"She Stole My Voice" - Ground-breaking documentary on lesbian rape

This new documentary, She Stole My Voice, is utterly ground-breaking. I've seen it so I can say that with a clear conscience. It takes on femnist misandry and distortions head-on and exposes a reality that people of both sexes are oblivious to or in denial of.

Warning to viewers, it has some graphic parts. This is a serious documentary and it should be referred to whenever someone tries to throw the old "rape is only or primarily a crime against women done by men" line at you. The producers are both women and they have interviews with women in rape crisis centers as well, stating that this problem is real and is more common than anyone expects. It also refers to the coercion some women experience by staff and/or other women living there in "women's shelters" to have sex with them, and if they don't-- there's the door.

For certain many of your own preconceptions will get challenged by it, too. One of the facts that emerges is that 30% of lesbians have been sexually assaulted by other women. And is the MSM on this? No. Is mainstream feminism on it? No, in fact, they are in denial since it fails to buttress their fundamental set of lies. In short-- it's must-see not just for MRAs but also feminists, people involved in violence abatement, therapists, and pretty much anyone else. Victims of this class of rape would I am sure take great solace in seeing the truth come out, too.

A note: The documentary has taken some criticism not for what it is saying but how it is saying it. Some people have said that at times it seems unnecessarily graphic to the point of prurience. While I can see this criticism being justified when looking at it through the eyes of someone who thinks a woman cannot rape or assault another woman, then sure, any such scene would look that way. But when you look at without these blinders on, the scenes are quite disturbing and indeed, ought to be. The truth ain't pretty, but as MRAs, we already know this.

Predictably, previews that have been released are on Youtube, one here. (Seems everything is on Youtube these days.) Read the comments, very telling.

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Has Senator Joe Biden ordered his copy yet to see how tax payer's dollars are being used at VAWA funded domestic violence shelters? After all Joe Biden is proud to say VAWA is his baby.

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The film's promo trailer is very strange ... a combination of soft-core porn clips and entirely African-American commentators.

What's up with that?

Is it a film about black lesbians?

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I went to college from 90-94 in WI. As part of my education I had to volunteer in the community. I petitioned the Womans' Space location in Appleton WI. They threw a fit. But as I was an older student, 36, and I had a clean record I was accepted. I was the only male that was allowed to work in there. I saw what happened. I overheard conversations. There were two les. in charge, and they always gave me dirty looks. They would have women come in from different parts of the U.S. They would claim an abusive stalking relationship where they were. They would then make contacts wherever they wanted to send that young woman and her kids. Temporary wellfare was arranged, free living in the space. They used these women to transfer information and goods. All supplied by the tax payers. I have spoken to a federal agent that told me that the gov. is aware of a militant les. org. that started in Portland, OR. It then moved to Eugene due to the university, and from there it spread across the U.S. There are some real lessons to be learned about org. skills for the Mens movement.

David A. DeLong

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Dave, would you please email me at ebartlett@mediaradar.org -- your information would be very helpful to us.


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Most of my old lesbian girl friends moved from Chicago to Eugene in the early 1980's.

It was like a migration of buffalo.

Glad that they are gone.

Less huge backsides to dodge around at the supermarket.

Not a whole lot less..... given the current obesity rate among American women.

Eugene is lesbo headquarters except for Porkland OR., home of the other white meat...

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Lesbian violence needs to be studied more.

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I've watched a good bit of this now and the words and imagery are totally at odds. It's as if these women are both condemning lesbian rape and indulging in their softcore les-rape fantasies simultaneously. It's like watching an episode of Law and Order SVU that way, except poorly paced and more boring.

Why are all the rapists kinda hot? How come all the victims seem to want it? It's just a bunch of hot chick rolling around crying crocodile tears, pretending to be tied up. After a few minutes of each of the interminably long scenes you start to think, "Uh... why don't you fight or run or something?"

This just doesn't jibe with the few actual stories told about lesbian rape, which are truly sad, and painfully trivialized by the imagery.

I think it also says something about the mush-mindedness of the women who made this thing. They're so "powerless" that fighting or fleeing would never occur to them? Pathetic.

Upon finishing the film I've decided that it's more disingenuous than that. I swear to god they shot this footage as some sort of lesbian rape fantasy porn and when they couldn't sell it as that, decided to use it in an anti-lesbian rape fantasy movie. It's total sexploitation.

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I thought the Vagina Monologues taught people that lesbian rape is "good rape," particularly if it's an adult woman and a 13-year-old girl.

Oh right, that play is "politically correct."


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Excellent analysis.

I have been fascinated for two decades about feminists' dilemma with porn. Probably because as a freshman at university I enrolled in a class about "the feminist redemption of porn."

