Male DV Victims in Utah

Story here.

In this report 54 out of 65 deaths attributed to domestic violence were males in the report from Utah.

Ed. note: Report includes suicide victims for the first time-- all but two are men. Interesting change of tabulation factors. Report also notes all of the homicide *suspects* were men. Curiouser and curiouser...

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It's good that they mention deaths due to domestic violence. The very high amount of male suicides must say something. And it's a big problem.

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Pressure upon men to conform to societal standards is extreme. The price to pay for deviance is also extreme.

Society says that men must succeed, endure, and overcome. This means that there is no safety net for men. If a man fails, he is simply left behind and expected to overcome the challenge on his own. Many men simply can't overcome on their own and the end result is often suicide.

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