F&F: It’s Your Story and We Want to Tell It

Article here. Excerpt:

'Can you tell your story one more time? Will you share your story about how the family courts have kept you from your children? From your grandchildren? From your parents? Will you speak out about how your rights, your children’s rights, or your parents’ rights have been trampled?

I am sure you have told your story many times; how the family courts have disrupted you and your family. You have told it many times to judges and the people in the systems that are supposed to be helping you and your family. You have told it to friends who still have trouble believing this happens in the United States.

This time, Fathers and Families has a reason for you to tell it. This time, we want to gather your voice with the voices of many other fathers, mothers, grandparents and children of divorced or separated parents. This time we want to tell our legislators what they are doing to our children and families.'

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