Australasian Housing Institute Members: Please vote in upcoming Director elections

Voting form here. Elections are as much about who you vote against as who you vote for, and female candidates are openly appealing to female members to vote on the basis of their gender, despite homelessness/lack of secure housing predominately affecting men in Australia. From the SA candidate profiles:

'Julie Blake, Chief Executive Officer, Westside Housing Association
In a sector where the majority of service delivery staff are female but the top executive roles are predominantly held by men, I am proud to set an example for younger professionals in our sector to aspire to the top roles such as CEO in the sector.'

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High School Girls Admitted to Making False Sexual Assault Accusations Against a Male Student Because They ‘Just Don’t Like Him’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Seneca Valley School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is facing a lawsuit from a former male student who was forced out of school—and investigated for sexual assault—due to a series of false accusations made by female students.

The girls—dubbed "mean girls" in the lawsuit, a reference to the 2004 Lindsay Lohan film—admitted on tape that they made up the assault story. One said, "I just don't like him" and "[I] would do anything to get him expelled," according to The Toronto Sun.

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Major Women's Groups Silent On Hillary Clinton's 'Abuse Of Power' Comments

Article here. Excerpt:

'Hillary Clinton set the internet ablaze on Sunday when she told CBS’s “Sunday Morning” that the affair between her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky was not an abuse of power.

The former secretary of state’s remark ― as well as her suggestion that her husband’s sexual relationship with Lewinsky was consensual because Lewinsky had been “an adult” at the time ― appeared at odds with the Me Too movement Clinton herself has championed.

Lewinsky, who was 22 at the time of the affair, previously said that her sexual encounters with Bill Clinton had been consensual, but has reconsidered that view recently. Several other women have accused the former president of sexual misconduct going as far back as the 1970s, which he has vehemently denied.'

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Camille Paglia: Feminism Based on Destroying Men Is ‘Absolute Poison’ to Culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'The feminist icon – who prefers the original brand of feminism that won women the right to vote and raised up heroines such as Katharine Hepburn, Amelia Earhart, and Anne Morrow Lindbergh – said the more recent second wave of feminism is “an absolute poison that has spread worldwide.”

Paglia said the original feminists “admired what men had done – there was no male-bashing – as became systemic to second-wave feminism.”

The brand of feminism recreated by Betty Friedan in the 1960s, Paglia said, is now based on “denigrating men” and “defining men as oppressors and tyrants through history.”

“It is an absolute lie,” she said, “an extrapolation of neuroticism on the part of these fanatics.”

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Hating Men: The New Racism

Article here. Excerpt:

'Bigotry is bad – no matter who the victim.

When it comes to racism, America has made it clear that prejudice based on color cannot be tolerated. Roseanne Barr destroyed her career with just one racist twitter and had to be removed from her own show for the transgression of an offensive comment.

Equality is in; demeaning stereotyping is not only out but seemingly bad enough to be deemed unforgivable.

Except when one group is the target.

What normally dare never be said in polite and civilized society appears to be permissible – and sometimes laudable – when directed against no less than half the population, a group which prominent intellectuals, professors and journalists assure us deserve universal condemnation.

Who are these terrible people exempt from the sin of stereotyping?

They are men – those terrible evil representatives of the human race who are all beasts and pigs, rapists in hiding, sexual harassers and violent perverts.'

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CBS's "Mom" promotes DV -- again

Video here. Season 6, episode 1. For at least the second time, the Bonnie character smacks her boyfriend, this time because she is upset about a dream she had wherein he was cheating on her. Jump to time mark 7:54 and watch.

Casual smacking of husbands and boyfriends isn't like punching or kicking. But it's still DV. Using physical acts on another person's body that are essentially violent in nature is abusive, especially if it's between intimates. It need not leave marks or scars nor be physically significant. It is the act itself that is abusive.

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Austrian politician convicted of libel for accusing man of sexual harassment on Facebook

Article here. Excerpt:

'In an unprecedented case, a judge at the Regional Court for Criminal Matters in Vienna ruled that Green Party politician Sigrid Maurer libeled the owner of a city craft beer store because she couldn’t prove that he actually posted the harassing messages on his Facebook account.

In March, Maurer, 33, an advocate for women's rights, received obscene Facebook messages from the account of  the owner of the store, where she walks by frequently. One said, “Hello you went to my shop today and looked at my c--- as if you wanted to eat it.“

Maurer posted the messages on Facebook and Twitter, including his name and the store's name. "There was no other way to defend myself," she said.
The beer store's owner, whose name can remain private under Austrian law,  may yet receive punishment if an investigation finds he gave false testimony. The judge asked government prosecutors to look into the case. If he is found to have lied, he could face three years in jail.'

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What Do You Do When You Are Anonymously Accused of Rape?

Article here. Again, keep company with vile feminists, this is the result. Excerpt:

'What do you do if you are accused of sexual misconduct and believe yourself to be innocent?

If you’re Brett Kavanaugh, you go nuclear. But if you’re a progressive man who sees himself as a feminist ally, the politically acceptable strategy is to keep quiet and lay low. If you do anything at all, put out a statement saying you support the #MeToo movement, that it’s an overdue and necessary corrective, and that you are taking some time for self-reflection. Spend some months ordering takeout and avoiding parties where everyone is whispering about what they think you did.

