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Mike's Hard Lemonade Ad
posted by Scott on 11:09 PM May 29th, 2004
The Media Bledso writes "Mike's Hard Lemonade has released a new commercial that condones violence against men. A man and a woman are sitting at the bar and another man walks up with a series of blatantly cheesy and juvenile pick-up lines in an attempt to impress the woman. He's clearly portrayed as a big jerk. The first and second attempts draw eye rolls. On the third attempt, the man that's with the woman attempts to tell the offender to leave, but is cut off at the pass when the woman head butts the pick-up artist, knocking him to the floor. Then, apparently, all is well again. The violence seemingly justified. As always, imagine if a man head butted a woman in an ad. The horror! The web site isn't exactly easy to navigate, but you need to get to the "Mike's Media Room" section to see the ad."

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Sad, but with an Unexpected Twist (Score:1)
by amperro on 11:31 PM May 29th, 2004 EST (#1)
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Interestingly, the jerk in the ad was handsome while the guy with the woman was an Average Joe. Although this doesn't excuse the ad's misandry, I appreciate the irony.
Shocked... (Score:1)
by westcoast2 on 07:00 AM May 30th, 2004 EST (#2)
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I went to the site and checked out the ads...

Expecting to see some 'cartoon' type violence, I was shocked by the ending with the head butt.

Surely this is not just a bit of a laugh, it goes beyond that. I could have appreciated it, if it were in a jokey style and all in 'the best possible taste' but there was no joking.

The lack of a joke was of course meant as part of the 'hard hitting' mike's drink thing.

Well I am sure this probably could not be shown on Uk tv just because of the lack of humour and the violence.

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Re:Shocked... (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 01:14 PM May 30th, 2004 EST (#3)
Just another example of how any and all violence used by women against men is accetpable and "funny".
I'm just suprised she didn't kick or grab him in the groin. That one's becomeing even MORE freaquent.

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Re:Shocked... (Score:1)
by The_Beedle on 03:40 PM June 2nd, 2004 EST (#11)
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A groin punch/kick done to a man by a woman acknowledges that the man is stronger and that the woman has to hit him in a weak spot, if a particularly insulting weak spot.

First time I saw this commercial I thought the joke was that the two guys were hitting on a transvestite.

A groin shot is also a message to men never to expose anything vulnerable about themselves to women.
Re:Shocked... (Score:1)
by nancy on 09:20 AM May 31st, 2004 EST (#4)
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I must admit that when I first saw this commercial, I did laugh. I also, must admit that had it been a man headbutting a woman, I would have been shocked and angry. Until now, I thought nothing of it. Thank you for continuing to educate and enlighten.
Re:Shocked... (Score:1)
by Ragtime on 12:33 PM May 31st, 2004 EST (#5)
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Thanks for noticing and being concerned, Nancy.

Any real solution to the appalling state of gender relations and men's human and civil rights will have to involve both men and women, working together.

It can be surprising, though, can't it -- to have your eyes opened to an unbiased way of looking at our society, and wondering how you could have missed the obvious prejudice for so long. That truly speaks to the strength of social indoctrination.

I hope you will try to open the eyes of others. But expect strong resistance -- few people actually consider their actions to be 'wrong' or their beliefs to be prejudiced. Once they do see, though, decent people will thank you.


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Re:Shocked... (Score:1)
by nancy on 03:07 PM May 31st, 2004 EST (#6)
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Thank you, Ragtime, for acknowledging that it will take both genders to fix what femninists created. And I've already experienced strong resistance, believe it or not, from men.
Re:Shocked... (Score:1)
by Tom on 10:03 PM May 31st, 2004 EST (#8)
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Oh I believe it as do most of the men here I would guess. Men have been biologically and socially entrained to provide for and protect women. Protecting men is not on their list. This is the basis to why our male legislators have so willingly sold men down the river while protecting women and children. Like the VAWA for instance. Chivalry is killing us.

Do we have True Equality?
Re:Shocked... (Score:1)
by crescentluna (evil_maiden @ yahoo.com) on 03:15 AM June 2nd, 2004 EST (#9)
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My boyfriend is a self-avowed feminist, join the club!
Re:Shocked... (Score:1)
by nancy on 08:07 AM June 2nd, 2004 EST (#10)
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you have my sympathies crescentluna. However, the men that I've had the most problem with are those professing to NOT be feminists.
Re:Shocked... (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 05:53 PM May 31st, 2004 EST (#7)
I just sent an e-mail to the company complaining of the misandry and warning them how they are alienating male customers. Lets get some activism going!!!
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