Multitasking Stresses Out Working Moms More Than Dads

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ever unload the dishwasher while helping with a child's homework? Ever keep one eye on soccer practice while checking your voice mail and trying to figure out what to make for dinner?

That's called multitasking, and in a fast-paced world, American working moms do a whole lot of it -- and seem more stressed by it than working dads, a new study shows.

According to the research, working mothers spend 9 more hours a week multitasking than do working fathers, or about 48 hours per week for moms compared with 39 for dads.
What can be done to alleviate the pressure on moms?

Getting dads to not just pitch in more, but to share more equally in the child care and housework would help, Schneider said. In other words, don't just take your daughter to gymnastics when your wife says she can't do it. Make that your job to take her to gymnastics every week.'

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The dads I know multitask all the time but you don't see articles saying mom isn't pulling her weight now do you?

Multitasking, cancer, etc... again, not really serious problems unless they affect women, are they?

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I'm not surprised they're stressed trying to comply with a myth.

There is no multi tasking. There is merely trying to do numerous bits of things consecutively and doing NONE of the actual complete tasks as well as you could with proper application.

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Even if it were true that women "multitask" 9 hours more than men per week, is it not true that men on average work about 9 hours more per week than women on average? Naturally they wouldn't dare mention that! That would make their guilt trip much less effective, not that it is effective on intelligent men like us that know the facts. How come there are no articles saying women should help relieve men's recession-related stress by working outside the home more than they currently are. The writers of this article can stfu?

Real Men Don't Take Abuse!

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Funny how they wouldn't mention non working moms and the loads more free time they have.

All the stay at home moms in my family are on FB all the time.

PS: I don't necessarily take issue with stay at home parents, just that men aren't getting the option.

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