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Cop Falsely Accused Of Murder By His Former Lover
posted by Scott on Saturday November 11, @11:07AM
from the false-accusations dept.
False Accusations Marc Angelucci writes "Well, look at this story. Sonia Flores, the former lover of L.A.P.D. Officer Rafael Perez, after telling authorities Perez killed people and buried them in Mexico, now admits - after her story was discounted - that she lied. Why? Because he didn't marry her. According to her own attorney, she 'made up the stories because she still feels jilted by Perez and wanted to see him spend the rest of his life behind bars.' Imagine the terror he's been feeling all this time, with nobody to believe him. Her attorney puts it quite nicely: 'She's a woman scorned . . . She had everybody fooled.' This is a great opportunity to write letters and op-eds to our local papers on false accusations." I've put some details about suggested research sources for false accusations info in the extended body of this story. Click Read More below to read it.

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I think this is a good opportunity to give a short tutorial on how to use this site to research news and facts on men's issues.

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So, give it a try with False Accusations...either type in "fase accusations", "false rape accusations", etc. in the search box, or click News Topics, then False Accusations and browse the articles.

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So, please make use of this site - not only to stay informed on news stories related to men's rights and dignity, but to actively help bring an end to bias and attacks against men in society!

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