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Don't Forget the Meaning of Memorial Day
posted by Scott on Monday May 27, @12:10PM
from the news dept.
News Mensactivism.org would like to take a moment to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Although we'll hear a lot of politically correct talk about the "men and women" who died in war, the overwhelming majority of them were men. Memorial Day should be inclusive of women but not to the point that we forget that men have shouldered and continue to carry the burden of dying for our ideals and way of life.

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prodigious sacrifice (Score:1)
by ronn on Monday May 27, @01:13PM EST (#1)
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Revolutionary War 200,000 enrolled 10,623 dead & wounded
War of 1812 286,000 enrolled 6,765 dead & wounded
Mexican War 78,700 enrolled 17,435 dead & wounded
Spanish-American War 306,800 enrolled 4,108 dead & wounded
World War I 4,743,800 enrolled 320,518 dead & wounded
World War II 16,353,700 enrolled 1,077,245 dead & wounded
Korean War 5,764,100 enrolled 157,530 dead & wounded
Vietnam War 8,744,000 enrolled 243,501 dead & wounded
Gulf War 2,750,000 enrolled 1,766 dead & wounded
Total All Wars 39,227,100 enrolled 1,839,489 dead & wounded

Re:prodigious sacrifice (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Monday May 27, @02:03PM EST (#2)
Oops-you left out the American Civil War.

3,867,500 enrolled
970,200 dead and wounded.

Re:prodigious sacrifice (Score:2)
by frank h on Monday May 27, @08:58PM EST (#3)
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And women were what percentage of this total?
Re:prodigious sacrifice (Score:1)
by cshaw on Tuesday May 28, @07:50AM EST (#4)
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We should remember that American veterans were virtuous individuals to whom we owe our individual rights,safety, and liberty. To that end, I wish to give my personal thanks to all U.S. veterans. I would like to give my special thanks to my father, 1st Lt. Thomas Mitchell Shaw, who served with the U.S. Army Infantry in the European theatre during W.W. II and to my American Revolutionary Ancestor, Captain Robert Paine, who was a physician and who served as the commander of a company of patriot soldiers. I served with the U.S. Army;4th Inf. Div.;2/8th Inf.;Republic of Vietnam 1969-1970
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