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Prostate Cancer Risks Increases With Number of Sex Partners
posted by Scott on Monday June 18, @08:52PM
from the men's-health dept.
Men's Health Nightmist writes "This article on Excite News claims that a man's risk of getting prostate cancer increases with the number of female sex partners he has during his lifetime. A good case for monogamy for heterosexual males, although many scientists nowadays believe that monogamy goes against our biological/procreational instincts." And I'm sure that struggle will continue! :)

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Instincts (Score:1)
by Andrew on Wednesday June 20, @10:21AM EST (#1)
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Sure, "monogamy goes against our biological/procreational instincts." So does every form of disciplined, moral behavior. Human beings, science tells us, are genetically 98% identical to chimpanzees. Our closest genetic relative, the bonobo chimp, will screw anything that moves, all day. In the last century, with the triumph of materialism, socialism and feminism, facts such as these have been taken as justification for human beings behaving like chimpanzees. Kill off Daddy, and we can party all day! Whee! I don't think so; I don't think that's what we're here for. Of course, this is only my tired old White Male Patriarchal Oppressor opinion.

According to Buddha, only human birth offers the opportunity to escape from suffering, because only humans can choose. In the Zen monastery, the timekeeping board (hit with a mallet to announce daily events) bears the inscription: "The question of birth and death is a serious matter." At the moment of your death, where will your attention be? Consider this carefully!
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