Men Blamed for Failure of French Effort on Hiring Female Academics

Article here. Excerpt:

'The introduction of quotas to get more women onto university recruitment committees in France has backfired and has actually led to far fewer female academics being hired, new research has revealed.

A male backlash against the equity measures is the most likely reason for the decline in female recruitment, according to analysis by Pierre Deschamps, an economist at Sciences Po, in Paris.

He investigated recruitment data from 455 hiring committees across three French universities in the years before and after the introduction of the requirement for recruitment committees to draw at least 40 percent of their membership from each gender.

Deschamps’ modeling indicates that, had the quotas not been introduced, 38 percent more women would have been hired. “That’s enormous,” he said.

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Why The Anti-Men ‘Galentine’s Day’ Is Nothing To Celebrate

Article here. Excerpt:

'Because of the absence of real, widespread discrimination against women, SJWs must create it. Propping up Galentine's Day (link added) as a holiday isn’t about celebrating women, but tearing down men and shoehorning an SJW agenda into existing traditions. For example, HuffPost discussed how to refer to non-binary lovers in 2016. How long until we hear demands that drugstores carry “To My Beloved Bothfriend” cards?

To feed the beasts, women’s media must make overtures to feminist social justice warriors. This includes trashing the Trump women, featuring a plus-size model or celebrity on the cover once a year, and hocking kitschy feminist gear in holiday-gift spreads on “holidays” like Galentine’s Day.

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Drew Barrymore used to be ‘scared’ of feminism over "all the male-bashing"

Article here. Excerpt:

'DREW Barrymore admits she used to be “scared” of feminism when she was younger as she didn’t like “all the male bashing”.

The Santa Clarita Diet star admits she was a bit nervous of the term feminism when she was younger as she didn’t like “all the male bashing” and doesn’t believe feminism should be about being “viscerally angry at men”.

She told Glamour magazine, “I was a bit scared of feminism when I was younger because of all the male bashing. And there are a lot of women’s movements now that I’m apprehensive about, because I don’t want to be viscerally angry at men. I love men. I like keeping both sides in mind. I avoid anything political, where I sense too much anger. It’s just not the way I find messaging to be truly empowering.”'

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Brie Larson Doubles Down – Wants Fewer White Men on Captain Marvel Press Tour

Article here. Excerpt:

'Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson doubled down on her views of press coverage. She indicated she wants fewer white men covering her Captain Marvel press tour.

Larson sat down with Keah Brown for Marie Claire to reiterate her position on white men when it comes to her Captain Marvel press tour.

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India: False rape claims rise

Article here. Excerpt:

'But last year, when Pavan Gupta* turned 24, his parents began pressuring him to marry. When they introduced him to a girl he liked, Gupta ended his relationship with his girlfriend, Geeta Jain, telling her he could not disappoint his parents. “I liked her but I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with her. I always told her I was an only child and would have to go along with my parents’ choice,” says Gupta.

In March, as Gupta was preparing for his wedding, Jain went to the Delhi police and accused him of rape. She said she had slept with him only on promise of marriage and, since he had not married her, consent was procured on a false pretext, making the sex rape.

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College Newspaper Says 'White Boys' Should Not Be 'Allowed To Talk'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A blatantly racist opinion piece penned by a Pennsylvania college student says "white boys" should not "be allowed to talk."

Leda Fisher, a senior and self-identified "black girl" at Dickinson College, whines about "white boys" in her higher education years "incessantly" speaking about issues and sharing their opinions, in a piece titled, "Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?"

The piece was published on Thursday in the student newspaper, The Dickinsonian. School administration addressed the severe backlash to the openly racist piece on Friday in an email underscoring their position to uphold free speech and condemned prejudice.

"American society tells men, but especially white men, that their opinions have merit and that their voice is valuable, but after four years of listening to white boys in college, I am not so convinced," asserts Fisher in the piece.

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Misandry in the Man-Cave

Article here. Excerpt:

'For millions of American men, football is both an outlet and a pacifier.

It makes sense. In an increasingly secular America, men’s headship role in family and society at large is nearly completely debased. Where men once led their wives and children, they have been replaced by a paycheck. Where men once led their communities, they have been replaced by the administrative state. Fewer and fewer venues remain for men to fulfill their natural desire to lead and to serve. Even and especially in churches, men find themselves disaffected and disposable.

So football (an implicit celebration of the heroism men are denied in their waking lives) becomes an obsession. Of course.

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#MeToo Search Engine Rotten Apples Launches Victim Donation and Activist Features

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rotten Apples, a film and TV search engine that lists stars and filmmakers accused of sexual harassment and assault, has been upgraded with features that will allow fans to donate to victims and support non-profit organizations.

