UK: Police Unlawfully Rejected ‘Exceptional’ Recruit for Being Straight White Male, Tribunal Finds

Article here. Excerpt:

'Matthew Furlong, 25, applied to Cheshire Police in order to follow in the footsteps of his father, who is a serving detective inspector on the force — but was ultimately turned down for a role, despite being told “it was refreshing to meet someone as well-prepared as yourself” and that he “could not have done any more” after passing the interview stage of the recruitment process, ITV news reports.

Under the Equality Act of 2010, British employers technically cannot discriminate against people on the basis of certain “protected characteristics” including race, sex, and sexuality, but they can choose candidates from certain groups over others — typically white people, and in particular white men — if they are of “equal merit”.

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How Feminism Is Stifling Our Sons

Article here. Excerpt:

'"Mommy, can only girls be legendary?"

My three-year-old son, glued to the Disney Channel's DuckTales, had spotted a commercial break with a group of young female stars dancing around a school campus, singing about how “you can be legendary."

"No baby, of course you can be too," I replied, thinking nothing of his comment.

“Mommy, can you see her?” he asked a few days later during his beloved PAW Patrol.

“Huh?” I stopped folding clothes and looked up at the TV to see Nickelodeon advertising a hashtag: #SeeHer.

A quick Google search revealed that the initiative, launched by Association of National Advertisers and its Alliance for Family Entertainment, aims to show a positive, unbiased portrayal of women in media.

“Basically it means girls can be anything they want to be,” I explained to my son.

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Feminists Screaming about 'Transgenderism,' Their Own Demon Child

Article here. Excerpt:

'Say, "Be careful what you wish for" or call it the law of unintended consequences.  For decades, feminists screamed, "I am woman, hear me roar" — now it's "Hear me squeal — a man just walked through our door!"

The issue?  Men claiming womanhood (MCW, AKA "transgenders") are invading women's spaces — such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and prisons — and are entering female competitions, taking away gold and glory.  Examples are MCW who in recent years won "women's" titles in weightlifting, cycling, sprinting, golf long driving, and even a beauty pageant.

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Fired Worker Alleges Firm Owner Wanted White Males Replaced With Chinese Women

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former supply chain boss at a Vernon manufacturer of electric vehicles is suing her onetime workplace, alleging she was fired in 2018 in retaliation for complaining about discrimination and other wrongdoing at the company.

Plaintiff Shawn VanAmburg says in her Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed Wednesday that the owner of Independent Electrical Vehicles, Shi Hai, once told her to fire all her white male employees and replace them with Chinese women.

VanAmburg allegations include wrongful termination, whistleblower retaliation and racial discrimination. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

VanAmburg was hired at the Soto Street business in November 2017 and had extensive automotive experience, the suit states. She says she met with Hai for the first time in February 2018 and extended her hand to shake his.

However, Hai refused to shake the Rancho Palos Verdes woman's hand, saying instead, "I thought you were going to be a man," the suit states.

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This Photographer Asked Men How They Reject Toxic Masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'We often give short shrift to the ways feminism benefits men.

When men resist the stereotype of what a “real man” should be, they’re free to live life on their own accord: Cry with reckless abandon after a crappy day at work or stay at a home and raise the kids while their partner brings home the bacon.

In a new photo series, photographer Jessica Amity captures just how liberating rejecting gender norms can be for men.

Armed with her Nikon D850 camera, the Nepal-based photographer hopped around the streets of Kathmandu and asked men for their general thoughts on toxic masculinity and its effect on their lives. Then she asked them to finish this sentence: “It’s OK for me to…”
"It's OK for me to be sensitive to intersectionality and to be an ally in fights for social justice, because, as a cis white gay male, I am bombarded with privilege that I definitely don't deserve."'

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‘Walk like a woman’: Men given 7 tips to help women feel safer

Article here. Excerpt:

'Australian men are being encouraged to “walk like a woman” in a new ad campaign aimed to make women feel safer.

Women’s rights group Plan International has launched the promotion, which includes seven tips for men on how to behave while walking the streets.

Emily Maguire, CEO at Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, told Neil Mitchell the tips were most important for good men, because they’re the least likely to realise they pose a threat.

“Most men don’t hurt women and most men do really want to make sure that they are not a threat to other women, and that women feel safe around them,” she said.

“Even if most men know they aren’t going to do anything, that doesn’t stop women being afraid.

“If all you need to do is drop back a few paces, or to pretend you’re talking on your phone, or cross the road, that doesn’t sound to me like a big ask.

“And most men I know would be comfortable about doing that.”'

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New Zealand: Blenheim man says life 'destroyed' after false rape allegation

Article here. Excerpt:

'A man falsely accused of rape says the allegation "destroyed" his life as rumour started to spread through the town.

Blenheim man Brett, who asked to keep his last name secret, explained how he got kicked out of his flat because his two female flatmates didn't want him there, and how people he didn't even know would shout "rapist" at him in the street.

Brett claimed his boss stopped giving him hours, as he was on a zero hours contract, and said he was still considering leaving town.

"It destroys you, you don't want to leave the house because you don't want anyone to see you. You're always wondering if they've heard anything, and wondering what she's saying about you to people. She's dragged my name through the mud."'

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"Why Understanding The UK Anti-Feminist Movement Is Vital To Countering The Far Right"

Article here. Excerpt:

'“Feminists attack liberty, justice, equality and meritocracy. They attack men, women, and children, and relations between the sexes,” so declared British anti-feminist activists in a 2018 online statement.

