UK: Serial drink-driver avoids jail 'for being a woman'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Victoria Parry, 30, hit three other cars after downing a bottle of wine.

Judge Sarah Buckingham said Parry, an alcoholic who had escaped an abusive relationship, would have gone "straight down the stairs" to jail if she were a man.

Although Parry "deserved" a prison term, the judge gave her three months to address her issues.

The comments are being investigated by a judicial watchdog.'

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Seeing sexism everywhere

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Council of Europe has decided to redefine the word ‘sexism’. The CoE has a decade-old definition, but the council decided to update it in response ‘to the #MeToo and other recent movements that have heightened awareness of persistent sexism in society’. Worryingly, the new definition looks set to impact on freedom of speech, with its promise to police both public and private attitudes in search of the problem of sexism.
The new definition shifts the parameters in a striking way. It points to the possibility of total surveillance as part of the crusade against sexism. It describes sexism as: ‘Any act, gesture, visual representation, spoken or written words, practice or behaviour based upon the idea that a person or a group of persons is inferior because of their sex, which occurs in the public or private sphere.’

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Swedish Feminist MP Ripped for Assuming 'All Men Are Rapists'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Left Party MP Linda Snecker has irked many of her compatriots by claiming that women naturally assume that all men are rapists.

During a parliamentary debate, Snecker also made it clear that men have a "collective responsibility for rape".

"Men's violence against women governs the entire world structure. Men's supremacy, women's subordination", Snecker said in a speech about violent crime.

"Because I refuse to be afraid, I also refuse that my fellow sisters are afraid. That is why the struggle of feminism is everyone's struggle. The violence of men must be stopped", the Left Party MP explained.

Snecker claimed that sexual oppression cut through all layers of society, with the culprits being men of all possible backgrounds and positions.

Snecker's misandic harangue and sweeping generalisations left a bitter taste in many Swedes' mouth.'

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Massachusetts reclaims heritage of witch hunts with bills against campus due process

Article here. Excerpt:

'The presumption of innocence might as well be a thing of the past in Massachusetts. More accurately, the Bay State appears to be returning to its roots of assuming the guilt of marginalized communities.
H-1209 and S-764 would require “trauma-informed training” for investigators. This is akin to telling investigators “accusers are never wrong,” and it’s based on “science” that’s about as reliable as Puritan identification of witches. (Even the Trump administration still funds this abomination.)

Zalkind Duncan warns that such training can “instruct investigators to place the burden of proof on the responding student to disprove the complainant’s account, or encourage investigators to ignore or explain away evidence that may call into question a party’s credibility.” The University of Texas police force, for example, is instructed not to collect evidence that could help an accused student.'

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College promotes men's cuddling group to 'redefine masculinity'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Pennsylvania university is promoting the concept of men cuddling as a way to help them deal with stress and "redefine masculinity."

Dr. Christopher Liang, a counseling psychology professor at Lehigh University’s College of Education, recently came out in support of a Philadelphia area “Men‘s Therapeutic Cuddle Group,” a function advertised by Lehigh University in a news release. The page for the group currently has 69 members and the group has held 46 events so far. The meetups are held once every other week.

Organizers have established quite an expansive set of guidelines for attendees. The men attending must be “hygienically sound” and “remain fully clothed at all times.” The group’s organizers state that all cuddling is “non-sexual.” However, they do note that participants may become aroused during cuddling and that if that occurs, it should be treated as a normal thing.'

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Male councilors question all-female Santa Fe commission

Article here. Excerpt:

'Does a proposal to create a women’s commission with the intent of advancing opportunities and improving the quality of life for women and girls discriminate against men?

Two men on the City Council think that perhaps it does.

Councilors Mike Harris and Roman Abeyta raised that concern during a Monday meeting of the council’s Public Works Committee.
Harris pointed to the proposed resolution defines “women” as “transgender women, self-identifying women and girls, and gender non-conforming individuals.” Based on that definition, he said he couldn’t understand why men were being excluded.

Harris wondered aloud if there were any other city committees whose membership was determined by age, race, gender or religion. City staff likened the proposed panel to the Mayor’s Youth, Senior Services and Veterans advisory boards, which are made up of children, senior citizens and military veterans, respectively.

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SAVE: Sen. Jackson Defies Judicial Rulings, Ridicules Witnesses in Effort to Fast-Track Controversial Campus Bill

Article here. Excerpt:

'Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE), a national leader in campus sexual assault, is today expressing its concern over tactics being used by California Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson in an effort to fast-track her Education: Sex Equity bill. SB-493 would train campus Title IX staff in “trauma-informed” methods; ban the use of direct cross-examination; and allow the use of “single-investigator” investigations in which the same person serves as judge, jury, and executioner.

In 2017, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed SB-169, the predecessor to SB-493, citing its numerous due process problems. Last November, a working group appointed by Gov. Brown issued a series of recommendations that were intended to guide state lawmakers in crafting legislation designed to combat campus sexual assault.

But SB-493 embodies and even worsens many of the same due process flaws as SB-169. In its Comment in Opposition to SB-493, being released today, SAVE notes the following:'

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Boys to Men: The masculinity crisis

The Sydney Writers Festival is hosting a panel on the recently published "Boys to Men: The Masculinity Crisis" by Clementine Ford (4 May 2019).

