Health Group Calls for a Change in Circumcision Policy

Article here. Excerpt:

'Matthew Hess, the group's president, argues that boys are being treated unfairly when it comes to circumcision.

"We need to stop discriminating against male infants," said Hess. "When girls are born, they are welcomed into the world peacefully. But for more than half of our nation's boys, life begins with painful and irreversible cosmetic surgery. While I support every man's right to undergo circumcision if he chooses to do so, no child should be forced to have this unnecessary surgery. Ten out of ten babies oppose circumcision - and for good reason."
Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, a protective zone of skin and tissue covering the glans of the penis. Thousands of erogenous nerve endings including the ridged band and some or all of the frenulum are destroyed after circumcision, leaving behind a diminished penis capable of sending fewer nerve impulses to the pleasure centers of the brain. After a circumcision is performed, the body tries to replace the protective function of the foreskin by forming keratin around the exposed glans and remaining inner foreskin, causing further interference with sexual sensation.'

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