"Duke Faculty" Posts Open Letter

Seems the faculty at Duke who rushed to condemn the LAX players felt it necessary to post a follow-up letter about it all. Does it include an apology? No. Does it include an acknowledgment of their own racism, classism, and/or misandry? Forget about it. The letter is at http://www.concerneddukefaculty.org/. However, the site is, as you can imagine, getting hit really hard as of this posting. I only just was able to load the page after several attempts. So, I am including it in its entirely under the "read more" section.

As of 1-16-07 9:40 PM EST:

An Open Letter to the Duke Community

In the spring of 2006, the Duke community was rocked by terrible news. We heard that a woman hired to perform at a party thrown by our lacrosse team had accused members of the team of raping her. Neighbors, we were told, heard racial epithets called out at the woman as she departed the party. The criminal proceedings and the media frenzy which followed are perhaps beginning to wind down. For us at Duke, the issues raised by the incident, and by our community's responses to it, are not.

In April, a group of Duke faculty members published an advertisement in The Chronicle. The ad, titled "What does a Social Disaster Sound Like?" was mostly a compilation of statements made by Duke students in response to the incident and its immediate aftermath. This ad has figured in many discussions of the event and of the University's response. It has been broadly, and often intentionally, misread. We urge everyone to read the original ad, available at http://listening.nfshost.com/listening.htm. We have. Some of us were among the ad's signers.

The ad has been read as a comment on the alleged rape, the team party, or the specific students accused. Worse, it has been read as rendering a judgment in the case. We understand the ad instead as a call to action on important, longstanding issues on and around our campus, an attempt to channel the attention generated by the incident to addressing these. We reject all attempts to try the case outside the courts, and stand firmly by the principle of the presumption of innocence.

As a statement about campus culture, the ad deplores a "Social Disaster," as described in the student statements, which feature racism, segregation, isolation, and sexism as ongoing problems before the scandal broke, exacerbated by the heightened tensions in its immediate aftermath. The disaster is the atmosphere that allows sexism, racism, and sexual violence to be so prevalent on campus. The ad's statement that the problem "won't end with what the police say or the court decides" is as clearly true now as it was then. Whatever its conclusions, the legal process will not resolve these problems.

The ad thanked "the students speaking individually and...the protesters making collective noise." We do not endorse every demonstration that took place at the time. We appreciate the efforts of those who used the attention the incident generated to raise issues of discrimination and violence.

There have been public calls to the authors to retract the ad or apologize for it, as well as calls for action against them and attacks on their character. We reject all of these. We think the ad's authors were right to give voice to the students quoted, whose suffering is real. We also acknowledge the pain that has been generated by what we believe is a misperception that the authors of the ad prejudged the rape case.

We stand by the claim that issues of race and sexual violence on campus are real, and we join the ad's call to all of us at Duke to do something about this. We hope that the Duke community will emerge from this tragedy as a better place for all of us to live, study, and work.

Click for list of Concerned Faculty

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Left-Wing Fem-Nazis lack the ability to acknowledge when they are wrong. This letter is an attempt to save-face, to rewrite history to make it appear as though the “Group of 88” acted responsibly. We all know they did not. They endorsed a one-sided perspective; the perspective of paranoid “victims” of racism and sexism. The perspective of students made paranoid by the feminist teachings of the very same professors. These “professors” (some with PhDs) should have known that their ad would incite the worst of crowd mentalities as well as paint a cloud of guilt over the accused students. Their ad subverted the legal process and led to the frenzied lynch-mob like behaviors of many students as well as others. Shame on the “Group of 88”, they should tear-up their phoney degrees and go to work for McDonalds!

And it's not just the "Group of 88" who are obsessed with contaminating impressionable minds with paranoid thoughts of wide-spread racism and sexism. Kathleen Parker's article expounds on this.

"Under pressure from feminist groups, college administrators long have sponsored lectures about date rape and sexual harassment, directed at young males, all of whom are presumed to be potential predators. In light of events at Duke, they might consider adding a new seminar to the roster -- one to review the rules of due process, the evil of mob rule, and the art of apology."

Parker's Article

"They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind!"

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This is just a pre-emptive attempt to excuse their own outrageous behavior.
There were 22 documented incidents of strippers performing for non-LAX students in the previous year at Duke. No students were kicked out of school. Under age drinking is very common ON CAMPUS. Racism, if it exists on Duke campus, also exists in the larger culture. This racism goes in every direction - and as we are seeing, particularly against white people with money.

