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Male Teacher Punished By School for Protecting Students
posted by Scott on Thursday May 10, @11:44AM
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News Anonymous User writes "The Chicago Sun Times reported this story about a male teacher who was reprimanded for reporting the bullying of two girls and one disabled boy by school bullies. The school board later heard outraged complaints from the community about the reprimand. Apparently, the teacher was assuming a father-like, strong male leadership role by reprimanding the bullies, but the female principal wanted none of that. Traditionally, men have been the disciplinarians at home and at school. The effects of no longer having that presence at home or at school are all too obvious. It's too bad these bullies have no such role models to help straighten their path to manhood."

Source: Chicago Sun-Times [newspaper]

Title: Teacher battles bullies, gets in fight with school
Title 2: Anti-bully teacher defended

Author: Sabrina Walters
Author 2: Sabrina Walters

Date: May 3, 2001
Date 2: May 4, 2001

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