AI girlfriends 'indistinguishable from humans' after major 5G upgrade

Article here. Excerpt:

'AI doll manufacturer Realbotix has recently fitted new models with Wi-Fi, enabling high-speed synchronising for voice and animation.

They also stand to benefit from 5G, which is poised to give us vastly superior mobile internet data.

This means sex robots will be able to connect and update without needing to be near an internet router.

But sex doll collector, Brick Dollbanger, believes this technology will make them so realistic, we won’t be able to tell them apart from humans.

Brick, who has close ties with Realbotix, told Daily Star Online: "Anytime you can get a steadier flow of information from software to hardware activation, you are going to get better syncronisation and smoother more lifelike movement from your hardware.

He added: "Once it (the upgrade) finally is on board the synthetic, it will only use Wi-Fi to access the net for info.

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UK: Students protest against anti-feminist group J4MB outside Mill Lane

Article here. Excerpt:

'Around 30 students linked arms outside Mill Lane lecture theatres earlier this evening, blocking members of anti-feminist group Justice for Men and Boys (J4MB) from entering the building through this main entrance. After the group entered through a back entrance, the activists regrouped with a variety of noise-making devices, seeking to disrupt the event.

The protest is currently ongoing, and growing as further student protesters arrive.

The student activists had previously intended to occupy the building, but, when they arrived, University security staff were already stationed within the building.

The protesters initially gathered shortly after five and remained until around six o’clock, when they left briefly before returning with pots, pans and other loud items, as well as a variety of protest signs.

Police were witnessed outside the site, along with further University security, and University proctors.

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The programmer who created Python isn’t interested in mentoring white guys

Article here. Excerpt:

'Guido van Rossum is one of the world’s most influential programmers. Van Rossum is the author of the general-purpose programming language Python, which he started working on in 1989, and is now among the most popular languages in use. According to a survey of users on Stack Overflow, a popular question-and-answer site for programmers, Python is the fastest-growing major programming language, and the most used after JavaScript. Python is free and open source, meaning anybody can use the language and modify it to suit their specific needs.

In addition to creating the language, van Rossum has overseen its development. Programming languages evolve over time, with changes made to add features and fix bugs. Modifications to the official version, generally suggested by active users of the language, go through a complex approval process managed by a founder or core development team. Van Rossum served as the “benevolent dictator for life” of Python’s development until last year, when he stepped down from the post.

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Sperm counts are on the decline – could plastics be to blame?

Article here. On the up-side, your chances of accidental paternity drop some. Excerpt:

'Surprising new research into dog sperm has reproductive biologists concerned about the fate of their own species. In a March study, scientists at Nottingham University found that two chemicals common in home environments damage the quality of sperm in both men and dogs.

The culprits implicated are diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), used to make new plastics more pliable, and polychlorinated biphenyl 153 (PCB153), found in older plastics and electrical equipment. Companies stopped producing PCBs in the late 1970s due to their health risks – including a possible increased risk of cancer, hormone disruption, liver damage and behavioral or cognitive deficits in children exposed to the chemical in utero – but the chemical persists in the environment.

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SAVE: Tell DOJ to Cancel its May 29 Program on Trauma-Informed Investigations

From SAVE:

The junk-science behind Trauma-Informed investigations has been repeatedly exposed:

  • Air Force Report to Congressional Committees:
  • FACE: Trauma-Informed Theories Disguised as Evidence --
  • Scientists and psychologists:

But the U.S. Department of Justice still doesn't get it. Next Thursday, May 29, the DOJ will be sponsoring an online presentation on "Law Enforcement Response: Approaching Your Work with a Trauma-Informed Lens."

We tried contacting the DOJ to share our concerns, but they didn't answer us. So now we are calling on you to speak out on behalf of truth and due process!

Contact Darlene Hutchinson Biehl, director of the DOJ Office for Victims of Crime, tell her to CANCEL this junk-science program:

Phone: 202-307-5983

Please contact her today!!

The SAVE Team

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Jimmy John's poster: Men are like fine wine...

Jimmy John's sandwich restaurant (United States) has a poster in its restaurants with several "witty" quotes. The bottom one says:

"16. Final thought for the day: Men are like fine wine. They start out as grapes and it's up to the women to stomp the snot out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with."

It seems a boycott of Jimmy John's is in order if they think this kind of misandristic nonsense is acceptable in their restaurants.

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Student sues over non-issue Title IX "violations"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Marcus Knight, an autistic student with cerebral palsy, is suing Saddleback College after he alleges that his college record was "improperly" black-marked with two Title IX violations.

Knight, 19, first came to national attention in 2018 when his attempts to make friends landed him in the Title IX office. According to the lawsuit, Knight asked one female student for a "fist bump." Soon after, Knight asked to take a selfie with another student.

The "fist bump" was reported to the Title IX office. And the selfie? When Marcus took it, he accidentally pressed "burst" mode a few times due to his cerebral palsy. The result? Knight had quite a few selfies with the woman, but she later alleged that Knight took "over 300" photos of her.

Knight's mother spoke with PJ Media on Tuesday, explaining that "fist bumps" and selfies are ways that Knight develops a sense of belonging at college. "My son just wants to have friends like everyone else ... why is that wrong?"'

