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Take Back the Campus
posted by Scott on Wednesday April 25, @07:08AM
from the news dept.
News Wendy McElroy's ifeminist.com newsletter featured this web site by a woman who's had enough feminist propaganda thrown at her. It was described as, "Dedicated to advancing reason rather than feminist propaganda on campus. "Are you tired of male-bashing and victimology? Have you had your fill of feminist 'Ms./Information?' Have you been mislead by factually challenged professors?" Take their test and see if you need to be de-programmed."

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Hurrah! (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Wednesday April 25, @01:03PM EST (#1)
After visiting the Web site mentioned here, I have to say I feel less like committing suicide. It is such a relief to know that there are strong and independent women out there who see the truth: women who understand.
Re:Hurrah! (Score:1)
by QIM on Wednesday April 25, @08:24PM EST (#2)
(User #30 Info) http://www.egroups.com/group/aum
I'm sorry, I know the girl means well, but this is not the way to take on feminism. It's disingenous to take on something so powerful and evil by saying your just another variety of that thing. Drop the damn feminism. It not only hasn't worked, but it's been a disaster for this country. If young folks want to make a difference, then they need to stop being so timid and defensive. Young women should have leaned by now from the debacle of feminism that maybe they ought to think more about helping others than embracing feminism that takes from the most needy to help their own sorry asses.

Get real.

Tom Smith
The American Union of Men
At last...Way to go Wendy! (Score:1)
by Emanslave on Thursday April 26, @10:01PM EST (#3)
(User #144 Info)
At last, someone is finally putting those feminists in their place! If you ask me, this ms-powertrip did a pretty banged-up job scaring most of the male populous off the college campuses! Whether if its killing all the male athletic programs and sparing or augmenting the female athletic programs or throwing sticks, stones, and broken bottles at them due to their anti-male, anti-rape episodes, I have to admit, these femmes are on a roll. Now hopefully this group of i-feminists [and also i-masculists] can reverse this trend and bring back the males! See, I told you these feminists and their propaganda has led to their downfall!!!!

Emmanuel Matteer
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