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Acknowledging Male Victims of Sexual Abuse
posted by Scott on Friday March 02, @08:30AM
from the domestic-violence dept.
Domestic Violence Bill Kuhl writes, "Greg Freeman, who is quite popular locally (he also has a local TV show and a radio show) has done an article on an institute devoted to helping male victims of sexual abuse. The article is well written and very favorable to our cause. The man whom Freeman interviews, the director of the institute, I am almost positive is the same guy who started a men's issues bulletin board at Washington University's School of Social Work (a highly acclaimed MSW program). I strongly encourage readers to e-mail Freeman at: gfreeman@post-dispatch.com and thank him. Like I suggested above, Freeman has a lot of clout at least in this area.

Source: St. Lois Post-Dispatch [newspaper]

Title: Institute seeks to help men who were victimized

Author: Greg Freeman

Date: March 1, 2001

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