It was really interesting, because women were trying to figure out if they could reform or evolve the "phallic" genre and re-make it.

Mainly they wanted to figure out how to make porn less penis-centric.

More candle light, flowers, foreplay like vacuuming, etc.

Turns out, the theory of feminist pornography has never worked out.

I do admire those girls' efforts... ;-)

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What I find odd is how central the idea of "rape" is to the feminist movement. Heterosexual rape, acquaintance rape, date rape, grey rape, lesbian rape... Rape rape rape rape rape! It's like Eskimos and snow.

They're obsessed with rape, in thrall to it. People who believe that they're either An Oppressor or The Oppressed seem to need to act out that belief over and over and over. It's a psychological problem, not a social one.

To put it another way, in the words of the brilliant and self-declared "misogynist" writer Jim Goad:

"All Men are rapists and that's all they are." -Marilyn French, Feminist

"In your dreams bitch." -Jim Goad, Misogynist

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Very good point, fibtastic. To understand feminists you have to understand why they are endlessly fascinated by rape. It is absolutely central to their ideology.

The whole point about rape is that it is the only crime that arises from a perfectly innocent everyday scenario, and whose existence as a crime therefore has to depend entirely on what is going on in the mind of the victim - or would-be victim - at the time; and, most crucially, that mind belongs exclusively to the woman. If a woman wants sex, then it isn't rape. If she doesn't want sex, then it is rape (forget about men being raped. That doesn't figure in the feminist mindset).

Thus the most normal and natural event between the sexes, and the one that is fundamental to our survival as a species, can also, and with the greatest of ease, be turned into a crime.

But of course that makes it a godsend for anyone who wants to portray men as perpetual criminals, and women as perpetual victims. Since men and women are having sex all over the world on a regular basis, there are endless opportunities to brand these occurrences as rape. It is manna from heaven for man-haters. The ace in the hole. The goose that lays golden eggs. The lottery ticket that keeps on winning. No wonder they will never let it go.

But the challenge for feminists is therefore to persuade women that they really don't want sex, so that every time it happens it must be rape. Hence the gargantuan efforts made by feminism to drill this concept into the minds of women. If they can't persuade women that every act of sex with a man is rape, then they will try to argue that most acts are. Or even a sizable minority. Any lie will do if it serves the prime objective. Reclassifying sex as a crime perpetrated exclusively by men exclusively on women is the holy grail for feminism. Just imagine what boundless power it would give women to lord it over men, if only they could pull off the trick.

But an integral part of this campaign to demonise all men and destroy all natural relationships between the sexes, is the necessity of maintaining the status of rape as a monumentally serious crime. This is also crucial. If every act of sex is classified as an act of violence by a man on a woman, there is a real danger that too many sensible people will conclude that since you cannot abolish sex, and it is simply not going to stop of its own accord, and you can't throw every sexually functioning man on the planet in jail, then the only solution that makes human life tolerable is to de-criminalise it. But of course that would be a disaster for feminism.

Hence the repeated mantra that rape is always a vile, hideous, unforgivable monster of a crime, right up there alongside murder, torture and spit-roasting of babies. Even when the "victim" is a whore who has had sex with 1,000 men on 10,000 occasions, and has just had sex again with one of her regulars. As long as she can be persuaded that on this occasion, she didn't really want it, then bingo! - you have another quivering traumatised female victim and another brutal rapist male pig for your stats.

Civilisation: man's greatest, and most unappreciated, gift to women

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Linda Kelly in her paper, Disabusing the Definition of Domestic Abuse... stated that domestic violence was the crown jewel in the feminist crown. Rape and sex abuse victimization is certainly a major part of that, IMO. Of course, like the true hypocrites they are, they never look at the domestic violence, sexual assault and rape that women commit. Rape witch hunts are ongoing on most every college and university campus in america and the re-definition of rape and sexual assault is ever widening, according to the interpretation of gender feminist ideology. No one wants to do anything to challenge or contradict these lying scum (evil harpies) for fear of being labeled misogynistic so these devils are literally given a blank check to run amok among us with their hyperbole and hysteria.

The gender feminist femiocracy has become powerful indeed, and is endlessly looking for new ways it can get prison sentences against the target of its hatred (males). In their minds all males must confess to the crime of being possessed of any remnants of male sexuality and swear obedience to the gender feminist ideology, casting men as inferior beings in a gender feminist caste system. Anything less is a form of abuse and violence against women, and yes, a form of rape. Gender feminist policy and thought (thought control) is coming to a school, workplace, or church or synagogue near you soon - if it isn't already there.

