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Yahoo! Repeats The Wage Gap Myth
posted by Scott on Thursday November 16, @07:53AM
from the wage-gap dept.
The So-called Wage Gap Marc writes "Yahoo! News repeated the wage gap myth, again. Click here. It's so tiring. Maybe we need a class action lawsuit to stop this. For now, we can scroll down to 'conversations' and give your input."

Boston Globe Features Health Research Editorial | Girl Assaults Boyfriend For Not Kissing Her  >

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Base and Effiminate Demands (Score:1)
by cshaw on Friday November 17, @10:45PM EST (#1)
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This article promulgates the concept that females have the right to preferential treatment in employment solely because of their sex. This is clearly a denial of males rights to Equal Protection of the Laws under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constituton. Males, on average, have considerably less wealth than females in the U.S., although they have significantly longer working careers and are, generally, more qualified than their female counter parts for employment. This clearly indicates to me that employment discrimination is prevalent against males not females as it is the females who are accumulating wealth although they are less qualified than males and have shorter working careers. It is clear to me that an effiminate and base electoral majority has produced a socio-political-economic-legal milieu that has promoted and encouraged discrimination against males in employment. One example of the same is this clearly deceptive and propogandistic article.
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