Anti-male double standards at Colorado College

Via Marc A.:

Feminists at Colorado College can distribute material about "male castration," but if men distribute a satirical response, they get charged with violating a campus code. You can post comments under the story and email the Bulletin at and


'A Colorado college has found two students guilty of violating the conduct code against violence after the students distributed a satirical flyer poking fun at the college's Feminist and Gender Studies program. Chris Robinson and a second student who wished to remain nameless now must hold a campus forum to discuss the very issues that landed them in hot water.

The controversy began when Colorado College's "Feminist and Gender Studies Interns" distributed their newsletter entitled The Monthly Rag. The newsletter contained information pertaining to the women's studies program and also highlighted information on a lecture to be delivered by a "world-famous prostitute and porn star," information about gender identity issues and a comment concerning "male castration."

In response to the newsletter, the two students, under the pseudonym of "The Coalition of Some Dudes," created and distributed "The Monthly Bag," a satirical response to The Monthly Rag. In the parody, the two students included a comment about "female violence and abuse" from a battered men's Web site, as well as a statement of "chainsaw etiquette" and a "Tough Guy Wisdom" quote by Theodore Roosevelt.'

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(From the college's own code on freedom of speech) -- "On a campus that is free and open, no idea can be banned or forbidden. No viewpoint or message may be deemed so hateful that it may not be expressed."

There is only one problem with this lofty and vacant piece of administrivia...

You cannot locate one college or university campus anywhere in America that has not been taken over by the feminist "diversity" police.

And recall the Harvard U.'s president Larry Summer's fiasco that killed his career just for expressing scientifically valid ideas about gender differences?

That sent a huge chill through all of academia.

Men know they can lose eveything for one "politically incorrect" remark.

And women know it too, and enjoy the Stalinist power of coercion over dialogue.

There is not a single male professor anywhere who would have a student conference with a female without having the door to his office wide open and a hidden audio tape being recorded...

Welcome to the feminist gulag.

It's called "equality!"

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if i were the parent of a foreign born student looking for a good university,

this country would be last place on earth i would look, especially if expecting to find

the teaching of ideals that our founding fathers fought and died for in their quest

for freedom.

"gender and feminist studies interns"?

now there's a degree every company should bust a gut trying to hire. 'cuse me while i get a really good laugh.

thanks, i needed that.

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Maybe these lads should call their newspaper "The Monthly Gag".

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This story just made the local 10 o'clock TV news here in Colorado Springs; there might be a copy of the video sometime later at "no disciplinary action will be taken and the incident will not appear on his [Chris Robinson's] permanent record" they said, though he was found guilty of violating the student code of conduct. Typical kangaroo court proceedings.

FIRE - the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education - is pressing CC to issue an apology. See their statement on the story: .

No word anywhere that I could see on when the sentence - having to hold a forum - will happen, but it should be interested if it's open to members of the general community such as myself.

* MB

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This story was truly ridiculous. I submitted a comment. Here's what I had to say:

I am truly sickened that a flyer for Feminist and Gender studies would try to trivialize castration and say that it's not violence. How is sexual mutilation not violence? Yet, a flyer which exposes this wrong for what it is by satirizing it and asking why chainsawing people isn't okay is chastized? Why the hell would a gender studies course even be interested in the mutilation of men, anyhow? I thought women's studies were about inequalities, which by the way are completely ficticious now. It's clearly become a game of misandry for them, and they've provided us with undeniable evidence. Well, since castration of a male isn't violence, I'd like to say that circumcising a female against her will, or cutting off her boobs must not be violence either by that same logic. Why is it that the most logically absurd people are allowed to teach indoctrination in post secondary schools?

That's just what we need. College girls being taught to think like Lorena Bobbitt. /sarcasm

Real Men Don't Take Abuse!

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"in the climate in which we find ourselves today, violence—or implied violence—of any kind cannot be tolerated on a college campus."

Really... how about trying to imply that brutal violence isn't just that? Clearly The Monthly Rag violated what the president of Colorado College said.

Real Men Don't Take Abuse!

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Why is it "The MONTHLY Rag"?


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It's funny b/c I was thinking about this story earlier today and I asked myself that same question. Are they actually talking about visiting their Aunt Flo?

Real Men Don't Take Abuse!

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I just tried to find a reasonable definition of what the opposite of feminist would be or the male version of a feminist and didn't come up with much most sites said the opposition of feminist is just a woman going along with what man says. I think guys should start their own malenist organizations and just promoted man and everything manly. Wouldn't that make things much more equal? I hate colleges that fold under pressure from these types of organizations makes me feel like i should just get a fake college degree and stop giving them my money.

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The men should make a club just like the feminists, and distribute flyers just like the women under free speech freedom of press etc. I know at the university of phoenix this would not fly and it shouldn't any place else stand up for your selves men fight for your rights just like the women.

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