UK: MRA comedy writing group in London looking for collaborators

If you're a pro-equality MRA (male or female), and able to attend a weekly brainstorming meeting in Central London on a Tuesday evening for two hours, we would like to hear from you - our mission: To manufacture the ultimate MRA stand up comedian.

A lot of comedians appear to be MRAs at heart, but can usually only manage about two jokes on the subject before moving to safer ground. For a standup to deliver solely MRA material for several minutes will be a challenge - but we have a unique plan to get the most out of the group dynamic, to produce material far beyond the sum of our parts. You may be good with concepts and set-ups, or you may be good with language, or you may be good with punch-lines. Whatever you have to offer, we would like to hear from you.

If interested, email with a little bit about yourself - and please have a go at completing in your own way, the following sayings: Behind every great man... ? A woman needs a man like a... ? Boys will be... ? No woman... ? It's a man's... ? Hell hath no fury... ?


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