UK: Barmaid who was jailed for falsely accusing her ex of rape is now locked up for nine more years after killing man in 75mph drink drive crash

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman jailed for falsely accusing her boyfriend of rape has now been sent back to prison for killing a man in a drink-drive crash.

Kate Woodhead, 39, climbed behind the wheel of her car while drunk and careered down a 40mph road at around 75mph.

Trevor Smith, 53, who was a front seat passenger, died instantly when Woodhead lost control of the blue Audi A3 and smashed into a tree.

Woodhead was today jailed for nine years for causing death by dangerous driving.

She was previously handed a three-year term for falsely accusing a boyfriend of rape.'

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College student on hunger strike over anti-male discrimination

Article here. Excerpt:

'A male college student member of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) has entered Day 10 of a hunger strike dedicated to drawing attention to male discrimination and has issued the following statement: 

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Young black men tossed out of coffee shop for no reason

Article here. Not just race here but sex, too. Would two black women have been tossed like this? When it comes to being "presumed dangerous" and treated badly, these events have a gender component. When men react badly to being treated badly, people only say, "See what I mean?" It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Excerpt:

'Rashon Nelson initially brushed it off when the Starbucks manager told him he couldn’t use the restroom because he wasn’t a paying customer.

He thought nothing of it when he and his business partner, Donte Robinson, were approached at their table and were asked if they needed help. The 23-year-old entrepreneurs declined, explaining they were just waiting for a business meeting.

A few minutes later, they hardly noticed when the police walked into the coffee shop — until officers started walking in their direction.

“That’s when we knew she called the police on us,” Nelson told The Associated Press in the men’s first interview since video of their April 12 arrests went viral.

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"Queer Porn Icon Bruce LaBruce’s Lesbian Cult Comedy Takes Patriarchy by the Balls"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Man-haters, rejoice! The Female Liberation Army is here to save us. Or at least, keep us fired up and entertained. Fresh off a run at Europe’s top film festivals, including a premiere at the Berlinale, Karlovy Vary, and Panorama, comes “The Misandrists.” Directed by legendary gay filmmaker Bruce LaBruce (“Gerontophilia,” “Hustler White”), “The Misandrists” follows the dissidents of the FLA, a militant lesbian separatist cult whose primary goal is to dismantle the patriarchy — by any means necessary.

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Title IX reports more than 40 incidents, only one sanction

Article here. Excerpt:

'Despite an uptick of Title IX reports of sexual assaults of students, only one sanction has been placed on any of the accused in the current academic year.

Nearly 50 Title IX sexual assault reports have been submitted during the current school year, on course to exceed last year’s number. However, last year, five out of 48 respondents saw consequences for the complaints alleged against them. This year, there has only been a single respondent found in violation out of the 47 reports submitted. Currently, 10 of the 47 reports are still under review.

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‘Gender-neutral’ Swedish preschools teach boys to wear dresses

Article here. Excerpt:

'Many government-funded Swedish preschools are “gender-neutral” and teach youngsters to reject their natural inclinations toward masculine or feminine activities, instead requiring them to do activities usually associated with the opposite sex.

“A preschool’s approach to gender has now become a common question before enrollment,” the New York Times reported in a profile of these schools. Swedish teachers “are doing what they can to deconstruct” gender.

Since 1998, state curriculum has required teachers to “counteract traditional gender roles and gender patterns.”

Schools go about this in different ways, largely based on their leadership. Many Swedish children begin going to these programs when they are just one year old.

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Inviting boys into girls only spaces to make a difference

Article here. Excerpt:

'How do we get in front of this? How do we protect girls and women from predators? How do we raise boys to do better?

“We’ve been having a lot of conversations about masculinity and how we move forward in this #MeToo movement,” Warshaw told me. “How do we involve men, and where do we put the ownership in making change?”

“When girls are empowered, it’s a win for everyone,” Carey added. “Sometimes, when boys see girl-power spaces, they think it’s a girl thing, solving girl problems. They don’t see themselves as part of a portrait where girls and boys are shoulder-to-shoulder equals. This might be an opportunity to say, ‘Boys, you can be a partner in solving this problem.’”
"I think that no one should be separated because of their gender,” a girl named Maeve said. “Even in the smallest things like volleyball and baseball or the big things like being the president or working at a candy shop.”

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S. Africa: Ward 32 hosts women-only firefighter selections

Article here. Excerpt:

'RURAL Metro in conjunction with Gauteng based company Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies (FST) recently held a project selecting five females for a learnership programme involving firefighting detection and suppression systems at Ward 32.

