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Offensive Anti-Rape Slogan Reappears in Restrooms
posted by Scott on Saturday May 12, @12:44PM
from the false-accusations dept.
False Accusations Nightmist writes "Excite posted this story about the reappearance of a sexual assault awareness campaign in men's restrooms on college campuses. Many male students are offended by the campaign, which is why it was originally stopped in 1997. The campaign's slogan informs men that they hold the key to stopping rape "in your hands" (referring, of course, to our penises). Men opposed to the campaign said that it felt accusatory. It most certainly does."

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by Marc Angelucci on Saturday May 12, @12:50PM EST (#1)
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What if male students replied with a campaign that put messages in women's restrooms that say the key to discovering the truth about gender inequity is "right there in your lips."

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by Mars on Saturday May 12, @09:23PM EST (#2)
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A nice ambiguity.
the key to stopping rape... (Score:1)
by Trudy W Schuett on Saturday May 12, @11:37PM EST (#3)
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I can't imagine how a penile awareness campaign would do anything at all to stop rape.

Rape is a violent crime. It's a deliberate sexual violation by one person over another.

Just as domestic violence, it's not a gender issue.

We should look to fixing the problem, not the blame.
Re:the key to stopping rape... (Score:1)
by A.J. on Sunday May 13, @10:55AM EST (#4)
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You’re point is exactly right.

I agree with your description of rape as a “deliberate sexual violation by one person over another”. In practice, however, the law does not.

Deliberate intent is hardly a requirement for a conviction of rape, even though it is one of the basics that our justice system was originally based on.

You know something, that approach is wrong!!!!!! (Score:1)
by Emanslave on Sunday May 13, @04:35PM EST (#5)
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What kind of person or persons could do a thing like that? Yes if a person has been sexually abused, then he/she must be helped! You just don't use such an idea like posting an offensive anti-rape slogan as a weapon of hatred to stop such a violent act such as rape! This kind of dangerous idea will always produce zero results and will not convince anyone to put an end to this such act!

Oh and another thing...

Scott, Marc, Adam, and Trudy:

I think I can find a ton of websites for males who have been raped or sexually abused. I'll e-mail you a list of sites!

Emmanuel Matteer
In whose hands? (Score:1)
by Andrew on Monday May 14, @09:15AM EST (#6)
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Consider carefully this story, and the psychology behind it, and you will understand the real motivating force behind the American circumcision program: a demonstration of power, a proactive punishment (based on an assumption of future guilt), and a warning. Whose hands first held that penis, whose opinion of male sexuality is expressed by carving off a piece of it? The circ program was (and remains) the first great success of the American feminist movement, which has led to all the rest. It is no accident, I believe, that the coming of age of the first universally-circumcised generation of American males in the 1960s coincided exactly with the feminist takeover of American society.
Re:In whose hands? (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Tuesday July 31, @04:56PM EST (#7)
Penis awareness will do nothing ot stop rape, Rape has nothing to do with sexuality, it has all to do with power and control. Anyone that has read anything about rape would know this. What guy makes love to his girlfiend without knowing what his penis is? That is why this champagne is completely ignorant and is just a way to make males feel "guilty" about something they didn't do. If i ever see one of those things I would tear them up and burn them.

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