Men´s Congress in Germany, September 21st - 22nd

"Men´s Congress in Germany, September 21st - 22nd: Divorce Hurts - Separation Through The Eyes Of The Fathers And The Children"

Translated page here. Excerpt:

'The Congress of 2012, the men in the sciences hitherto neglected consequences of separation and divorce for men and children - come to the fore - especially from the perspective of affected fathers and boys. Relations are of fundamental importance for all people. The quality of interaction between men and women as well as by parents and their children is of paramount importance. It affects personal health and quality of life as well as the social climate. Separations and goodbyes are inevitable biographical turning points on the one hand, they can also highlight the extent necessary maturation steps. However, relationships are separated by conflicting or even traumatic conditions that often leads to all stakeholders painful shock of their life structure.'

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