Sweden: Government to sponsor misandry at $688,000

Translated article here. Excerpt:

'Against this background, the Government has decided to grant a request from the Swedish Women's Lobby for financial support for the implementation of a Nordic Conference on Women, Nordic Forum Malmö 2014 new actions on women's rights. The conference takes place in Malmo 24:15 June 2014. The government grants a subsidy for 2012 of up to 1 000 000, for 2013 more than 2 500 000 and in 2014 more than 6.5 million crowns.

Nordic Forum is a joint initiative of the Nordic women's movement for the realization of the document adopted by the UN in 1995 at the World Congress on Women's Rights in Beijing. The conference is planned include lectures, seminars and workshops aimed at a wide audience, such as women's organizations, politicians, government agencies, the public and other interested organizations.'

Swedish bloggers have commented here and here.

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