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Frigid Offices Might Be Killing Women’s Productivity

Article here. Excerpt:

'If “I told you so” had a sensation, it would be the sweet cocoon of an 80-degree workspace. For years, women have been saying that the AC is on too damn high. We’ve dragged not one but two sweaters to the office in the summer: one for our slowly numbing legs, and one for our shivering shoulders. Scientific studies have already shown that offices are set for men’s frostier preferred temperatures.

Now a new paper confirms what many of us have long suspected. Women don’t just prefer warmer office temperatures. They perform better in them, too.
Chang cautioned that more studies need to be conducted before anyone attempts to eliminate gender-based performance differences on standardized tests by tweaking the thermostat. But in the paper, he and Kajackaite write, “Our results suggest that in gender-balanced workplaces, temperatures should be set significantly higher than current standards.”'

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UK: Carl Benjamin: Feminism ‘Pathologizes’ Men as ‘Oppressors of Women’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Carl Benjamin, the YouTube star and UKIP candidate in the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections in Britain sat down for an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, discussing Brexit, feminism, and social media censorship.

The UKIP candidate and YouTuber took issue with accusaions from the left that he encourages, or participates in “trolling” and “online harassment,” before entering an in-depth discussion about gender.

“Unlike the media, I actually go out of my way to encourage people not to contact any of the subject of my videos. I’ve actually got it in the description of my YouTube channel. I’ve made many videos saying this.”'

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Pelosi: Anti-Abortion Laws About ‘White Guys’ ‘Fear’ of Women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Wednesday at the 2019 Center for American Progress Ideas Conference, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the laws passed in several state legislatures banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected was about “fear” of women.

Pelosi said, “This is about family planning. It’s about birth control. They like to argue the case in some words that aren’t true but are alarming to people about abortions that must take place in the late term, the health of the mother whatever, but they describe it terribly, and it has a market. That’s why they do it. What woman should know is this is not about just that. It’s about family planning, and access to women’s health, it’s about in vitro fertilization to have babies.”

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Paternity Fraud: Three out of 10 Nigerian men are not biological fathers of their children

Article here. Excerpt:

'A DNA test revealed that Christopher Johnson wasn’t the biological father of the three children he had nurtured and invested in for almost two decades. The children, Esther, 19, Shirley, 17 and Stephen, 15, were born by the same mother who unfortunately was deceased.
The perception that paternity fraud is high in Nigeria is not unfounded. Reports have been making the rounds that Nigeria has the 2nd highest rate of paternity fraud in the world after Jamaica. Many men have been unknowingly raising children that are not theirs and to curb the trend, there have been calls for introduction of mandatory DNA testing at birth'

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New Child Support Law Eliminates Deadline For Paternity Tests

Article here. Excerpt:

'In 2017 News On 6 spoke with a man highlighting a legal flaw when it came to men being ordered to pay child support, even when DNA proved the child wasn't theirs.

That law has now been changed.

Thomas Coleman's high school sweetheart got pregnant. They got married and had a son, but when the marriage fell apart about three years later, he got a paternity test and learned he wasn't the boy's father. He was devastated, then confused when the judge ordered Thomas to pay nearly $500 a month in child support until the child turned 18 because at the time, the law said, you must question paternity within two years or you are legally responsible'

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Lab Owner Arrested for Falsifying Results of Drug Tests

Article here. Excerpt:

'Investigators are scrambling to determine how many parents may have lost jobs, custody of their children and more after the owner of an Alabama laboratory was arrested for altering the results of drug and paternity tests.

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Judge: Parents of Dead West Point Cadet Can Use His Sperm

Article here. Even dead, men have no reproductive rights. Excerpt:

'The parents of a 21-year-old West Point cadet fatally injured in a skiing accident can use his frozen sperm to produce a child, a judge ruled while noting potential ethical considerations.

Supreme Court Justice John Colangelo's ruling, dated Thursday, gives Peter Zhu's parents the ability to attempt conception with a surrogate mother using their late son's sperm. The judge said Zhu's parents have not decided whether they will try to use it.

"At this time, the court will place no restrictions on the use to which Peter's parents may ultimately put their son's sperm, including its potential use for procreative purposes," Colangelo wrote.'

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Police Officer Hired Hit Man to Kill Her Husband and a Young Girl, Officials Say

Article here. Excerpt:

'Isaiah Carvalho Jr. woke up on Friday hopeful that his life was about to turn a corner.

Instead, he was told that his estranged wife, a New York City police officer, had been plotting to kill him all winter.

Five months had passed since the 32-year-old had filed for divorce from his wife, Valerie Cincinelli. But after a messy custody battle, the matter appeared almost settled.

It was, but not the way Mr. Carvalho had hoped.

Law enforcement officers informed Mr. Carvalho that Officer Cincinelli, a mother of two and a 12-year veteran of the Police Department, had arranged to hire someone to kill him and her boyfriend’s school-age daughter.

Instead of going through with the scheme, her boyfriend contacted the F.B.I.

The details provided in court documents paint a troubling portrait of a botched murder-for-hire plot ripped from the pages of a true-crime thriller.'

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