New Student Organization at U of Chicago: “Men In Power'

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Male Advocacy Group—Only of Its Kind in America—Provides Pre-Professional and Social Opportunities to All; Angers Some

The demographics of American colleges are changing, females now representing 58 percent of graduating students. According to third-year Men in Power president Steve Saltarelli, the presently male-dominated corporate environment is a reflection of the nature of the educational landscape 30 years prior, with workplace gender-dynamics bound to change in the coming generations. At University of Chicago, there are twelve female-oriented advocacy groups, but none to prepare men for this change; until now. After a satirical editorial in the Chicago Maroon, the school’s newspaper, birthed the idea, Men in Power has gathered steam, amassing 125 members on campus and becoming a Registered Student Organization. Some university groups and students, however, aren’t thrilled about their new peer, whom they see as misogynistic.

The article exhibits some of this resistance. A poster identified only as “Hannah” says, “Men: 51% of US workforce, 97% of fortune 500 CEOs.” Other comments decry the group as “bashful and naive sexism”.

The editorial, Saltarelli insists, is satire, and as a group Men in Power will operate on the highest plane of professionalism and inclusivity. The organization is composed of five groups, three of which are pre-professional (Business, Pre-Law, Pre-Med), complementing the group’s Outreach and Events wings. Men in Power includes numerous female members, including its Head of Outreach, third-year Liz Scoggin.

Men in Power is currently looking to establish alumni ties and contact with professional leaders in the Chicago-land area. They hope to hold their first campus-wide event before the academic year ends in June.

Men in Power at the University of Chicago seeks to equip an enterprising group of young men with the tools, knowledge, and connections they will need to become future leaders in their respective fields of business, law, healthcare, and politics.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or would like to schedule an interview with any of Men in Power’s members, please contact Steve Saltarelli at

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