The project seeks to focus on education, youth and female development and environmental sustainability and targets previously disadvantaged communities.

Assisted by local councillor Shawn Adkins, who assisted with facilitation of the recruitment process by soliciting applications through the local community, the project aimed to:

• Provide access to learning for the unemployed and those who are not in education, employment and training'

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The Decline of Boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'Today’s boys are in very bad shape. That’s the key takeaway from The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It. The new book, a joint effort from Warren Farrell, author of The Myth of Male Power, and John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, combines wide-reaching research, analysis, and self-help advice.

In the first, and most striking, of its six parts, The Boy Crisis explains how “boys are declining in a dramatic way in virtually every key metric.” This section contains many startling findings.

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Canada: ‘Toxic masculinity’ behind assault, judge says

Article here. Excerpt:

'A judge cited "toxic masculinity" in sentencing a motorist who chased another driver through the streets and punched him in the face at a stoplight.

On Aug. 23 at 7:30 p.m., four young men got into an argument with four other young men in the Fairview Park mall parking lot. One of the men allegedly uttered a racial slur at Javier Bonilla and then took off in a minivan.

Bonilla, 22, planned to just drive away but when someone in the minivan threw blue liquid at his car, he decided to take up the chase.

Both vehicles were driven erratically. At one point, Bonilla cut in front of the minivan. At a red light on Weber Street East, Bonilla got out and repeatedly punched the minivan driver in the face, breaking his glasses and causing a small cut.

It was a case of "toxic masculinity" with one man getting insulted and going after another in a "game" to prove who is toughest, Justice Elliott Allen said.'

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Syracuse refused to give accused student written allegations or record Title IX hearing: lawsuit

Article here. Excerpt:

'How convenient that “technical difficulties” prevented the recording of a rape accuser’s testimony in a Title IX proceeding, blocking “John Doe” from challenging procedural errors.

So says the third lawsuit filed against the private university this school year by a student found responsible for sexual misconduct, according to The Daily Orange.

The accused student claims Syracuse failed the most basic due-process requirements by refusing to document anything he could use to appeal the decision in favor of “Jane Roe”:

"Doe, in the lawsuit, claims that the first set of allegations were not documented and relayed to him only verbally. When Roe allegedly changed her story, Doe said in court documents there was “nothing concrete” he could reference to point out the variations in Roe’s account. …

Doe appealed the board’s decision, according to the lawsuit. He requested a transcript of the University Conduct Board hearing, which did not include Roe’s testimony or questions asked to her by the board, according to the lawsuit.

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Current Title IX Regulations Deny Accused Students Fundamental Rights

Article here. Excerpt:

'April is Consent Month at Oberlin. I think extremely highly of those who work in the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and work to raise awareness about consent and sexual misconduct. However, while we are having these necessary conversations this month, Oberlin must confront the Orwellian underbelly of the national Title IX system: its enforcement.

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Australia: Set targets for men working part-time to help promote women, gender equality body says

Article here. Excerpt:

'The director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has urged employers to set targets for men working part-time.

Libby Lyons told the ABC's National Wrap program "it's not difficult" to create a working environment where men can take more responsibility for caring for families at home.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency found that women are three times more likely to work part time than men.

The latest ABS figures show women constitute 68.6 per cent of all part-time employees and 36.8 per cent of all full-time employees.'

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The first person on Mars 'should be a woman'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Allison McIntyre, who puts prospective space travellers through their paces at Johnson Space Center in Houston, noted that all 12 people who have walked on the Moon were men.

She believes women should be at the forefront if and when the agency sends its first human missions to Mars.

BBC Radio 5 live has been behind the scenes at Nasa in Texas and Florida.

They have been meeting women at the forefront of the 21st century space race.

It's more than half a century since Russia sent the first woman into space, and 40 years since Nasa selected its first female astronaut.

But there still hasn't been a woman on the Moon, and women remain under represented in science and engineering industries on both sides of the Atlantic.'

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‘No boys allowed’ rule unites women-only workspace members. Still, they say ‘we’re not men haters.’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women-only workspaces are trending in Chicago, WBBM-TV reported.

“We’ve seen the impact of uniting together and raising our voices,” Alicia Driskill, CEO and founder of Evolveher, told the station.

“We are ready to speak up for ourselves,” Zhazha Casanova, owner of Studio G, added to WBBM. “We’re being unapologetically ourselves.”

“No boys allowed,” Casanova declared to the station. “Sorry.”

Still, Driskill told WBBM there’s no war on men afoot: “We’re not men haters. We love men. It’s more about supporting women and giving back.”'

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