Its signatories included key UK far-right vlogger Paul Joseph Watson, Breitbart London writer James Delingpole and Valerie Price, National Director of ACT! For Canada (which is tied to the major US anti-Muslim organisation, ACT! For America). The statement’s impact was nonetheless negligible; exemplifying the marginal nature of organised anti-feminist politics in the UK.

But the operative word there, however, is ‘organised’. Recent events and a glance across thecontemporary far-right landscape will find many voices who share this conspiratorial and hostile view of feminism. Whilst this is not new, HOPE not hate’s newly-released State of Hate report explores how the UK anti-feminist movement is trying to mobilise this support and the role of a particular online community in this.

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Swedish Feminists Demand Govt Action Against Sex Robots

Article here. Excerpt:

'Several prominent Swedish feminist groups have railed against the use of so-called “sex robots” and “sex dolls” and advocate tougher legislation against them, saying the objects normalise violent attitudes toward women.

The demand for action against sex bots came in the form of an opinion article in Swedish newspaper Expressen signed by several feminists representing the national organization for women’s shelters and girls’ homes in Sweden (Roks), the Swedish Women’s Lobby and the anti-female violence group Unizon.

In the article, the groups demand “that Swedish authorities make it difficult for brothels with robots and dolls to open in Sweden,” and that, “research that studies the connection between sexual contacts with robots and dolls and actual abuse should be initiated.”'

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Liberals See Truth as Subservient to Doctrine, Feelings

Article here. Excerpt:

'Individuals on both the left and right lie. Individuals on both the left and right tell the truth. And liberalism, unlike leftism, does value truth. But the further left one goes, the more one enters the world of the lie.

Why does the left lie?

There are two main reasons.

One is that leftists deem their goals more important than telling the truth. For example, every honest economist knows women do not earn 20 percent less money than men for the same work done for the same amount of hours under the same conditions. Yet leftists repeat the lie that women earn 78 cents for every dollar men earn.

Why any employers would hire men when they could hire women and get the same amount of work done at the same level of excellence for the same number of hours while saving 20 cents on the dollar is a question only God or the sphinx could answer.

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Accused College Students Deserve the Presumption of Innocence

Article here. Excerpt:

'Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos believes that college students accused of sexual misconduct in Title IX cases are owed a presumption of innocence, or non-responsibility, in keeping with a bedrock principle of Western justice. Attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia disagree.

In a formal letter, these senior law-enforcement officials, who must overcome the presumption of innocence in their criminal prosecutions, asserted that the presumption of non-responsibility in campus proceedings “improperly tilts the process” in favor of the accused, and that it therefore should not be required of colleges, as the Department of Education recently suggested it should be in a proposed rule.'

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School helps students ‘nurture feminist masculinities’ during ‘Masculinities Month’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity at the University of Kansas has devoted the month of February to developing “feminist masculinities” and questioning “the collective socialization of men” through a slate of activities they’ve dubbed “Masculinities Month.”
“Through these [events], the Emily Taylor Center encourages you to learn about and question the ‘collective socialization of men,’ the ‘traditional masculine script,’ and the concept of ‘the man box’; consider the relationship between intersectionality and masculinities; explore the differences between patriarchy and feminism as well as between patriarchal masculinity and feminist masculinity,” the center’s website states.

“We also share strategies for those seeking to practice and/or nurture feminist masculinities in their everyday lives.”

The center did not respond to The College Fix’s request for comment on event attendance so far, as well as where the funding for the month’s programs comes from.

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Abused boyfriend found ’10 days from death’ after years of abuse by girlfriend

This story is just to make sure we all know it's not just men. Quote:

'Shocking images of the horrific moment an abused man was discovered “10 days from death” after being stabbed by his abusive ex have emerged.

Alex Skeel, 22, recently spoke out about being attacked with a bread knife and battered with a hammer by his girlfriend Jordan Worth during a three-year catalogue of sickening abuse.

He was also starved to just 44kg by the controlling 22-year-old, who told him what to wear and isolated him from friends and family.

As the abuse turned more violent, Worth poured boiling water on the dad of her two kids and knocked his tooth out with a hairbrush.

The British woman has now been jailed for seven-and-a-half years at Luton Crown Court after admitting grievous bodily harm and coercive controlling behaviour.

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All Tanzanian male MPs should be circumcised, says female legislator

Article here. Excerpt:

'A female MP in Tanzania has called for checks to determine whether or not her male colleagues have undergone circumcision - a procedure known to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Jackline Ngonyani on Friday said any MP found not to have been circumcised should be required to undergo the procedure.

Her suggestion divided opinion among her colleagues.

HIV is seen as a major threat to public health in Tanzania.

Around 70 per cent of the male population is circumcised.'

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Sex robots now porn stars as new series dubbed 'erotic Black Mirror' airs online

Article here. Don't know why feminists object to sex bots. They'll get men to stop pestering women for sex. Excerpt:

'Sex robots are now starring in raunchy PORN movies - as a new 18+ erotic TV series airs online.

Dubbed an 'erotic Black Mirror ', Future Darkly is a web sci-fi series forecasting the future of sexual fantasies, in case case a world where X-rated robots roam the earth as companions to human beings.

The first episode of the series, broadcast on X-rated ' Netflix of Porn' Adult Time, focuses on the sex-bots of tomorrow and features 'The Aura Doll', a leading sex robot made in North America.

The star is a woman called Becca who meets up with an older man named Robert with the aim of having a threesome - not with another human, but with Harper, his 'special companion'.'

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