Stephen Elliott, the founder of the left-wing website The Rumpus, followed that script. A year ago this month, his name appeared along with some 70 others on an anonymously sourced Google spreadsheet. It was called the Shitty Media Men list and the accusations ranged in severity from “weird lunch dates” to “rape.”

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Men as the real victims? After Kavanaugh, #HimToo gains attention

Article here. Excerpt:

'The notion that it is dangerous to be an American man in the #MeToo era took off during the angry debate over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

But tossing more fuel onto the fire were a sarcastic tirade from Donald Trump and a painfully awkward tweet from a seemingly over-anxious mother.

On the day Kavanaugh was sworn in as the junior justice to the high court, Pieter Hanson's mother posted a message on the social media network comparing the plight of the jurist -- who had vigorously denied allegations of sexual aggression -- to the dating challenges facing her 32-year-old son.'

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Banishment of an acclaimed UC Irvine professor sparks debate over whether #MeToo can go too far

Article here. Excerpt:

'For years, the professor told the assistant dean that she was beautiful and greeted her with hugs and a kiss on each cheek.

During their time together at UC Irvine, Francisco J. Ayala, 84, and Benedicte Shipley, 50, perceived their encounters in dramatically different ways.

He said he believed he was showing her admiration, respect and the courtly manners of his native Spain. She said she felt objectified and humiliated. Her version won out this year, when officials concluded that Ayala had sexually harassed Shipley and two other women.

The university swiftly moved to erase his presence. The world-renowned geneticist resigned, was banned from campus and stripped of prestigious University of California titles. And though he had given Irvine $11.5 million in donations, his name was taken off the university buildings he helped support.

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Woman proudly writes essay chronicling her feminist outrage-driven domestic abuse

Article here. Take note O Feminist Man: These are the wages of consorting with feminists. Excerpt:

'I yelled at my husband last night. Not pick-up-your-socks yell. Not how-could-you-ignore-that-red-light yell. This was real yelling. This was 30 minutes of from-the-gut yelling. Triggered by a small, thoughtless, dismissive, annoyed, patronizing comment. Really small. A micro-wave that triggered a hurricane. I blew. Hard and fast. And it terrified me. I’m still terrified by what I felt and what I said. I am almost 70 years old. I am a grandmother. Yet in that roiling moment, screaming at my husband as if he represented every clueless male on the planet (and I every angry woman of 2018), I announced that I hate all men and wish all men were dead. If one of my grandchildren yelled something that ridiculous, I’d have to stifle a laugh.

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Another ex-feminist emerges after the Kavanaugh mess

Article here. The Democrats' attempt to hit-job Kavanaugh with sexual misconduct allegations probably created more former feminists and/or MRAs than the last 20 years of activism. Well, when it's so laid bare like that, what else can it do? Excerpt:

'For more than two decades, I traveled the country facilitating rape and assault prevention lectures, seminars, and workshops for women of all ages. I was passionate about this work, committed to the cause, and believed wholeheartedly that what I was doing was a wholly virtuous endeavor. I considered myself a feminist. But that was then, and this is now.

All these years I silently stood by and watched third-wave feminism (with assistance from the radical left) methodically take a sledgehammer to Western society as a whole, and males in particular. Foolishly, I hoped things would eventually turn around, only to see things get worse over time.

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Teacher who smiled for mugshot pleads guilty to sex with student

Article here. Excerpt:

'The married Texas teacher who famously flashed a broad smile in her mugshot after being accused of romping with a 17-year-old student pleaded guilty this week to the crime.

Sarah Madden Fowlkes, 28, submitted her plea Thursday to a Caldwell County judge, who has yet to accept it, according to FOX 29 San Antonio.

The agreement would require Fowlkes to serve four years deferred adjudication, pay a fine and surrender her teacher’s license, according to the report.

Her lawyer, Jason Nassour, had previously claimed Fowlkes looked so cheerful in her mugshot because she was innocent.

“This isn’t a guilty person sitting there like they just got caught,” he told NBC DFW at the time. “When everything’s fleshed out, it won’t be as it appears.”'

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Six women beat man nearly to death, no arrests

Article here. Imagine this: "Six men beat woman nearly to death, no arrests made". Can you? I can't. Excerpt:

'Six female suspects nearly beat a man to death early Sunday morning in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights, authorities said.

The 20-year-old victim was attacked around 2:20 a.m. on the 3300 block of Mission Street after a verbal confrontation with six female assailants, whose ages are unknown, escalated into a physical altercation, according to San Francisco police.
No arrests have been made.'

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The Hildebeast calls for bare knuckles

Article here. You mean Dems *have* been civil all this time? News to me! Can just imagine what Dems upping the ante will look like. My guess is that GOP senators and others will need Secret Service protection more or less full-time if it gets any worse. Excerpt:

'Hillary Clinton says the time for civility is over.

After the bitter and partisan fight over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the former secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate declared that President Donald Trump has undermined the integrity of the nation's highest court and that it's time for Democrats to be "tougher" with their opponents, in an interview with CNN published Tuesday

"You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about," Clinton told CNN's Christiane Amanpour. "That's why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that's when civility can start again."

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