While the Duke LAX players cannot be excused for their stupidity for renting hookers, nothing they did was against the law (except for under age drinking).

The lesson to ALL MALES (as pointed out by one of the accused mothers) is that ANY WOMAN AT ANY TIME CAN DO THIS TO ANY MAN. PERIOD! And the man must then prove that it didnt' happen. And as the D.A. stated several times, "we don't need no stinkin' DNA to lynch these boys".


Crystal Mangum is a liar and a whore. And the DNA evidence collected by the state, and again by a private DNA testing company, proves this.

Do the parents have a case?

1) Duke University expelled these boys based on an allegation.
2) It terminated the LAX season before any evidence was gathered. Their national title season was shattered.
3) It fired the coach (they called it a resignation...hah! you bet!). Based on this lie.
4) It ignored the exculpatory evidence provided by the accused (just like Nifong).
5) If fostered a hostile environment, which if allowed in the business sector, would result in sexual and racial discrimination lawsuits.
6) It allowed it's own professors to publicly condemn these boys and impose vigilanty emotional and psychological punishment AND ABUSE by flunking passing students, just for being an unindicted member of the LAX team.
7) It supported it's professors with it's silence and did not speak out for the principal of "innocent until proven guilty" based on the word of a corrupt DA and a troubled black whore.

Neighbors indicated racist epithets were heard. Is this against the law? Or is it free speech? Are niggers limited to one skin color, or is does Nifong fit the ideal description of a contemptuous individual?

Or is "Nifong" now an epithet lower than nigger?

oregon dad

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The advertisement text states that the names of the faculty and students who signed the advertisement may be located at the web site of the Duke U. African & African American Studies department, the sponsoring department behind the ad.

I have just spent 30 minutes trying to find this list of names, to no avail.

In the ad copy, these words are especially revealing --

"Whatever its conclusions, the legal process will not resolve these problems."

Of course, these neo-marxist, gender feminist faculty (the tenured elite) did not go on to describe what WILL resolve these problems.

Because that would reveal their intolerant, racist, sexist game ....

Why are these champions of justice now making it difficult to identify them by name -- if in fact this roster still is published on the dept.'s web site?

This is just one of many interesting facets of the Duke travesty --- how the P.C. commissars preemptively strike and then hide when their tactics unravel.

Duke U. is going to bleed major dollars for years... it is now a feed lot for carrion lawyers.

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What would be really funny would be if white male students just stopped applying to Duke University for fear of a hostile environment. If high schoolers received the message "If you go to Duke you might suffer lower grades because of an atmosphere of hatred for and discrimination against white males" it might dramatically decrease applications from white males.

It would also be interesting if Duke's male students began keeping track of anything that might constitute discrimination against white males--such as having received lower grades--and then filed a class action lawsuit against the university. The negative publicity that it would receive on a national scale would be crushing.

The three victims of the false allegations should also attempt to contact every significant donor of Duke University and ask them to immediately and unconditionally end their support and their donations, explaining that the University had become an enclave for Marxist/Socialist propaganda and that it discriminates against white males.

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Now with this "rape" case, I've changed my mind. I no longer wish to go to duke, I wish to major in Law, and switched my Electives accordingly, even dropping classes that would stay on my record.

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Oh, look! Academia seems to be just chock full of lockstep misandric racist feminazi fascists! What a surprise!....NOT!

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“Who among us would want his child taught by one of the 88? What would they learn? To hate, I suppose. To see racism behind every tree. But not to think. Not to reason. Not to be fair, or empathetic, or intellectually honest. And not to be colorblind.”

Michael Gaynor, January 18, 2007

Gaynor does a thorough job of picking apart the hate mongers AKA "Group of 88".

Duke case: Bitter-enders

as does

La Shawn Barber’s Corner

Duke Group of 88 Issues Another Inane Statement

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A satire on the ad produced by the infamous "Group of 88" posted by the Liestoppers:

A Satire

I wonder if 88 is also their average IQ?

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Maybe the 88 is indicative of the mass brainwashing society has gone through concerning rape accusations? It has been oft stated that a woman or a child will not or can not lie about being molested or raped. And in my opinion that scenario has become part of our culture, unfortunately. The phenomena of the 88 may not be just an isolated incident if may be a true reflection of what society is thinking and believing. And that is the real problem!

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