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Mothers of Deception
posted by Scott on Monday June 11, @01:42PM
from the divorce dept.
Divorce This bold story, which appeared in the UK Observer, confronts the stark reality of mothers who use men as sperm donors, then wallets. It begins with a disturbing story of a woman who changed the locks on their house as soon as the father's name was on the birth certificate. It also mentions, "These women are not rare: the Government's Children First consultation paper found that 40 per cent of the divorced or separated mothers admitted to thwarting child-father contact....Fatherhood is an inalienable right, for both child and father, and we should defend it from those women bent on trampling it."

Source: The Guardian Unlimited Observer [UK newspaper]

Title: Mothers of Deception

Author: Cristina Odone

Date: June 10, 2001

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