Entry in Amnesty Contest stopped by the Womens Shelter in Uppsala (Sweden)

With reference to http://news.mensactivism.org/node/14745, I obtained an email sent by the Women's Shelter in Uppsala, which read (translated into English):

"Subject: Successful protests


Earlier today we sent you an urgent request that you should protest against the movie "The Right To Be A Father"

Thanks to the protests, the movie never was displayed on the Festival and it was later removed from their website. We thank Amnesty for still fighting for justice!

Kind Regards,

The Womens Shelter in Uppsala"

1. Amnesty does not stand for human rights
2. The Womens Shelters does not stand for equality

Watch the movie stopped by The Womens Shelter in Uppsala (English subs)

Please spread the word about what happend in Sweden!

Story submitted by Ulf Andersson, PappaRättsGruppen
English version: http://www.dads-r-us.se/ (as translated by Google Translate)

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I wish the post told more about the Amnesty Contest or the Festival. With more information, the post would've gone into my Smoking Gun file, a collection of the direct, deliberate harm feminism has done to men.

Most of their harm is confined to the shadows—lobbies, political influence and the like—but occasionally they come right out in the open with their misandry.

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fighting for justice... by keeping a lid on any cases where fathers fall victim to courts and bad mothers. Sounds like the repression of victims, monopoly on the representation of family matters and abuse, and an attempt to maintain dominance.

they said this in the video:

Some fathers are without their children because of false accusations by the mother, including one father who's child was kidnapped by the mother. Could a father do the same with the his kids and have the support from the courts?

Their is a prejudice that both people and the courts have that the father is less important.

A woman's story should be questioned for the sake of the father and the kids. Its just a witch-hunt if you don't.

Their should be investigations when the mother does not follow the visitation rights of the father. That can destroy the fathers and is ABUSE to the children.

Lastly there should be more separation between the woman's shelter homes and social services.

How is that wrong?!?

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I agree, this is one story that should definitely get out, both the film and the protest of it.

Any suggestions on how to do that?

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I think the author of the post ought to have the best advice for how to circulate the word. Perhaps he feels posts on MRA sites are the best way, or one way. I am sure if he were encouraged to pursue other means (assuming he is not already), it may happen. It is a shame that his movie didn't even get an airing.

No surprise when dealing with AI. They are quite clearly seeing things with only one eye open and have been for some time now. They used to be a good organization focused on human rights in particular as it dealt with unlawful detentions. People held in prison for long periods incommunicado, tortured, etc. Of course most such people were (and still are) men. Then of course feminists came along and said it was just as bad when the type of injustice meant women couldn't get jobs in a country because they were female. I agree, that is an injustice needing righting. But is it as bad as being dragged out of bed at night, beaten, and thrown in jail for years all without recourse? No. But leave it to feminists to make the case and leave it to nymphotropic men and women alike to make the two offenses not only equal but to make the second offense worse.

Visit their web site: now it's about illegal aliens' rights, tenant's rights, artists' rights, etc., etc., etc. They have lost all focus and are all over the place. The particular onus though at every turn is on women and whatever problem a woman or women have. Little attention to men and NONE at all to men's particular issues. They are now billing themselves as a comprehensive human rights organization; comprehensive as long as you're female, that is.

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