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Men Needed To Improve 'Social Scene' At Colleges
posted by Scott on Tuesday November 07, @01:41PM
from the education dept.
Education This Boston Globe article discusses the decline of male enrollment at universities, but after reading it in its entirety I have to wonder why it is people are concerned about it. Several college women were interviewed about the problem, and all of them complained that it was simply "hard to meet guys" on campus (*ahem* - and have them pay for dates?). Also, toward the end of the story, the decline of "testosterone" and "male violence" is also seen as a welcome result of the larger percentage of women on campus. The misleading "men = violence" equation is at work again.

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Not enough men on campus (Score:1)
by BusterB on Tuesday November 07, @06:34PM EST (#1)
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I must admit I was smirking as I read this article. I particularly liked Kelly Walters' comment that "We really don't know why this is happening [the lower number of men on campus]," and "... we're not planning on making it easier for men to get in. That would be illegal."

The irony is delicious, isn't it? When there were too few women on campus, the fact that nobody knew why didn't stop the likes of Kelly Walters from working their fannies off to find out, and the fact that it was illegal (or at least unheard-of) to give women a leg up didn't stop the likes of Kelly Walters from lobbying until it was legal. After all of that research and lobbying has worked a little too well and women outnumber men, it's either "not a problem", "nobody knows why", or it shouldn't be addressed because "it would be illegal", as if any of those things stopped us from changing the world before.

Further evidence that despite their pretentions to being morally superior, women turn out to be just that little bit worse than men.

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