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Photos From The Barnes & Noble Campaign Effort
posted by Scott on Monday November 27, @08:37AM
from the inequality dept.
Inequality Marc Angelucci has been running a campaign and petition drive to establish a Men's Studies book section at Barnes & Noble retail stores, and has been highly successful in his efforts. He recently sent me some photos from the events, and I had them scanned and posted to the site. You can view his story and the photos here. Marc's been doing an excellent job, and could use some help to keep the momentum going. Also, thanks to Jim Castelli for scanning the photos for me.

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Marc's Press Release (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Tuesday November 28, @09:09AM EST (#1)
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Marc has also put out some press releases on the work he's doing. Here is one of them:


Marc Angelucci, a public interest attorney and advocate for the National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM), gathered 750 signatures so far outside Barnes & Noble bookstore in Burbank asking the national chain to create a men's studies section along with their women's studies section, as Borders bookstore did.

"Having both a men's and a women's section would cover a wider range of issues for those who research gender," says Angelucci. "The books in the men's section would address issues like fathering, prostate cancer, steroid abuse, veterans, gender roles, Ritalin, suicide, occupational deaths, circumcision, male menopause, prison rape, false accusations, male victims of partner or sexual abuse, masculinity, as well as refuting media and academic distortions about men. Authors would include Warren Farrell, Herb Goldberg, Cathy Young, Ellis Cose, Mitsuko Shimomura, Robert Bly, Francis Blaumi, and many others."

You can view pictures of him petitioning at

http://www.ncfm.org/presact.htm and at

Angelucci plans to petition the Burbank store repeatedly until the bookstore changes its policy. "It's kind of fun," he says. "I'm getting enormous support from men and women of all races, sexual orientation, and political persuasions."

According to Angelucci, the local management supports a men's section, but the decision is in New York. "I just want to speed up the process," he says. "It really is overdue."
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