Stalinist Feminism

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Linda Kelly is excellent.

A rare voice of reason and logic in a swamp of feminist dementia.

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Remember the meow mix commercials from the 1970s (meow meow meow meow...). Well, the feminist obsession with rape is like that commercial, only with a group of them going "rape rape rape rape..."


Ever heard prairie dogs chirping away like mad when people are near? Feminists are like prairie dogs going "rape rape rape rape..."

Why don't feminists create a theme park with a "tunnel of rape" ride followed by "lesbian love - real thing." Or while they're at it, create a "virtual rape" to terrify young women into hating men.

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David - Have you ever written up your experience at the shelter? Anything on the web? I know that many of us would be interested in hearing more about your experience and inside view of the shelter. We have heard rumours and hearsay but it would be very helpful to hear your first person account.

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As a matter of fact I hadn't thought about it. I plan on writing a book, and those experiences would be in there. But, since there seems to be some interest I will put something together. I will start working on it this week/today.

David A. DeLong

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Women’s’ Space
Appleton WI

Having had suffered under the "system" as it was I was an activist for equal rights while in school. I volunteered at the woman’s space on purpose because I had heard stories. I went there for a two fold purpose, to actually help if I could, and to learn. What I did learn was of great concern to me. I spoke to some people in the county about it. I was also a volunteer in probation at the same time, so I new people.
The background check was exhaustive. At first the "director" of the center tried to refuse my admittance into the shelter. Claiming that a male figure would be traumatizing to the children. I fought back through the proper channels and was finally admitted. I was working towards my BS in psychology at the time, and it was believed that I was going for my phd.
The first day that I went there I as met by two lesbians, the two women in charge of the center. I was cornered, and interrogated by the two. "Why are you here?" "What are you trying to prove?" This is for women you know, we don’t need you here." "We will be watching you!" I stood my ground and stated that a positive male role model was what the children needed.. I also repeated what the county had decided against the wishes of the two women that lived, and ran the center.
I kept my eyes and ears open while I was there. One day while I was there I saw the "two" women that ran the place, from here on out referred to as the "two", standing close with their foreheads almost touching. I got as close as I could without being to obvious. I overheard them whispering about a woman that was coming from AR in the next couple of days. I overheard one of the "two" saying everything is arranged it should be just a couple of days.
In a couple of days a young woman showed up with two children. Most of my time spent there was dealing with the children. I was able to talk to the children, ask questions, as long as I was careful because I was watched closely. After hearing some more conversation between the "two", and actually speaking to the young woman myself I took what information that I had and started asking questions of the people that knew in the county. Young women were being shuttled all across the U.S. by these woman spaces. A young woman would cry abusive relationship, this during the knee jerk reaction time of our current system; then they would claim that the horrid man was then pursuing this young woman and her children. The funds would be allocated, the young woman would then be sent wherever they wanted her to go, all at the tax payers expense. The funny thing is that they would actually say that the man was attempting to reach the woman in her new place of sanctuary, and then move her again. I saw this happen three times while I was there. I wonder how many times I missed?
I saw one of the "two" hand the other a package, an envelope large and stuffed when that AR woman came in, she said it was from AR. To this day I wondered what kind of information, and or goods were being transferred by hand, paid for by the tax payers.
The other major problem that I encountered while there was the way they were trying to brainwash the children. Boys were chastised for being boys, girls were allowed to act in any fashion that they desired. If a boy showed anger it was wrong, if a girl showed anger it was OK, and they would try and fix it.
There was a really nice religious woman that was a volunteer there. I asked her about the way that the children were being treated. She was also uncomfortable with the situation. But she was afraid of the "two".
I did try to get an investigation going at the time. I was told to my face by a person that I knew well in the county that nobody could mess with them.
After I had moved from WI years later I ran into a federal agent at a local dog park here in Eugene OR. I am still a political person, and I still speak my mind when I can. We were the only two people in the park. I started a conversation and I asked him what he did. He was a little embarrassed, hesitated, and then told me he was an agent for the federal Gov. He is an investigator for them. Well, I am a curious fellow so I engaged him in a political conversation. He told me that there was a militant lesbian group that started in the Portland OR area. It then migrated to Eugene due to the university here. This started in the 60s. From Eugene he told me that it spread across the U.S. He did not give me any specific information just general.
I know on Wed. here in Eugene if you go to the court house, that is the day they do stalking, and restraining orders; you will see a lot of women wearing handkerchiefs of different colors hanging from their back pockets. The colors denote what that particular woman is into as far as sexual preferences. Pink is for young girls, red is they like it rough, and so on. So you have a bunch of younger women actually filing these orders, and then you have the woman behind the woman. Right out in public, no attempt to hide what is actually going on.
I had an attorney tell me that what they are doing around here with those orders is criminal. This coming from a shyster, not all attorneys are by the way, but most I think are.
As I have said my time at the woman’s space is documented. I have tried to tell you the things of importance that I had heard and seen. The minor conversations that I engaged in, or some of the incidents that I witnessed I have left out.
After I moved here to OR I was living in a section of town that had a lot of street activity at night. Hookers and dope dealers would stand outside of my apt. at night selling their goods. I was working second shift, and they kept me awake at night. I started a tenant association in the apartment complex with the blessings of the manager. I then tried to coordinate our group with a local police out station a couple of blocks away.
I went to a meeting that was mostly women. The leader of this group worked for the city. After about fifteen minutes I asked to speak. I asked the facilitator why it was that men were being demonized? I pointed out that it was two women that threatened to cut my throat because I started the tenant association, hookers, not men. The woman became defensive. I pointed out that the meeting that I came to was not a woman’s group, nor was it advertised as one. Anyway I stirred some more smelly stuff. The only men that these woman want is a cuckold, real men need not apply.
I hope I have helped in some small way. I realize that through out my story I interjected my opinion. That as they say comes with the territory.