The site, which sprung up as part of the #MeToo movement, using an investment from the Abigail Disney-backed company Level Forward, is relaunching, with a wider focus to help fans become more aware of the alleged misdeeds of top filmmakers. Even if viewers continue to watch the films, the site wants audiences to support groups that are working to combat abuses of power. Rotten Apples says it is fostering an environment for “ethical media consumption.” The name is a play on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

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Yale Wellness center for women opens

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women of the Elm City can now enjoy their own wellness sanctuary that offers massage therapy, wellness classes and a sense of community.

The Well for Women celebrated its official ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday afternoon at the Blake Street Center. Owner Julie Robbins and her staff were joined by Mayor Toni Harp and other city officials to celebrate the sanctuary’s grand opening.

“The Well’s welcoming, accepting approach fits hand in glove with what New Haven stands for,” Harp said during her opening remarks. “I want to thank [The Well] for enhancing New Haven’s reputation for inclusion.”
Some of the work done ahead of the grand opening was funded through the city’s Main Street leasehold program, a community-focused renewal effort that the city is using to improve life in neighborhoods outside of downtown. Robbins was able to complete renovations of the space in two months with the help of a $9,500 matching grant from the program.

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Isabel O'shaughnessy expulsion petition

Petition here. She still attends classes on campus and still works there. This is obviously showing us that there are two sets of standards. Sign the petition to expel Isabel O'shaughnessy for sexual assault.

Ed. note: Background here.

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Girls-only Scouts BSA troops established

Article here. To be fair, starting out single-sex is probably best. Mixing boys and girls especially heading into adolescence is looking for trouble.

'Boys are now excluded from the Boy Scouts:

"The Boy Scouts of America welcomed the establishment of Troop 86 in Vulcan and Troop 219 in Helena on February 1st. But these two troops are different -- no boys, all girls. The first two of their kind in Central Alabama. With the formation of these two troops, a debate has taken hold. Some think this compromises the central mission of the Boy Scouts, whereas other believe it gives girls new opportunities that they never had before."

It won't be long before men are excluded from the pulpits of Fake Christian "churches" too. This is why our ancestors didn't allow women to join men's groups in the first place.'

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#MeToo silent as Lt. Gov. Fairfax gets second accusation from woman

Article here. Excerpt:

'A second woman has come forward accusing Democratic Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax of rape. 

Meredith Watson released a letter through her lawyer on Friday calling for Fairfax's resignation claiming he sexually assaulted her in 2000 when they were both students at Duke University.  

'Mr. Fairfax's attack was premeditated and aggressive. The two were friends but never dated or had any romantic relationship,' the letter states.  

Watson's attorney does not provide specific details of the attack but states the assault was 'similar' to that of Vanessa Tyson, who on Wednesday, publicly accused Fairfax of raping her in 2004.'

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The ACLU Moves to Embrace Due Process on Title IX

Article here. Excerpt:

'After Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposed a new rule on the obligations of colleges under Title IX, focusing on the due-process rights owed to students accused of sexual misconduct, members of the public submitted more than 96,000 comments. The ACLU’s contribution is of particular interest.
So I was pleasantly surprised last week to read the more formal, official comment that the ACLU submitted to the Department of Education. As the Brooklyn College professor K. C. Johnson observed, the ACLU’s lengthier, more considered statement is strikingly different from its earlier social-media reaction. It encompasses significant criticisms of the new rule, many of which warrant attention.

But on matters of due process, it aligns more closely with the Trump approach than the Obama approach, bolstering rather than weakening vital procedural protections.'

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Jordan Peterson, dozens of academics attack Ivy League anti-male bias

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychology professor signed onto a Title IX legal complaint against Ivy League school Cornell University claiming anti-male bias.

University of Southern California Ph.D. student Kursat Christoff Pekgoz filed the complaint and more than 185 professors, scholars, and activists signed onto it. The complaint alleges instances of anti-male bias by Cornell, according to documents obtained by Campus Reform.

The 28-page-long document, which was sent to the Department of Justice and the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, includes a “List of Exclusionary Programs” at Cornell. Pekgoz claims these programs discriminate against men. The complaint is predicated mainly on the fact that there are no male-only programs at Cornell, compared to a significant number of university-sponsored female-only programs.'

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City commissioner resigns following face-licking, groping allegations

Article here. Excerpt:

'City Commissioner Nancy Oakley is off the job for good.

Oakley resigned from her position after being fined by the state ethics commission for supposedly sexually harassing former city manager Shane Crawford.

Crawford claims Oakley licked his face and groped him during a public event in 2012.

The state ethics commission fined Oakley $5,000 and called on the governor to issue her a public reprimand.

City leaders, during a special meeting Wednesday evening, accepted Oakley’s resignation and approved a resolution that publicly censures her for her behavior.

"We believe that this is the right thing for the organization to do and shows that we are committed to moving the organization forward," said city manager Jonathan Evans.'

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