Swedish Professor Slammed for Saying Men, Women Biologically Different

Article here. Excerpt:

'Following accusations from students, a professor at one of Sweden's leading academic institutions has refused to back down from his confidence in biological differences between men and women, sticking to his belief that gender cannot be viewed as a social construct alone.

Germund Hesslow, a professor of neurophysiology at Lund University, has been asked for an apology over "transphobic" and "anti-feminist" views inconsistent with the so-called "value base," the Swedish website Academic Rights Watch reported.

Hesslow has for many years held a course on "Heritage and Environment" at Lund University's medical program. In his course, the professor cites empirical research supporting the notion that differences between men and women are biologically founded and cannot be regarded as "social constructs alone," which comes in stark contrast to the trend dominant in gender studies.

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Pampers Ditching Sesame Street-Themed Diapers Amid 'Gender Concerns'

Article here. No I did not pull this from the Onion. This is the kind of crazy we have moved into. After watching "Girls und Panzer" on-line I am now convinced that indeed we live in a simulation. Whoever is running it obviously enjoys f*cking with us. Excerpt:

'The New York Post reports that Pampers, one of the nation's top-selling diaper brands, is dropping Cookie Monster and Elmo from its diapers amid an initiative to better embrace "gender inclusively."

The change, which wasn't made public, comes as part of the brand's "gender equality work," though the Post says it's not apparent any parents complained that Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch were inappropriate to handle their babies' waste products simply because they appear male.

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Sean Penn criticises #MeToo movement again

Article here. Amazing after his first public criticism he wasn't crucified. I'd say just wait and see now. Excerpt:

'Sean Penn offered some criticisms of the #MeToo movement in a Todayshow interview on Monday, calling the movement divisive.

Penn was appearing on NBC alongside Natascha McElhone, his co-star in a new Hulu series The First, about a space expedition to Mars.

NBC interviewer Natalie Moralesasked the pair if the strong female characters in the show were informed by the #MeToo movement.
"The spirit of much of what has been the #MeToo movement is to divide men and women,” he said.

“Women would say it’s united women,” Morales contended.

“I’m gonna say that women that I talk to, not in front of a camera, that I listen to, of all walks of life, that there’s a common sense that is not represented at all in the discussion when it comes to the media discussion of it, the discussion where if Sean Penn says this, so and so’s going to attack him for saying this, because of that.”'

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Men’s Rights Move in on Yale

Article here. Excerpt:

'Kursat Christoff Pekgoz has never been to Yale — a school he accused of harboring a toxic environment for its male students. Pekgoz, a Turkish-born lecturer of English literature at the University of Southern California and a former member of a feminist group in Turkey, is now an active member of the National Coalition for Men, the largest international men’s rights organization.

With his Title IX complaint — officers in the Yale Title IX Office declined to comment for this article — Pekgoz launched what would result in a serious ongoing investigation of the university’s female-specific programming, conducted by the Department of Education. According to Pekgoz, women dominate in the realm of higher education and have been outpacing men in both attending and graduating from college for decades now, so there is little to no need for women’s programs. His logic is that instituting these programs — for example, the Women Empowering Women Leadership Conference, Yale Women Innovators and Women’s Campaign School at Yale — is sexist.

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Kavanaugh sort-of accuser goes public

Article here. If you get a login or pay challenge, Google the first paragraph text and click the match link. Excerpt:

'Earlier this summer, Christine Blasey Ford wrote a confidential letter to a senior Democratic lawmaker alleging that Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her more than three decades ago, when they were high school students in suburban Maryland. Since Wednesday, she has watched as that bare-bones version of her story became public without her name or her consent, drawing a blanket denial from Kavanaugh and roiling a nomination that just days ago seemed all but certain to succeed.

Now, Ford has decided that if her story is going to be told, she wants to be the one to tell it.

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Ocasio-Cortez: Under no circumstances confirm Kavanaugh

Article here. Video: "Due Process must center on the victim." (6:10).

'“State of the Union,” New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court until the 35-year-old accusation from an anonymous woman was investigated.

Ocasio-Cortez said, “I believe, first of all, Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court under any circumstances, regardless an independent accusation.”

She added, “I certainly think that one of the aspects of due process is that we have to hear these things out and he should certainly not be confirmed before this is explored.”'

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Senator Invokes Me Too Movement In Call To Delay Kavanaugh Vote

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Democratic senator and a Washington Post editor called Saturday for a delay in the confirmation vote for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after a woman accused Kavanaugh of an attempted sexual assault in high school.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) invoked the Me Too movement to demand a thorough investigation, and the Post piece called for “the fullest possible airing” of the accusation.

Also on Saturday, a Washington Post editor who covered the controversial 1991 Senate hearings when then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual misconduct called for “the fullest possible airing” of the accusation targeting Kavanaugh if the accuser is willing to come forward.

Sunday afternoon, a professor at Palo Alto University in California was revealed as the woman making the accusation. Christine Blasey Ford related the details of the alleged assault in an interview with The Washington Post.'

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In no small way, silence helped #MeToo come into being

This is an original piece of writing by yours truly, hence no link. It is a realization I have had. Please comment if you are so moved.