David A. DeLong

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Thanks very much David for taking the time to write out the above post. It is fascinating to read. I had never heard of the "transporting victims" gambit. Very odd. Makes me wonder.

It seems clear that you found the shelter to be anti-male. I was also curious to know how busy they were. Were there usually empty beds? Were they ever crowded? I have read that shelters often are empty and will drum up business in order to bring up their numbers and of course their funding. Did you notice any of that?

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Most of the time that I was around the shelter it was full. A lot of kids etc. For the most part the women that were in the shelter stayed in areas that I wasn't allowed to go. I was watched pretty well. I would imagine that the scenerio that I spoke of in the Lane County court house on restraining/stalking order day would be the same everywhere? If a person were to check out that particular day in their own county they might get an eye opener. It is a system that many different groups profit from. I would be interested to know of others observations of different courthouses on stalking/restraining order day. Take care...

David A. DeLong

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I'm sure I'm probably breaking a huge rule here, seeing as I am neither male, nor an activist of men's rights. I'd have to say that I'm just a teenage girl who is, well...for one, not a lesbian, but always interested in what's going on in the homosexual/bisexual/heterosexual/world. There always seems to be some kind of tragic story, or new 'breakthrough' in why gay people are gay. Personally speaking, you love who you love, no matter their gender. But that's a debate I don't really want to start, so...

Most of these responses were very logical, and some even made me giggle (the one about women trying to make porn more feminine, in particular). The truth is, the documentary makes me cringe, it is so....well, it does strike me as almost/porn. And the material is just devastating in general....

Anyway, there were a few responses about rape, and how women define it. I know that most women DO make themselves (ourselves) out to be the possible-victims, and men are all possible-attackers. I don't argue that. But, if I may, I'd like to point a few things out. The first being that women are educated to fear rape, in general, but we mostly hear about male rapists. In some cases, it's the media that teaches us, in others it's a relative who had a bad experience and just wants us to be careful. Where this fear originated from, exactly, I've no idea. But just something to chew on, I suppose. While you (men) don't run around assuming any woman might attack you (I don't think?), we are typically taught to do just that. And I'm sorry that's how we think, it really isn't fair to you, especially since women can be just as vicious and violent as (if not more than) most men.

Also, someone mentioned that rape was about whether or not the victim wants sex, I believe? And in some cases (date rape...etc.), that may be true. But I'd say the reason most rapists do what they do isn't sex. Maybe that's where it ends up. But I think rape is more about power. The attacker thrives on forcing someone to do the one thing they are begging them not to, and the victim is almost always completely humiliated and exposed. I mean really, gentlemen, I'm sure none of you would like some woman brutally RAPING you in an alley way. Not in a sexy way, no kinky cuffs or whips and chains. No. Just rape. Just making you feel completely powerless. Now, if any of you can say you wouldn't feel dirty and violated after something like that, than I guess I'm a little confused about where the cynicism is coming from exactly....

I think rapists are just sick bastards, personally. Whether it's their choice, or it's a mental-thing (as most cases are these days), I don't really differentiate. Woman, man, teenager, or child. Rape is wrong. No one should be forced to do something they don't want to, especially when it comes to sex.

So, I'm sorry if I've invaded on, or offended, anyone's opinion. I guess I just wanted to put my two-cents in. I'd rather you didn't think of it as 'female-input,' however, and more like....'teenager-input.'


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