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Girl's Treatment Shocks Former Father
posted by Scott on Friday June 15, @06:50AM
from the inequality/double-standards dept.
Inequality Nightmist writes "Fox News reported this story about a young girl who was locked in a closet and nearly starved to death by her mother and step-father. The mother regained custody of the girl after changing her mind about allowing another couple to adopt her. A tragic tale, and more proof that our justice system really isn't interested in "what's best for the child" as much as they are protecting the rights of motherhood."

Source: Fox News

Title: Girl's Treatment Shocks Former Father

Author: Unknown

Date: June 14, 2001

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Why do they never publish the name of the judge? (Score:1)
by BusterB on Friday June 15, @04:16PM EST (#1)
(User #94 Info) http://themenscenter.com/busterb/
I'm no expert on American regulations and legal system, but in a country where (I believe) you are free to elect your judges (fortunate!), why do the news services never publish the names of the judges who make the rulings?

For my money, every story about some bone-headed or controversial court ruling should come with the name of the judge or judges who presided. The way the article is written now, one could end up in front of the same fool some day and not know it.
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