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Male Suicide in Australia
posted by Scott on Friday April 20, @02:22PM
from the men's-health dept.
Men's Health bernee writes "The high level of suicide in Australia in males aged 29-30 is noted in this article from The Canberra Times. No mention is made as to how to counter this trend nor the reasons for it." Well, I suppose acknowledging the problem is the first step, but not even offering any kind of explanation for the reasons behind it does seem kind of callous on this critical issue.

Source: The Canberra Times [Australian Newspaper]

Title: Men 'four times more likely to suicide'

Author: Unknown

Date: Unknown

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Cold statistics are cold comfort (Score:1)
by BusterB on Saturday April 21, @12:03AM EST (#1)
(User #94 Info) http://themenscenter.com/busterb/
Isn't it sad that one of the few articles that points out that men are more likely to kill themselves is nothing more than a cold recitation of facts?

If women were more likely to commit suicide, I doubt that the article relating this fact would be so clinical.

I guess we merit mention but not sympathy.
Contemplation (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Sunday April 22, @10:38AM EST (#2)
As someone who has contemplated suicide at various times in his life--and who is now seeking counseling because those thoughts enter his mind at least twice daily now--I can only hope that this article sparks greater interest and empathy in men's mental and emotional well-being. Granted, it is clinical, but that kind of attention is better than none at all.
Re:Contemplation (Score:1)
by Mars on Sunday April 22, @12:39PM EST (#3)
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I have recurrent thoughts about suicide as well. They tend to increase when I ruminate about men's issues, although in that connection my suicidal thoughts reached their greatest pitch when BusterB disagreed with me that legislation through the courts, as opposed to the long process of swaying public opinion, were an appropriate means of preventing routine involuntary circumcisions. ;)
Re:Contemplation (Score:1)
by Mars on Sunday April 22, @12:40PM EST (#4)
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Excuse my grammar. Not being able to edit my posts ex post facto is another reason for wanting to commit suicide.
Re:Contemplation (Score:1)
by Acksiom on Monday April 23, @12:27PM EST (#5)
(User #139 Info)
I thought about killing someone too, Mars --

-- just not myself.
Re:Contemplation (Score:1)
by Acksiom on Monday April 23, @12:41PM EST (#6)
(User #139 Info)
How about some greater interest and empathy in YOUR well-being? Head on over to the Emotional Freedom Techniques site at


and download the free PDF manual on accupressure 'tapping', specifically:


I realize this stuff looks like weird wish-fulfillment Nu Age nonsense. I'm a hard-headed materialist myself. But after a number of other hard-headed materialist types on an email list I follow cited its effectiveness, having tried it out themselves, I gave it a shot -- and it worked for me too.

I recommend it highly. It's good that you're seeking counseling, and this isn't meant to replace that. It's something you can do RIGHT NOW to keep yourself going until you get professional help.
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