The Southern Poverty Law Center Award for Men's Rights Advocacy

Via email, tongue-in-cheek for sure:

The Southern Poverty Law Center published a wonderful list of some of the most thought provoking and sympathetic websites that anyone with an interest in men's rights could hope to find. The sites that made this list:

Alcuin (has since been made private for only select viewers)


The Counter Feminist

The False Rape Society

In Mala Fide

MarkyMark’s Thoughts


Reddit: Mens Rights (a news aggregator rather than a blog proper)


SAVE Services

The Spearhead

A Voice for Men

The SPLC is a well-funded organization that put lots of effort into researching these sites. All sites that made the final cut receive good traffic, are well written, and are seen as credible rebuttals to the refusal of the feminist lobby to concede equal rights to men, particularly in separation and divorce.

Ignore the useless verbiage on the list which can be found here.

The verbiage dismisses all legitimate men's rights issues on the grounds that some of the comments on men's rights sites are a little angry. It goes without saying that the occasional angry comment by some man who has suffered false rape or domestic violence accusations, or who at the behest of his ex spouse has been forcibly denied his children or property by the family courts, has to be separated from the validity of the movement's underlying issues. No reasonable person would so completely lose sight of those issues because of such comments as the SPLC has done, just as no reasonable person would say that comments made in anger by those who had experienced concentration camps, slavery, genocide, or rape could ever invalidate the legitimate grievances of the victims.

It's truly an honor to all who received this recognition. There are a great many blogs out in the manosphere and it takes hard work to rise to the top. Keep up the great work!

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Funny in its own way, sad in another. The SPLC tracks some dangerous groups indeed. To have MRAs lumped in with wannabe terror groups is very disheartening and an example of misusing a common phenomenon which is termed 'implicit accusation' or what I like to call a "sideways dig". By just plain having MRA sites listed on their site and denounced, they try to lump us in with groups that everyone ought to have actual, serious concerns about in terms of their proposed or intended methods of seeking change.

As for hateful statements, please, take each person posting at their own personal value and if SPLC is going to judge MRA sites based on hateful things posted by certain individuals on them, let them do the same for feminist web sites that have people who advocate the destruction of males categorically as a "solution to the problem of Y chromosome contamination". If that isn't hate speech and some form of extreme vitriolic "gender racism" then tell me, what is?

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The sad part is that a lot of the men's rights people probably support "some" of the work the SPLC does. But, now, the SPLC has completely alienated pretty much everybody interested in Men's rights. The SPLC won't feel much blowback now, but, wait till the men's rights movement has real power in 10-20 years. At that point, veterans of the Men's Rights Movement (which will also be it's leaders) are going to remember what the SPLC tried to do to the movement. I think the SPLC is being very disingenuous, political, and unethical in classifying hate sites. But, putting that aside, I think they are TACTICALLY making a big mistake. Going back to what I said before, I for one can say I like some of the things SPLC does. And (don't make fun of me Conservatives), I've actually donated to them in the past. Now, unless they change their ways on Men's Rights, they won't get another cent from me.

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I'm surprised fathers and families isn't on that list, given Futrelle (manboobz) dislike for Glen Sacks and F&F (Manboobz was heavily involved in this happening, from my understanding). Given they are foolish enough to put save on that list, I don't see why fathers and families wouldn't also make the cut.

I do so hope SAVE Services sues them for libel. It is an unfounded attack on their character that undermines their efforts for legitimate legal reform, and I can't see how SPLC could have any evidence to support their assertions against SAVE.

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Let's face it, this move by the SPLC isn't going to put off any followers of these sites/blogs, yet the interest generated may just get a few ignorant or previously uninterested people to take a look at these sites, just out of interest. And I'll be willing to bet some of those could just be converted or convinced by what they read. This could have the complete opposite effect to what the SPLC intended - it could help the Manosphere attract even more interest than before, and that can only be a good thing...

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
- Mahatma Ghandi

Definite progress folks.

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The $PLC is essentially a mouthpiece and cash cow for Morris Dees who has made a damned good living off the donations of the elderly donors who get the socks scared off of themselves by $PLC's propaganda and scare tactics making the oldster believe the world is crawling with Nazis and KKK and would have already put them in a gas oven if it wasn't for $PLC.

Google his divorce decree for a good laugh. It has been on the internet for years.

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