A Men and Woman's MRA Group Call for the London area

Hello MRAs,

Here is another try at setting up a Men's Rights Group in London. 2010 was my last bash at it, with no real interest.

Paul Elam's "A Voice For Men" has flourished since then and I am eternally grateful beyond all words for what he and the AVFM team is doing, for MRAs worldwide, alongside all our other active, online and offline activists.

Why am I writing in again? Well John-The-Other is now involved in Vancouver with other MRAs, I am no JTO by any stretch, I am no great organizer and have no personal ambitions of leadership, but if they can do it in Vancouver and Australia, why not London too?

My original request was for a men only group, I felt men needed to find our feet independently. I was wrong, some of the most well spoken articulate MRAs speakers are woman. I don't think we can advance far without women, and there is always a danger we could become a reflection of Feminism ourselves, by not being challenged, in an unhealthy closed atmosphere like many hateful Woman's Groups.

I work part-time out of London, so a fortnightly or monthly group would suit me.
It will be two or three weeks before I can return to my computer screen again, so I'm putting this out there now, food-for-thought.

I am not throwing myself into battle mode here; I am attempting to encourage the natural growth of a community of men and woman who oppose Feminist dogma.
Things are changing so quickly now. There are MRAs and human rights activists who have been working for years and years have got us to this place now by committing their lives to activism. We can help too, just by doing something.

I am friends with Tom Martin (he tried suing London School of Economics for discrimination). I discuss and debate issues with him often; he might even come to something we do.

I am not naive, Radical Feminists are very dangerous women, and have rarely if ever been held accountable for their violence or intimidation. These extremists will do anything to stop dialog between men, or between men and woman. Feminists will see us, - believe us - and try and prove us to be a hate group, a rape club or pedophile ring or whatever. Personal attacks, false allegations, lies, public shaming and vendettas comes with the territory. So we will need to take care as we go.

There WILL be Men's Rights Groups in London and everywhere else in time.
Please don't expect an immediate response for two weeks I am away from my computer and the internet.

Contact me at antifemnasty-at-googlemail.com



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to fight bias (feminism) you need both genders and from what i have seen the mrm is about equality so if you try excluding women right from the start its not really equality

i would say egalitarian minded interested in doing something against the bias would be what i was looking for

best of luck


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A number of feminists already look at MRAs as some sort of He-Man Woman Haters Club

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Your not wrong Rog, but it took me a long time to see woman as genuine people.
From childhood to adulthood I have witness, and been subjected to Radical Feminist woman. A lot of stuff I suffered as a boy, and been witness to as a man is way beyond forgiveness.
All the while all other woman seemed to happily go along with it or at best stayed silent like men.
I used to believe often, that most woman didn't have any real emotions, but honed techniques instead.
The penny dropped years ago, it took me a long time before I stopped taring every woman with the same brush.
It has taken me years to recover and rebuild my life, and personal sanity with respect towards others.
I think this is common to men raised under Feminists.
And now woman are getting sick of it. Yahoo!

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I expect them to say that, and a lot worse too.
Female and male Feminists, White Knights, alpha males and wannabes.
They will 'prove' as only Feminists and their supporters can, - anything they want about men. I can't stop them, but I was subject to all this as a boy and I am no stranger to it.
I was christianed Shithead at eleven years old and was made to sleep in an out-house by a forty year old Radical Feminist, because I was a boy. That was barely the start of the nightmare. There are no words in the English language to describe how this Radical Feminist operated in her life. Except that this behavior is common place among these woman.
The simplest way I know to describe her is that she accused men of crimes she actively specialized in. This woman constantly had staged events on the go continuously, to smokescreen what she was doing to people.
Using, stealing and hurting others, for personal benefit, her distorted appetites, greed and sadism.
She has always surrounded herself with an entourage of aggressive protectors.
Insanely outraged in how she has been treated. Many of these people were my family and our friends. Everything you know in existence damming you, on her behalf.
I have a good idea how Feminists and everyone who believes them operate.
Men have to stand up to this billion headed behemoth since the dawn of time.
Feminism is a prehistoric monster, female entitlement and male dispose-ability.
I know what to expect, MRAs whether male or female are prime targets for Feminists and their believers now, but because of active MRAs this will change.

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Hello Roderick and mensactivism generally, this is my first post here. I joined up because of this string and my interest in MRM activism, as well as being a Londoner.

So naturally, I’m interested in what you’re trying to do in setting up a men’s rights group in London. It has always struck me that I don’t know of any obvious group here considering the population inside the ring of the M25 motorway. If you tried in 2010 and got no real interest, let me offer you mine this time round.

I have been involved in men’s rights and it’s supporting activism for a decade now, before that I would still call myself an advocate of men’s rights without realising that there was a wider movement.

Often setting up a group just requires motivated people to actually meet I find. Years in the movement has generally given me the impression that internet exchanges alone don’t quite generate the same motive for people to coalesce as an activist group as physical meet-ups do. I would be interested to know if you had a view for your group to also take part in actual meet-ups. Considering that most London suburbs are within an hours travel of central London, it would not be a great effort to attend an MRA meeting here.

Some brief details about myself:

whilst I am a currently a member of several groups, discussion boards and fora,I tend not to spend too much time reading and posting there. However I do know and have meet a number of their founders when there is reason to develop activism. Presently, I have engaged a few MRA’s in a new activism venture designed to gain the interest of popular media and promote the cause to the general public – which in this instance are defined as those that are generally disinterested, ignorant and even hostile to men’s rights.

This involves a complete re-think of the manner in which we present the MRM message so that it engages the general public’s knowledge base and sensibilities; not ours. I find that generally, existing MRM outlets fail to engage the wider public and inadvertently preach to the converted with content that taxes the public’s attention and interest span.

Anyhow, do let me know how you intend your proposed group to get started and operate.

My contact details have been sent to your email address.

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Hello again MRAs, well I now have two new contacts both men, who have an interest in what I am trying. One I have met already who is a busy activist with his own projects and another man by phone. I have also had interest from one contact from 2010. And Tom Martin may join us at some point.
I am off to my part time work out of London for a week but will be arranging a time to meet up soon.
If you live near London and are an MRA give me an Email anyway.
The whole point of this is making contacts for people concerning the human rights of men and boys and working towards making public the malignant misandry, corruption and greedy fraud the leading Feminists and their indoctrinated pawns.
Men and woman are two parts of the same thing. Male is not evil, and hating misanderic feminism/feminists is not hating woman.
Back in a week, thank you Rod.

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