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Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Male-only Castration Bill
posted by Scott on Thursday June 06, @04:44PM
from the news dept.
News SJones writes "The governor of Oklahoma showed some rare integrity by vetoing the feminist bill mandating surgical castration for male-only sex offenders on their first conviction. He needs our support because he'll sure catch hell for doing the right thing. And the message board associated with this story is filled with idiots demanding worse treatment, so step up and speak out. The story is here"

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Thank Governor Keating (Score:2)
by Thomas on Thursday June 06, @05:54PM EST (#1)
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I just wrote Gov. Keating a quick email saying, "I just read that you vetoed the castration bill. You are a brave man and a true leader. Thank you for your courage."

Please send him a quick note (or a longer one, if you prefer) for his courage and integrity. It's important for us to complain about injustice. It's also important for us to thank those, who do the right thing.

His address is governor@gov.state.ok.us.
I have no idea what to put as a subject. (Score:1)
by johnpowers on Thursday June 06, @06:21PM EST (#2)
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I'm not even an American and I thought he did well.

One more right upheld for men- That to remain physically undamaged by the state. Only barbarians torture and mutilate their prisoners.

And that's all I have to say on THAT!

Women aren't better than men. Men aren't better than women. We're just different. Deal.
Question (Score:1)
by Lorianne on Thursday June 06, @07:47PM EST (#3)
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I agreee with this decision.

One question: Why is the bill said to be "feminist supported"? Is there some proof of that?

I recall a similar case with a man who was accused of not supporting many children was told he could not have sex or have any more children. Feminists were against the proposed sentence
Sterilization for Paternity Fraud? (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Thursday June 06, @10:56PM EST (#4)

The irony is that the calls for castration are coming from the state of Oklahoma, home to a nationally publicized forensics scandal which suggested that many people were wrongfully convicted.

Maybe someone should put up a Yahoo post in response calling for sterilization for women who are first time paternity fraud offenders. Why not? After all, they couldn't monetarily-rape men again if they were sterilized.

The posts on yahoo (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Friday June 07, @12:06AM EST (#5)
The posts on yahoo are truly indicative of the mindset people have in regard to men. One post justifies the castration of men by claiming that "we do it to our pets... [and] it is for their own good". Wow. Another states that castration is comparable to, and no more consequential than, the removal of wisdom teeth. Double wow.

It is very frightening to see these responses from normal, everday people - not just radical man-hating feminists. Then again, I suppose that anyone who makes such comments is, by definition, a man-hating radical feminist! Who can possibly read these posts and deny the existence of the anti-male hatred in Western society?

I cannot even comprehend what young boys today think of what it means to be male. Maybe this explains what they are killing themselves off in droves...


If you're not mad, you're not paying attention
Check out my post there. . . (Score:1)
by Acksiom on Friday June 07, @01:33AM EST (#6)
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. . .to see my thoughts.

And maybe have a laff thereby.

Non Illegitimi Carborundum, and KOT!
Re:Check out my post there. . . (Score:1)
by hobbes on Friday June 07, @01:56AM EST (#7)
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HAHA, that was great Acksiom. Thanks for the laugh.

Re:The posts on yahoo (Score:1)
by derry on Friday June 07, @04:05AM EST (#8)
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What are Yahoo posts?
Re:The posts on yahoo (Score:1)
by Larry on Friday June 07, @09:17AM EST (#10)
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What are Yahoo posts?

The story linked to is on Yahoo.com. If you scroll to the bottom of the story you can click on "Discussion" and see a list of posts people have made about the story.

And if someone would be so kind. . . (Score:1)
by Acksiom on Friday June 07, @05:07PM EST (#12)
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. . .as to post a short primer on how to use the damn HTML coding, I would gladly start posting clickable links when I have 'em.

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

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Re:And if someone would be so kind. . . (Score:1)
by derry on Sunday June 09, @08:21AM EST (#13)
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When you click on reply you will find the intstructions for using html under the comment box. It is not complete but, I can't type the html tags for you because they won't show!

URLs require http:// in front of them to make them link.

HTML tags allowed for formatting include:

B - bold
I - italic
P - paragraph (double return)
A - anchor (link)
LI - list - OL -numbered and UL -bulleted
EM - emphasis (like italic)
BR - break
STRONG - strong (like bold)
BLOCKQUOTE - blockquote (right and left indent)
and more

To use them you must place them between a less than symbol and a greater than symbol in this order:

Less than symbol, letter (say B if you want to bold), Greater than symbol

at the beginning of the text you wish to apply them to. This is called an opening tag.

and then at the end of the text that you are applying them to:

less than symbol, forward slash, letter (say B again) and then more than symbol to create what is called a closing tag.

And the text between the to 'tags' becomes bold.

chemical and surgical castration (Score:1)
by derry on Friday June 07, @04:20AM EST (#9)
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Did a search to see whether there had been any support for introducing chemical and surgical castration in Australia.

The only thing I came up with is that the Northern Territory Australian Labour Party said chemical castration was part of the Labour Party's policy.

They were severely reprimanded by the Federal (National) ALP who were outraged and told the NT they could not dictate ALP policy.

That is as far as it got here.

But that is chemical castration - you can bet your bottom dollar that the US would be seen in Australia as on a level with Arabic countries for introducing surgical castration. It isn't in our psyche - but we think US citizens are barbaric for having capital punishment anyway.

The Northern Territory is mostly desert - it's capital city very isolated from the rest of australia and with a smaller population than state capitals (it's not even considered a state). The temperatures there are intolerably hot. It has the highest crime rate in Australia (including the highest rape stats). If it was going to come up at all it would be there. They have a reputation for having harsher penalties there than other states.

Male Femmunnazi's Have To Be Stopped! (Score:1)
by Luek on Friday June 07, @12:45PM EST (#11)
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Please note that this insane and obviously unconstitutional castration legislation was passed by a legislative body composed mostly if not entirely of MALES.

The very idea of surgically removing a man's testicles to prevent further sexual misadventures is a concept usually expected of a primitive barbarian mind set. Much like in backward third world countries were accused thieves have a hand amputated.

Good for the male governor for vetoing this femmunnazi agenda driven nonsense.

I hope the middle aged femmunnazi MALE legislators that voted for this trash got their 'nookie' reward for their efforts.

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