UK: The false-accusations industry

Article here. Excerpt:

'Those who orchestrate these trawling activities have no professional training or duty of care to anyone. Implanting or encouraging false memories can have devastating consequences, particularly where damaged or vulnerable people are effectively being manipulated to suit the trawler’s own objectives. That a vulnerable adult, down on his or her financial luck, can be persuaded that there is a large pot of money to be had if he or she makes an allegation of historical abuse, with little or no chance of any consequences if the accused is ultimately cleared, is very serious indeed.

Of course, some who engage in trawling can also have darker motives. There are doubtless some individuals who find stories of sexual molestation – real or imaginary – stimulating and exciting, enjoying every salacious detail of what they are being told.'

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Yale suspended male student because of condom accident: Title IX lawsuit

Article here. Excerpt:

'An accused student is suing Yale University for concluding that the brief absence of a condom “during an otherwise consensual encounter” was sexual assault.

“John Doe” alleges that “gender bias was a motivating factor” in the decision against him by Dean of the College Marvin Chun, which resulted in his suspension.

He argues that the Ivy League school should have updated its sexual-misconduct procedures after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos* rescinded the Obama administration’s guidance on the subject in fall 2017.

The lawsuit was filed April 25. The senior sought a temporary restraining order that would let him “turn in his final papers,” arguing that he “may have classes in common” with his accuser if he’s required to repeat the semester in the spring. The judge overseeing the case denied his motion at a Friday hearing.

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Colleges’ “Woman-only” Scholarships May Violate Title IX. But Is There a Loophole?

Article here. Excerpt:

'In yet another example of how the “equality” agenda makes some people more equal than others, certain American universities still offer scholarships open only to female applicants — and perhaps are in violation of often selectively applied federal regulations. And while these schools are now coming under added scrutiny, there could be a little known loophole that would allow the continuation of the discriminatory policies.

The College Fix names some of the offenders, writing, “The University of California, Davis offers at least two scholarships exclusively to women through the Women’s Resource and Research Center. The university’s Ellen Hansen Memorial Prize is ‘awarded annually to a … woman-identified student,’ while the center’s Eva Shicke Memorial Prize funds female students wishing to pursue gender-related research.”

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Male student takes stand against ‘toxic masculinity’ narrative

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jermelle MacLeod is a man, and he’s not going to apologize for it.

The San Diego State University freshman and budding philosopher recently took to the pages of the campus newspaper The Daily Aztec and let the world know what he thinks of the term “toxic masculinity” and those who wield it.

“Toxic masculinity doesn’t exist,” he wrote in his op-ed. “Traits that one person considers toxic, may not be to another person; the entire phrase is based on a subjective scale with absolutely no objective ground and is used as a shaming tactic for ‘modern feminists’ and anybody else buying into their horrible rhetoric.”

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Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden

Article here. Excerpt:

'Kylie-Anne Kelly can’t remember the exact moment she became her boyfriend’s one and only, his what would I do without you, but she does remember neglecting her own needs to the point of hospitalization. “I talked him through his aspirations, validated his opinions, and supported his career. I had to be his emotional guru because he was too afraid to admit he had any emotions at all,” recalls the 24-year-old English teacher, who was studying for her PhD at the time.

Kelly’s boyfriend refused to talk to other men or a therapist about his feelings, so he’d often get into “funks,” picking pointless fights when something was bothering him. Eventually, Kelly became his default therapist, soothing his anxieties as he fretted over work or family problems. After three years together, when exhaustion and anxiety landed her in the hospital and her boyfriend claimed he was “too busy” to visit, they broke up.

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Syrian women prove "Femina" is possible

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fatma Emin's life changed forever when her husband died in the Syrian war, killed by ISIS in a land mine attack.

It triggered a series of events that would bring her to Jinwar, a village built and inhabited by women -- a refuge for Syrian women and their children fleeing a rigid family structure, domestic abuse and the horrors of civil war.
Jinwar means "women's land" in the Kurdish language. The village welcomes Syrian women and children, regardless of religion, ethnicity and political views. It is a mosaic of diverse women who want to experience freedom, democracy and a new form of life.

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Six female jail guards indicted for multiple unlawful invasive body searches

Article here. Proving once again that women too can both abuse authority and sexually abuse others *at the same time*. Well the two often do go together. Excerpt:

'Six female correction officers have been indicted amid allegations that women endured invasive body cavity and strip searches when they tried to visit loved ones in jail, horror stories that were unearthed in a series of I-Team reports.

The half-dozen suspects, including Leslie-Ann Absalom, a 53-year-old former Department of Correction captain, are accused of illegal searches at the Manhattan Detention Complex. They pleaded not guilty to charges including official misconduct, unlawful imprisonment and conspiracy at their arraignment early Monday afternoon.

Aside from Absalom, the indicted include officers Daphne Farmer, 49, Jennifer George, 32, Lisette Rodriguez, 51, Alifoa Waiters, 45 and Latoya Shuford, 36.

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World's biggest brothel swamped with millennial adult virgins 'not interested in sex'

Article here. Posting this more as an oddity-of-note. The 1000-lb. gorilla is of course the effect of feministing young women so badly that even really horny young guys would rather play games and wank to porn than put up with them. Excerpt:

'Dena told Daily Star Online: “I have noticed that there are more adult virgins than ever before coming to Sheri’s so that they can lose their virginity to a prostitute and learn the proper ins-and-outs of sex.

