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Happy Father's Day!
posted by Scott on Sunday June 17, @06:28AM
from the fatherhood dept.
Fatherhood We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day, the second one that Mensactivism.org has been around for. Here's a proclamation by President Bush on Father's Day. All sorts of events are planned, from marches on Washington to local events, such as the NCFC-NH chapter picnic in Dover, NH. Click here to view the official Father's Day 2001 web site, and enjoy the day with dad! I hope many of you also did something to promote men's health, as this is the final day of National Men's Health Week.

Australian Magistrate Under Fire for Admitting Women Can Lie About Being Raped | Irresponsible (Black) Fathers  >

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Father's Day Everywhere (Score:2)
by Nightmist (nightmist@mensactivism.org) on Sunday June 17, @05:27PM EST (#1)
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In spite of the "Irresponsible (Black) Fathers" article, I have to say I am quite impressed with the way the general news media is handling Father's Day this year. Fox News is doing an hour long special dedicated to fathers called "Thanks, Dad." Netscape and CNN are both doing Web special feature articles.

By the way, I e-mailed president@whitehouse.gov about President Bush's Father's Day Proclamation. I encourage any others who were impressed with his attention to the holiday to do so as well. Let the White House know your concerns about fatherhood, custody, and divorce. Let them know that there are problems in this country that need attention, even if it's no more than recognition that the problem exists. Generally, once the White House and federal courts recognize a problem, state governments will follow suit. (The reverse is true many times as well.)

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