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Doctors Don't Talk to Men About Prostate Cancer
posted by Scott on Tuesday June 12, @03:30PM
from the men's-health dept.
Men's Health Nightmist writes "This article on Excite News claims that a recent report published in Men's Health found that doctors talk to one in two male patients about prostate cancer, the second leading killer cancer among men (behind lung cancer). Likewise, the story says, many men who are high-risk for the disease are not being tested, and about one in five do not even know what a prostate is."

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Education (Score:2)
by frank h on Tuesday June 12, @04:52PM EST (#1)
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Probably the most significant side benefit of the breast cancer fund-raising efforts is the education of women to its risks. Men could easily benefit from similar, aggressive findraising endeavors, obviously from the financial benefit of of the added funding, but moreover, from the educational value of the publicity surrounding them. In fact, there is a major golf tournament near my home in Princeton, NJ, and no one I know is aware that it benefits prostate cancer research.
Malpractice Lawsuits Could Solve the Problem (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Tuesday June 12, @11:30PM EST (#2)

If the report is true, then this problem might solve itself, though there will probably be a couple of victims first.

If doctors are negligent in diagnosing prostate cancer or if they fail to examine patients who are at risk (older men), then they will get hit with malpractice lawsuits. As news spreads through the medical community, doctors will pay more attention to prostate cancer.
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