The #MeToo campaign is the implementation of the feminist agenda to get resources from men to use against us. As Sun Tzu said, bring supplies to get you to the enemy's border. Thereafter your men can get what they need by plundering the enemy.

This is what feminists are doing. Not wanting to work for a living they want to plunder successful men by extorting them for money via actual or threatened accusations. This isn't to say some accusations against some men are not true. It is to say that most are likely not. It's also to say that converting a quid pro quo agreement retroactively to an act of sexual assault is not unlike a prohibited ex post facto law being passed. Ex post facto laws are unconstitutional in the US. #MeToo is a perfect example of the ex post facto principle in effect. Now you see why they are unconstitutional.

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Just #metoo? Nah. #themtoo

Article here. Excerpt:

'So the majority of us try to navigate the minefield as best we can. But others of the with-it variety see the feminist loathing of honorable behavior as license to take the harpies up on their word and jettison anything that would not pass the harridan smell test. That to include treating women with decorum and actual respect due their gender and disposition.

It’s not just #metoo, it’s #themtoo. It’s the feminist lobby that has had a hand in bringing this upon themselves by their War on Men.

No surprise so much of #metoo comes out of the entertainment industry, bastion and progenitor of pop culture indoctrination, home of always clumsy and befuddled dads, evil boyfriends, and male leads with the testosterone levels of slightly bi-curious geraniums. Ironic, perhaps, that the main individual who has ferreted out these obnoxious and boorish deeds by media and Hollywood men is the likely son of Frank Sinatra, Mr. S. not exactly remembered for his noble championship of any stage feminism.'

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Gender pay gap narrows due to falling male income

Article here. Excerpt:

'The gender pay gap has been narrowing over the last four decades — and women's earnings are now closer to men's. But that is not only because women are doing better. The trend is also in part because men are earning less.

Earnings for men have fallen in the decade since the recession, and are even below levels for much of the 1970s and ’80s.

Men are still paid about $10,000 more on average than women, according to Census Bureau figures released Wednesday, but the gender earnings gap has grown smaller.

From 1973 to 2017, men's earnings fell by about $3,200, or about 5%, in numbers adjusted for inflation. Earnings for African American men fell even more steeply than those of white men, according to experts.

"We're talking about a 40-year period of people working full time who are not doing better than their fathers and grandfathers did, and are basically doing worse," said Mark Rank, an inequality expert at Washington University in St. Louis. "It's a really striking pattern going on over a long period of time."'

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Are Women Penalized More Than Men in Tennis? Data Says No

Article here. Excerpt:

'Serena Williams argued that she was subject to a double standard when she was cited for verbal abuse by the chair umpire Carlos Ramos during the United States Open women’s final last Saturday.

“There are men out here who do a lot worse than me, but because I’m a woman you are going to take this away from me?” she protested to Brian Earley, the tournament referee. “That is not right.”

Each situation should be evaluated on its own merits, but according to data compiled by officials at Grand Slam tournaments for the past 20 years, men are penalized more often for verbal abuse.'

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Hanoi Jane says "only the beginning"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jane Fonda believes the downfall of Leslie Moonves won’t be the last we’ll see among powerful entertainment industry executives.

“It’s a shame he didn’t behave, [but now] it’s come back to get him,” Fonda said at Thursday night’s Los Angeles premiere of the HBO documentary “Jane Fonda in Five Acts” at the Armand Hammer Museum.

Moonves departed on Sunday amid a cascade of sexual assault and misconduct allegations.

“This has been happening for a long time and it’s been an epidemic of behavior like this on the part of people who have power,” Fonda said. “I think the #MeToo movement has started an avalanche. And it’s only the beginning.”'

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'Why I won't hire a male nanny'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The simple fact is statistically speaking it is more likely to be a man that I need to be cautious of around my children so why not eradicate that from the equation when looking for a nanny to enter my home and care for my children when I am not there?

It is a terribly sad thing that I feel this way about male childminders and I wish it was different, but sadly the actions of the few have tainted it for the many.

I know it sounds like a sexist stance, but if 97% of bears were cuddly and only 3% would rip your face off and eat it, would you still go into an enclosure of bears? I wouldn’t, and I also wouldn’t send my kids into one without me there to protect them.'


Female paedophiles: Why women sexually abuse children

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#MeToo has rich men wary of extortion

Article here. Excerpt:

'New York City men are protecting themselves from the dark side of the #MeToo movement, including an upswing in false accusations and blackmail, lawyers and private eyes say.

One young technology exec said he has six Nest cams installed inside his swanky downtown condo to “document and provide corroboration for what’s happening in my private life.”

“It’s an insurance policy,” he said.

When he recently brought home a date and realized she was highly intoxicated, he turned to one of the cams and called her a ride home.

“I tried to keep the interaction fully within views of the camera before calling her a Lyft,” he said.

The exec says #MeToo — while giving a voice to victims of sexual assault and harassment — has emboldened other women to falsely accuse well-appointed men for financial gain, fame or vengeance.

“Anonymous accusations are now possible, and the media believes the court of public opinion should not hold itself to anything resembling the court of law,” he said.'

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Sexual allegation against Kavanaugh referred to FBI by top Democrat

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., confirmed Thursday that she had referred information about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to "federal investigative authorities."

“I have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision. I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities,” said Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is scheduled to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination next week.

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