The Husband-Killing Syndicates: Misandry in Action

“Husband Poisoning By Wholesale,” “Women Formed Club To Kill Husbands,” “Exterminating Husbands,” “A New Business; Husband Poisoning On A Scale of a Commercial Enterprise,” “How Wives Gained Power by Mass-Murder of Husbands.” Such newspaper headlines as these popped up with alarming regularity in American newspapers from the 1880s to the end of the 1930s. With the exception for the story of the notorious “Arsenic Incorporated” case of 1939 in Philadelphia – with its gruesome 200-plus body count – all these sensational reports were of European husband-killing covens.

Apart from a few of the more than twenty cases now rediscovered and presented to the public in The Unknown History of Misandry, these crimes are completely lost to the official historical record (there is no taxpayer-funded army of university researchers working tirelessly to dig up the truth about misandry).

If you want to understand today’s misandry, you need to get to know the newly rediscovered history of past -- which the mainstream historians have succeeded in erasing from the public memory. These amazing stories are now available online at “The Husband-Killing Syndicates”.

They offer indispensable insight into the mind of the predatory misandrist. Just another reminder that HISTORY MATTERS!

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