“While I’m not sure if these late bloomers are visiting us because they have been immersed in video games and virtual worlds throughout their teens, it does seem to make sense.

“Millennials” – who reached young adulthood in the 21st century – have been claimed to be having less sex.

The General Social Survey revealed that the share of men under 30 who aren’t having sex has tripled in the past decade.

Men under 30 who said they hadn’t had sex in the past year has increased to 28%, according to the figures.

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Iceland's Missing Male Students

Article here. Excerpt:

'The gulf in Iceland is now so wide that Benediktsson would like to see special initiatives to get boys interested in higher education, with universities working alongside other parts of the education system such as high schools.

“We would like to have it closer to 50-50 all over,” he said, “in order to be more representative of the society as a whole.”

But the root causes of the imbalance are hard to tackle. And a focus on male disadvantage is not uncontroversial in a country where men still earn far more than women and the professoriate remains overwhelmingly male.

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San Antonio Student Group Publicly Name Men Accused Of Sexual Assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women claiming to have been sexually assaulted held up signs with the names of the men they were accusing – seven names in total. None of the men had been convicted, yet their names were allowed to be publicly displayed. Some of the men had been investigated by the police or university and not punished, meaning there was likely insufficient evidence to find them responsible (or evidence they were innocent).

The women were part of a student group called Change Rape Culture, which, based on the name, suggests the group has bought in to the idea that sexual assault is an epidemic and the broad definition of what sexual assault entails.

The San Antonio Express-News, which reported on the event, did not identify the names of the men “because the accusations have not led to a criminal charge.” The media outlet spoke to one of the founders of the group, Kimiya Factor, who said Change Rape Culture investigated the claims against some of the men.

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The internet is radicalizing white men. Big tech could be doing more

Article here. Excerpt:

'Combine those algorithms with men who are disaffected, who may feel that the world owes them more, and you have a recipe for creating extremism of any stripe.

"They're picking up an ideology that helps them justify their rage, their disappointment, and it's something available," Jessica Stern, a research professor at Boston University's Pardee School of Global Studies and the co-author of "ISIS: The State of Terror," told CNN Business Friday. "Terrorism runs in fads. We noticed that people were picking up the ISIS ideology who weren't even Muslim, they were converting to Islam. The ISIS ideology was an attractive way for some of these men to express their rage and disappointment. This is another ideology that is becoming very popular, it's another fad."'

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Winnie-the-Pooh voice actor accused of rape during divorce

Article here. A legal system that allows this kind of craziness is one that either really wants to discourage marriage or is just plain dysfunctional. Marriage can be hazardous to your sanity esp. if it's to a nutcase. Excerpt:

'Legendary Disney voice actor Jim Cummings — known for characters like Tigger, Mickey Mouse villain, Pete, and Winnie the Pooh — is currently locked in a bitter war with his ex-wife and she is claiming years of abuse by the star, including sexual assault, drug addiction and animal abuse.

Jim and Stephanie Cummings were married in 2001 and divorced a decade later, in 2011. They have two minor daughters, Johanna and Lulu, and have been arguing in an L.A. County courtroom over alleged incidents of abuse that occurred between 2011 and 2018, after the couple’s marriage fell apart.
The Disney star says he has tried to work out things “amicably” with his ex-wife but says, “She will have outbursts of hostility directed at me, and often change in her behavior and attitude comes without warning.”

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Cafeteria worker shoots BB gun at children

Article here. Well, it is Philly. Philly girls are known for stuff. Excerpt:

'A school cafeteria worker is accused of firing at children on a playground with a BB gun and threatening to shoot the ones she missed during lunch at school.

The woman who is a cafeteria worker in the Shamokin Area School District admitted to police to shooting at children while they were at the Ranshaw playground.

The children told police the woman was shooting at them Tuesday night from an upstairs window. She told them if she didn’t get them then, she would get them the next day at lunch.

Marie McWilliams, 30, is charged with simple assault, reckless endangerment, and more.'

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Privileged cis-gendered heterosexual white male dies defending students in "liberal studies" class

Article here. Excerpt:

'When a gunman opened fire in a University of North Carolina at Charlotte classroom, sending people diving for cover and rushing toward a door, student Riley Howell charged and knocked into the shooter, police say.

Howell died for his efforts, shot by the gunman he rushed. But he was the "first and foremost hero" in bringing Tuesday evening's shooting to an end, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said.

"He took the fight to the assailant," Putney said Wednesday. "Unfortunately, he had to give his life to do so, but he saved lives doing so."

Putney said the 21-year-old Howell -- one of two people killed in the shooting -- knocked the gunman off his feet, and that helped lead to his capture.'

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Mother's Day and toxic masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'So, thanks to the recent arrival of baby Carter, our niece Emma will be celebrating Mother’s Day as a mother for the first time.

And as luck would have it, the day before my Mother’s Day column deadline, the Wall Street Journal reviewed Michael C. Reichert’s book “How to Raise a Boy: The Power of Connection to Build Good Men.”

The book seems benign enough, with its roadmap for the parents of boys; but the world is also full of extremists who see “toxic masculinity” behind every door. (”Oooo, toxic masculinity just beat the snot out of that communist behind the door!”)

Emma, I’ve seen the deer-hunting photos of you and husband Adam, so I know Carter has good odds of a red-blooded upbringing, but only if you take life one day at a time and resist the siren song of the doomsaying busybodies.'

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