.

"It was a drunken act. It was my 21st birthday and it's not me. I don't know why I did that and I wasn't in the right mind frame," she said.

Mr Johns and his mum are furious at her punishment.

"[I'm] devastated to be honest. If the roles were reversed would I be getting pretty much the same slap on the wrist?" Mr Johns said.'

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UK: The false-accusations industry

Article here. Excerpt:

'Those who orchestrate these trawling activities have no professional training or duty of care to anyone. Implanting or encouraging false memories can have devastating consequences, particularly where damaged or vulnerable people are effectively being manipulated to suit the trawler’s own objectives. That a vulnerable adult, down on his or her financial luck, can be persuaded that there is a large pot of money to be had if he or she makes an allegation of historical abuse, with little or no chance of any consequences if the accused is ultimately cleared, is very serious indeed.

Of course, some who engage in trawling can also have darker motives. There are doubtless some individuals who find stories of sexual molestation – real or imaginary – stimulating and exciting, enjoying every salacious detail of what they are being told.'

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Yale suspended male student because of condom accident: Title IX lawsuit

Article here. Excerpt:

'An accused student is suing Yale University for concluding that the brief absence of a condom “during an otherwise consensual encounter” was sexual assault.

“John Doe” alleges that “gender bias was a motivating factor” in the decision against him by Dean of the College Marvin Chun, which resulted in his suspension.

He argues that the Ivy League school should have updated its sexual-misconduct procedures after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos* rescinded the Obama administration’s guidance on the subject in fall 2017.

The lawsuit was filed April 25. The senior sought a temporary restraining order that would let him “turn in his final papers,” arguing that he “may have classes in common” with his accuser if he’s required to repeat the semester in the spring. The judge overseeing the case denied his motion at a Friday hearing.

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Colleges’ “Woman-only” Scholarships May Violate Title IX. But Is There a Loophole?

Article here. Excerpt:

'In yet another example of how the “equality” agenda makes some people more equal than others, certain American universities still offer scholarships open only to female applicants — and perhaps are in violation of often selectively applied federal regulations. And while these schools are now coming under added scrutiny, there could be a little known loophole that would allow the continuation of the discriminatory policies.

The College Fix names some of the offenders, writing, “The University of California, Davis offers at least two scholarships exclusively to women through the Women’s Resource and Research Center. The university’s Ellen Hansen Memorial Prize is ‘awarded annually to a … woman-identified student,’ while the center’s Eva Shicke Memorial Prize funds female students wishing to pursue gender-related research.”

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Male student takes stand against ‘toxic masculinity’ narrative

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jermelle MacLeod is a man, and he’s not going to apologize for it.

The San Diego State University freshman and budding philosopher recently took to the pages of the campus newspaper The Daily Aztec and let the world know what he thinks of the term “toxic masculinity” and those who wield it.

“Toxic masculinity doesn’t exist,” he wrote in his op-ed. “Traits that one person considers toxic, may not be to another person; the entire phrase is based on a subjective scale with absolutely no objective ground and is used as a shaming tactic for ‘modern feminists’ and anybody else buying into their horrible rhetoric.”

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Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden

Article here. Excerpt:

'Kylie-Anne Kelly can’t remember the exact moment she became her boyfriend’s one and only, his what would I do without you, but she does remember neglecting her own needs to the point of hospitalization. “I talked him through his aspirations, validated his opinions, and supported his career. I had to be his emotional guru because he was too afraid to admit he had any emotions at all,” recalls the 24-year-old English teacher, who was studying for her PhD at the time.

Kelly’s boyfriend refused to talk to other men or a therapist about his feelings, so he’d often get into “funks,” picking pointless fights when something was bothering him. Eventually, Kelly became his default therapist, soothing his anxieties as he fretted over work or family problems. After three years together, when exhaustion and anxiety landed her in the hospital and her boyfriend claimed he was “too busy” to visit, they broke up.

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Syrian women prove "Femina" is possible

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fatma Emin's life changed forever when her husband died in the Syrian war, killed by ISIS in a land mine attack.

It triggered a series of events that would bring her to Jinwar, a village built and inhabited by women -- a refuge for Syrian women and their children fleeing a rigid family structure, domestic abuse and the horrors of civil war.
Jinwar means "women's land" in the Kurdish language. The village welcomes Syrian women and children, regardless of religion, ethnicity and political views. It is a mosaic of diverse women who want to experience freedom, democracy and a new form of life.

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Six female jail guards indicted for multiple unlawful invasive body searches

Article here. Proving once again that women too can both abuse authority and sexually abuse others *at the same time*. Well the two often do go together. Excerpt:

'Six female correction officers have been indicted amid allegations that women endured invasive body cavity and strip searches when they tried to visit loved ones in jail, horror stories that were unearthed in a series of I-Team reports.

The half-dozen suspects, including Leslie-Ann Absalom, a 53-year-old former Department of Correction captain, are accused of illegal searches at the Manhattan Detention Complex. They pleaded not guilty to charges including official misconduct, unlawful imprisonment and conspiracy at their arraignment early Monday afternoon.

Aside from Absalom, the indicted include officers Daphne Farmer, 49, Jennifer George, 32, Lisette Rodriguez, 51, Alifoa Waiters, 45 and Latoya Shuford, 36.

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World's biggest brothel swamped with millennial adult virgins 'not interested in sex'

Article here. Posting this more as an oddity-of-note. The 1000-lb. gorilla is of course the effect of feministing young women so badly that even really horny young guys would rather play games and wank to porn than put up with them. Excerpt:

'Dena told Daily Star Online: “I have noticed that there are more adult virgins than ever before coming to Sheri’s so that they can lose their virginity to a prostitute and learn the proper ins-and-outs of sex.

“While I’m not sure if these late bloomers are visiting us because they have been immersed in video games and virtual worlds throughout their teens, it does seem to make sense.

“Millennials” – who reached young adulthood in the 21st century – have been claimed to be having less sex.

The General Social Survey revealed that the share of men under 30 who aren’t having sex has tripled in the past decade.

Men under 30 who said they hadn’t had sex in the past year has increased to 28%, according to the figures.

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Iceland's Missing Male Students

Article here. Excerpt:

'The gulf in Iceland is now so wide that Benediktsson would like to see special initiatives to get boys interested in higher education, with universities working alongside other parts of the education system such as high schools.

“We would like to have it closer to 50-50 all over,” he said, “in order to be more representative of the society as a whole.”

But the root causes of the imbalance are hard to tackle. And a focus on male disadvantage is not uncontroversial in a country where men still earn far more than women and the professoriate remains overwhelmingly male.

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