Ford, an Australian radical feminist with a long and turbulent history of misandry and gendered hate speech (#KILLALLMEN), has plenty to say about how badly men do masculinity, how damaging it is to boys and women and how she can fix it.

The Panel consists of one celebrity chef and two radical feminist, including Ford. For a panel focused on masculinity, a few more men might have been appropriate. But who needs men when you have so many feminists wanting to femsplain masculinity.

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An American Biker Gang Destroys Dog Fight Rings and Rescues Animals From Violent Owners

Article here. Some toxic masculinity in action, indeed! All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. Excerpt:

'Bikers with tattoos who look really intimidating have saved numerous animals in the US. They investigated cases of animal abuse, came to really violent owners and convinced them to give their pets away. The men made agreements with animal shelters, have helped animals with rehabilitation, and found new families for cats, dogs, and horses.

Bright Side looked into the activities of the Rescue Ink organization and was amazed at how they managed to take away animals from cruel owners when the police were helpless.

Rescue Ink is a non-profit animal rights protection organization that originated from a group of volunteers in New York. The team consists of bikers, ex-bodybuilders, powerlifting champions, former military personnel, police detectives, and lawyers. The team was at its peak of activity from 2008 to 2014.'

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Australia: "Why employers are being asked to create 'menopause friendly' workplaces"

A response to Matt's question. Link here. Excerpt:

'Experiences like Ms Montague Mackay's are at the heart of a growing push to have employers help female employees negotiate this time of their life, just as they might during pregnancy.
The ideas are detailed in a new Monash University resource to help more workplaces become menopause friendly.

Professor Kat Riach said it made economic sense, with some studies suggesting between 40 and 75 per cent of women said they felt menopause affected their productivity.
Academics at the Monash Business School estimated there were 1.3 million Australian women between the ages of 45 and 55 who worked in the health and education sectors alone and one in four were likely to experience significant menopausal symptoms.

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Australian Air Force Pilots Told: Consider ‘Gendered Social Roles’ During Bombing Operations

Article here. Excerpt:

'The “Gender in Air Operations” doctrine informs pilots what they should do before dropping bombs in war zones to ensure women aren’t placed in danger, according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

One hypothetical example included in the RAAF guide highlights how destroying a bridge, being used by enemy forces, could force local women to walk further to perform basic domestic chores. The doctrine said:

Although destroying this target may provide a military advantage against the enemy, the second order effect may mean that, due to the gendered social roles, women need to travel further afield, on unfamiliar and less secure, well-known or well-lit routes to gather water and firewood.

The program has been designed to encourage a “new way of thinking” in which vulnerable women aren’t at an increased risk of violence or threat, the Telegraph reports.

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Howard Schultz says mostly female cabinet would be 'benefit for the country'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Former Starbucks CEO and Independent 2020 presidential hopeful Howard Schultz said that if he were elected he would form a diverse cabinet, one that would potentially include more women than men.
Host S.E. Cupp then jumped in to ask him to clarify what he meant by “heavily weighted toward women.” Schultz explained that “we have more women running for president than any other time in the history of the country. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that women should have the opportunity to serve the government in high positions.”

Cupp then asked if the former CEO would be interested in having women “outnumber men” in his cabinet.

“I would,” Schultz immediately responded. “I would, I think it’s a benefit for the country,” he added.'

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SAVE: Press conference: "The Multi-Million Dollar Fallacy of 'Victim-Centered' Investigations"

On Thursday we held a press conference in Washington, DC titled, "The Multi-Million Dollar Fallacy of 'Victim-Centered' Investigations."

The presenters were:

  • Trent Cromartie: "I Was a Victim of a 'Victim-Centered' Investigation"
  • Cynthia Garrett: “Trauma-Informed Theories Disguised as Evidence"
  • Eric Rosenberg: “Victim-Centered Investigations in Title IX Disciplinary Proceedings: A Litigator’s Perspective”
  • E. Everett Bartlett: “Start By Believing: Good for Counselors and Therapists, Bad for Detectives and Investigators"

The event was well-received. The link is here.

Our online petition now has 1,229 signers:

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Notre Dame women’s basketball coach explains why she will stop hiring men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Muffet McGraw, the head coach of the Notre Dame women’s basketball team, explained why she plans on no longer hiring men.

In a recent interview with Think Progress, the 63-year-old Hall of Fame coach, said she would never hire another male assistant coach and believed women can do more to help each other. When asked by the media outlet if she ever planned on hiring another male coach, she said, “No.” McGraw has had an all-female staff for the past seven years.'

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McSqueezy's list of women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ahead of former vice-president Joe Biden’s expected 2020 presidential bid, women are speaking out about their personal interactions with him — alleging he physically touched them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Last week, the Cut published an essay by Lucy Flores, a former Nevada lieutenant governor nominee, who wrote that Biden smelled her hair and kissed the back of her head at a campaign event in 2014. In the week since, six more women have come forward.

Below, here’s a running list of the allegations against Biden.

Lucy Flores
On March 29, in the aforementioned essay published on the Cut, former Nevada lieutenant governor nominee Lucy Flores alleged that Biden smelled her hair and gave her “a big slow kiss” on the back of her head at an event for her 2014 campaign. In that moment, she wrote, she felt “embarrassed” and “shocked.”

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