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MA Court Rules that Non-Bio Dads Must Still Pay Support
posted by Scott on Thursday April 26, @06:05AM
from the reproductive-rights-(or-our-lack-thereof) dept.
Reproductive Rights Not PC and Jim Castelli submitted this link from the Boston Globe, a serious setback for male reproductive rights. Not PC writes, "The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court says that it doesn't matter if there is a biological connection of a man to a child, he's still the father. In other words, he's guilty of being a man. Women, on the other hand, can bear children from any man and never worry about getting paid for it. They can even get college expenses for those children in Massachusetts." "Guilty for being a man" is exactly right.

Source: The Boston Globe [newspaper]

Title: SJC says fatherhood goes past DNA test

Author: Kathleen Burge

Date: April 25, 2001

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What did you expect from Massachusetts? (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Thursday April 26, @07:10AM EST (#1)
Unless this case goes to Federal Court nothing will ever change here in Massachusetts. The biased courts and the Bar Association's business model will continue this type of "logic" untill there is some outside intervention (e.g., Federal Courts)
Re:What did you expect from Massachusetts? (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Thursday April 26, @07:51AM EST (#2)
Apparantly it doesn't seem possible for the human race to get away from the "lackey" mentality. After years of "dumping" on blacks, women, minorities, aliens, foriegners etc. etc., it's time to "dump" on men as a class for a while. Who gives a flip what is justice when it comes to men who have been tricked into "fatherhood". I shudder to think of the day when the social wheel revolves again, for another generation of "heads" to roll as the vengence ridden "justice" system decides to victimize another class of people again. So the MA Supior Court has decided to make men father's of children that are not theirs, as the legal system continues to take children away from their true fathers. Where will this insanity end? It becomes obvious that there is a new phenomenon emerging in our sick society, namely the emotional and monitary RAPE OF MEN.
Solution? Mandatory DNA Tests (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Thursday April 26, @04:42PM EST (#3)

I too am disgusted by the court's ruling. However, they did suggest the making of a solution in dicta.

The legislature could require DNA testing whenever the mother is not married to the father.
I think we should also encourage it even when the couples are married.

One thing we CAN DO NOW is to promote DNA testing and encourage all men to get DNA testing at birth. That is something that we as men can affirmatively do. We can try to make other men aware of this issue and to encourage them to always demand DNA testing as soon as paternity is at issue.

(Note, there might be legal impediments to getting DNA tests, but if paternity is at issue it's probably quite doable.)

What is this country coming to? (Score:1)
by Emanslave on Thursday April 26, @09:44PM EST (#4)
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What is wrong with this nation? A court making a man a father to the child that's not even his...this to me is heinous!!! So you mean to tell me that anyone can force or trick a man into fatherhood even if he's not ready? Sadly speaking in response to that article, I am so nauseated! You can disagree if you want but right now in the first year of the 21st century, sure it maybe a great time to be a mother, but it surely is a horrible time to be a father with all of the problems going on!

Well, I've said my peace! enough said!

Emmanuel Matteer
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